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That's wonderful! I'm thrilled for you. When I was looking for a mw for my dd's birth twins was one of my questions because we have them all over the family. I am much less worried about it after I found the midwife we ended up with. I think homebirth is the only way to go! Especially with twins!
(since around here the other choice is in an OR : )

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I haven't had time to read replies and I know it works for people but I wanted to add my experience (hospital birth). My boys were in a wonderful position for vaginal birth--baby A was head down and engaged at a +3. Baby b was (according to ultrasound) smaller and also head down. Perfect. My ob was confident that a vaginal birth was going to go well. She NEVER recommended a C section just because they were twins--even before we knew the final position. She wanted me to have a vaginal birth as much as I wanted it.

Caleb (baby A) ended up in distress during pushing. We had a section and he had to be recusitated/CPR and oxygen. I believe now that he was in a process of decline before labor started due to the placenta. Andrew (baby B) ended up being over a lb. bigger unexpectedly, which isn't ideal. I am thankful I was in a hospital. I understand a desire for a home environment but I have to be honest in saying that I was so thankful we were in a hospital and I cannot recommend home birth with multiples.
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I had planned on a home birth for our boys. I did a ton of research and felt good about doing so. Unfortunately, I hemorraged quite a bit after baby #1 was born and baby #2 was not coming along. My blood pressure got quite low and we all made the decision to transfer to the hospital. I had 4 midwives and one doula attending our home birth. Patrick was born at the hospital pretty quickly w/ the help of a little pitocin which I consented to because my midwife said it would help w/ any more hemmoraging and because i may have ended up w/ a c-section if he was not born soon. The space between them was 4 hours.

Despite these complications, I would do a homebirth w/ twins again. My hospital experience wasn't horrible, but it definitely was not what I wanted.

I'll try to post more later.
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Home birthing twins if you are healthy and term sounds awesome to me. I have met so many moms out in my area who had horrible births with their twins. Most women complain about forced epidurals and no rest given in between babies. Midwives aren't allowed to do homebirths with twins in my province so no one up here got that pleasure.
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YEs, I homebirthed my twins. I went 40 weeks 2 days. I had big babies well over 8 pounds each. The first one was frank breech and the second one came an hour and 20 minutes later via footling breech position.

I read Anne Frye's section on twins and nutrition in HOlistic Midwifery and did not stray from it.

The concern with twins is preterm labor. Preterm labor can occur b/c of loss of blood volume beginning at about 28 weeks. So diet is EXTREMELY important IMO.

Personally, I do not think twins are high risk just on the nature of a multiple birth. I tend to disagree with the direction that obstetrics (which actually means the practice of midwifery) in our country has gone in.

IF you can, get the video from the Farm on twins. Read HOlisitic Midwifery's section on twins and E. Noble has a book on twins which is great. Read, get medical counsel and see what direction you want to go in.

What part of the country are you in btw?
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Originally Posted by sarahloughmiller
I found a midwife that will do it! She lives about 5 hours away, which seems kind of far, but she is fine with the distance. I am so excited to be planning another home birth again. After having my 1st at home, I just could not see going to the hospital to have a baby much less two of them. Thank you for your hb stories, it really encouraged me to put more effort into finding someone that was willing to be here with me.

Cool. I hadn't read this yet when I posted above.

My midwife was about 4 hours away, btw.
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hotmamacita - Thanks for sharing with me, it is so nice to hear natural birth stories when most of what I hear is c-section stories. I have seen the video from The Farm and read Noble's book, I will have to see if I can find Holistic Midwifery. The midwife that I found also has a video of a UC twin birth that she said I can borrow. Did you meet you mw before the birth? I will not be meeting mine because I just really don't want the drive. I have been really trying to eat really well, I was really sick in the begining and have not been feeling good lately so it has been hard. I think most days I get plenty of protein, but some days I do fall behind. It has been really hard to get any rest with a 2 yo so I am really tired most of the time. My iron level has dropped down to 10.6 also, which may have something to do with being so tired lately. I am in California, btw.
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Oh, I feel for you.

Okay, look. Make up some hard boiled eggs and keep them in a bowl in the fridge. Chop up some cheese or turkey (highest in protein of the basic cooked meats) and put them in a bowl as well. Everytime you open that fridge, eat a little bit of protein.

