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The things I want to do but can't...

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Anyone care to join me here?? Let's bring some humor to the frustration of not being able to take on the multi-tasking super-mama activities we could 7 months ago.

The things I want to do but can't...

Get through a day w/out complaining of pain...

Get down on my hands and knees and play goofy tackle games with my girls...

Go to bed and not wonder how soon I'll be up to pee...

Wear just one pair of underwear a day...

...there's more to add, but I have to go pee right now...
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Play with my kids
Change a diaper without getting exhausted
Sleep! lol!
Agree with the bathroom thing...
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work a normal day

bend down w/o contemplating the best way to do so, i.e. spreading my legs, using my toe, etc.

paint my toenails on the way to somewhere in the car (not while I'm driving, of course, although I did that once on a long road trip through Nebraska)

go for a run and do some crunches!
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Bend down and get back up without making groaning noises.
Stop waddling.
Walk faster than a snail.
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Lay down in bed w/out groaning and endless rearranging of pillows, sheets, finally falling asleep to get up AGAIN to go pee

Nurse w/out pain (the milk's gotta come in eventually, right? Right?)

Sit on the floor and get up w/out a 2 minute transition period

Wear underwear again w/out going absolutely insane (don't know why, but underwear is bothering me this pregnancy like chicken did w/ds's)

Sit down to eat something and eat it, not change my mind at the last second because what was delicious 2 minutes ago is now revolting

Reach into the washing machine forward, not leaning over sideways to scoop the clothes out
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walking normally...being able to keep up with my kids
lawnwork, planting
not being so short of breath
bending over to pick things up
summer stuff like going to amusement parks
riding a bike or horse
getting on a ladder and painting
sleeping more than 1-2 hours at a time
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Hmm this list is going to get pretty long....

Empty the washer without sitting on the floor (front loader)

Sleep through the night

only wear one pair of underwear a day (i agree with the other mama i need
about 3 pairs a day right now)

Shave my bikini line without out DH's Help

pick up small items from the floor

not grunt everytime i get up

Roll over without waking myself up

sit in a chair for longer than 15 mins without squirming and complaining about my hips

sneeze without peeing

well that seems like enough complaining for right now
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Hear hear on the not waking myself up each time I roll over!

things I want to do but I can't...

put on a pair of shoes without having to play the "what fits today?" game

get through the day without constant sniffing, snorting, or clearing my throat

work in the kitchen with DH without running into him, the counters, the sink, etc.

wear my normal summer clothes

wake up feeling refreshed and chipper

hug DH without having to bend at the waist in a pseudo Donald Duck move!
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I'm back with more... :LOL

I'd like to take ice out of the ice bin w/out dropping 6 pieces and racing to pick them up before my 16 month old, who knows she is now faster than me, gets them...

I'd love a margarita with friends...

I'd like to take a bath w.out laying sideways...

I'd like to have sex with my husband w/out feeling uncomfortable physically and emotionally...

I'd like to clean a whole room in one day...

I'd like to give my dog a bath...

I'd like to take the laundry up and down the stairs myself...

I'd like to sit on the cement driveway with my girls and play with sidewalk chalk w/out worrying about how I'm gonna get up w/out embarassing myself, straining a hemeroid, exposing myself, moaning, etc.

Man... I am the worst preggo chick there ever was...
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Originally Posted by niki_73

sneeze without peeing

Glad I'm not the only one...
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...Drink the wine that is in the fridge (I don't normally have a drink more than 1-2 times a year, but you know when you can't do something....).
...Eat cheesecake without feeling guilty about eating it while pregnant.
...Sleep on my stomach!
...Have sex in a normal position and without getting out of breath. :
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I'd like to be able to move fast enough to answer the phone before voice mail picks up. :
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find a comfy position in bed without having to toss and turn for half an hour first.. and then immediately have to get up and pee.

Fall asleep before 3-5 am.

Remember how on earth to be patient with my kids

figure out how to stop being afraid of taking care of all 3 while recovering from my c-section

finish sorting clothes and decluttering
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Drink the wine that is in the fridge (I don't normally have a drink more than 1-2 times a year, but you know when you can't do something....).
Ohhh yeah... I don't drink really either, but on these hot summer nights, a beer sounds soooooo good. People say, "Have an O'Douls." I think I'll wait for the real thing...
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Sleep all day long
Walk without waddling
Go more than an hour without peeing
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All of the above (especially having sex comfortably)...

and my addition to the list: I want to be able to walk down the street and not smell every nuance of every stinky thing that has ever been there! Do you guys still have the crazy sense of smell too??? I think my DH would pay to have my sense of smell removed.
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This thread has been great. It is very encouraging to see others having the same issues as I do. I feel so useless sometimes around the house. I don't feel like doing much of anything, especially if I have to move off the couch :LOL .

I agree with the sex part too. to have sex without being uncomfortable, hot, and hoping it won't take too long!

And working...being able to go back to work and get out of the house.

Getting out of bed without planning. Just turning over and jumping out!
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I agree with all the above - especially the sleeping problems, trouble with general movement and bending down, peeing all day long, and the 3 pair of underwear a day! ugh!

I would also like to add:

I would love be able to stay awake past 9pm without getting tired and cranky
and to share a bottle of wine with DH with some sushi - yum!
and to sleep through the night on my belly!
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*Sleep past 3 or 4 am.
*Make love in easy positions.
*Do ab workouts.

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I want to ride my horses!!!!!!
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