If you can stand pate, buy it and eat it. I love it actually. It will help your iron too.

I took yellowdock everyday. It is some nasty tasting stuff. A friend wildcrafted it for me and I am glad she did. It kept my iron levels up and I didn't have to buy a ton of floradix (which will help too with iron).

In the middle of the night, when you pee, go and eat protein or drink a protein shake but DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES buy protein mix with ANY, i repeat, ANY sugar in it. WHole FOods has a soy protein mix without any sugar in it. Its their label and about 10 bucks. I mixed it with Organic milk.

I am not a big milk or red meat person but I consumed in during the twin pregnancy. I'd buy organic beef tips and saute them up with garlic and eat them for breakfast with a side of kale (lightly sauted with balsamic vinegar) Or ground beef or a bowl of ground turkey.

I started getting 120 grams of protein a day but didn't really feel that great so I upped it to 150 and found that was exactly what I needed to feel good everyday.

Get that protein in all day and all night long. It will make a difference. Try getting some yellowdock tincture and taking some daily. Get that iron in too anyway you can but make sure it is absorbable and do not slack on that water.

DOn't be overwhelmed okay? once you find the routine and amount that is right for you, you will start to feel great and won't even notice how much protein you are acually consuming.

When my twins placentas arrived, my midwife said "These are the healthiest placentas I have ever seen in my entire time as a midwife..and they are from a twin pregnancy to boot." She said that my nutrition made all the difference in the world in that pregnancy and birth.

NOt to sound like a broken record...but seriously...NO sugar, okay?

Oh and I hear you on the tired thing. When my twins were born I had an 18 mo and a 4 yo. Chamomile tea is a great calming tea for toddlers. I would give it to them as their liquid from about 4pm until bedtime and give them a lavender bath to help them calm down.
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We had our munchkins at home. We did find a lay midwife in the final weeks of my pregnancy but she didn't make it in time and that was always a possibility we were aware of because my labors in the past had been pretty quick. Our birth story is posted here somewhere..."Psalm & Zoya." Or do an online search.
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I have seen your homebirth! A bradley instructor shared it with me! I was just so jealous!

I wanted to have a homebirth with my twins. In my state licensed midwives are not allowed to attend twins at home. And unlicsensed midwives dont carry ads in the yellow pages!
Anyway, I had a midwife and a hospital birth.
But like the OP. I kind just kept hoping it would go so fast and I would have an uac. I was prepared to go UA. My babies were head down/head down.
I really didnt want to go to the hospital.
In the end I didnt have a quick labor. I didnt even go into labor on my own. And agreed to an induction at 40 weeks 1 day.
Anyhow, when I saw your birth I was so inspired it was so beautiful and it was exactly how I had envisioned mine. (even the squatting in front of the toilet part)
I just wanted you to know that your experience is getting "out there" and is inspiring women.
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While I hate to think our story has invoked jealousy...I DO sincerely appreciate your kind words about feeling inspired! And to know it's getting out there is really outstanding.

Thank you!
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Mindyleigh - just curious, but is was the midwife Brenda Capps? I am in CA also and she is the midwife I found that would do it at home and she told me about a twin birth she missed and I thought it might have been yours. I don't know that she will make it to mine, she is about 5 hours away, but we will see!
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Yep, it was Brenda Capps, the only midwife around who would even come near us. :LOL Actually, that's not true. There was one other but she didn't have much breech experience and Brenda certainly had that. I figured, if someone's going to be there, they have to have the appropriate experience with which to be helpful. Otherwise, what's the point?

I have a very close friend who's 38 weeks with twins and is having an unassisted birth. She decided against hiring BC because of the distance factor.

I'm so thankful to hear that twins are still being born at home and coming out of vaginas. I don't mean to offend anyone who didn't have that experience, but it's becoming rare and we, as mommies, must preserve our freedom to birth our children the way we know to be right for us.


stepping down off box...sorry.

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I'm 16 weeks pg. and suspicious that there may be 2 in there. I've opted for an U/S that is just days away. I've been waiting patiently. At first (at 6 weeks) when it first came to mind I was completely freaked out. But after all these weeks of thinking about it, I'm actually hoping there are 2! I water/home birthed my daughter 2 years ago and would absolutely plan a homebirth with twins! My midwife, along with the assistance of another nearby midwife expereience with breeches, will absolutely do multiples. I'm very lucky to have her!

My question for all you lovely mamas is this: Who has WATERbirthed twins and what was the experience like?

(Mindy, I, also, have seen your birth video...very cool! My favorite part: When baby #2 had one leg out for a while and your husband asked you what you wanted him to do and you calmly said "nothing". LOVE IT!)

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Regarding the situation of distress and resuscitation, this is not a lost cause at home. Midwives are trained to deal with babies who don't breathe right away, and moms who have UCs often instinctively start breathing into the baby's nose and mouth if there seems to be a need. Also, the cord is still intact in a homebirth, providing the baby with warm, oxygenated blood until s/he starts breathing on its own. In the hospital, an intact cord for any length of time after birth is rare.

Personally, I regret being in the hospital with my second baby, who was born with a severe bacterial infection (totally unsuspected and a very rare strain that I passed to him, while personally asymptomatic). We were planning a homebirth but went to the hospital because he came at 35 weeks and it seemed like the best decision at the time. In spite of us clearly saying several times, "Do not cut the cord. Do not cut the cord," the staff clamped it before he even came out of me, then handed my husband the scissors once he was born. "Here. You can cut the cord!" Ack!!!! I guess what we SHOULD have said was "Please do not clamp and cut my baby's cord so that he continues to receive oxygenated blood and his birthright of a complete blood supply." They figured it was just the ritual itself that was important to us.

Then, since he didn't breathe spontaneously, we had a true emergency on our hands. Add to that our 11 day NICU stay and I knew there was no way in heck we were having our babies in the hospital. Even if they needed assistance in the beginning, we could provide that in the warmth of our arms, not while watching from behind glass. Wolfie's experience had a lot to do with our decision-making, mostly since the doctors around here are pretty automatic about c-sections for twins and definitely for breech babies. Didn't want the fight, and didn't want the nursery b.s. Hmm. I feel a rant approaching. Better go.

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Mine were born at home, full term, and both were vertex throughout my pregnancy.
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Just a few quick suggestions - ask your midwife for fetal positioning exercises. During labor I found that on all fours was my best position, at times propped upward with a yoga ball. I found that standing up make everything too intense for me and I felt it happening too quickly whenever I got up. During early labor I found that kneeling on a comfy rocker recliner worked best but ended up eventually on the mattress on the floor for the majority. I could never have imagined that my knees could stand so much pressure for so long, but they did.

Our midwives required that we live 25 minutes from a hospital which we did, barely!

I also had a traumatic first birth ending in unneccessary c-section. That was over 3 years ago and I'm still healing from that emotionally. but for this birth I did everything I could/knew how to, to stay healthy physically and emotionally. Part of that was accepting the fact that a c-section might occur. Another part of it was a healing exercise I did right out of "Silent Knife" that asked you to name 10 positive aspects of your c-section birth. Once I got started I got up over 20 and started to learn to accept it more.

During my prenatal visits, which lasted 2 hours, I never once received an internal exam. God, I hated those!

gotta go again,
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Well, I never did get around to posting my birthing story so I guess I'll just try and post it now. It may be a bit of a ramble though so sorry in advance.

I gave birth to my twin boys Charlie and Sam at home in a birthing pool on the friday 21st July '06 when I was 38 weeks +3 days.

My midwife had VE'd me on her visit the monday before, I was 4cm, fully effaced and 0 station, so she gave me a sweep. The next morning I had a small show, but no contractions. I continued to loose fluid over the next few days, I thought it was amniotic fluid but according to some litmus paper tests I had, it wasn't. My midwife said it was probably still my cervical plug.

On the thursday evening and through the night I had irregular contractions, but knew something was definitely happening. In the early hours of friday morning things picked up, and when I got up around 7.00am I called my midwife, and told her I thought she should come now. I was a little scared she wouldn't make it in time if I didn't give her plenty of warning as she lives around an hour away from us, and she had told me twins quite often come quicker than a singleton.

At around 7.45, M arrived who was assisting my midwife and had been my original midwife but had referred me to K as she wasn't experienced with twins. K arrived shortly after and also her apprentice not long after that. Most of this time I had been using my birthing ball and contractions where manageable and still a little irregular. Once K arrived we began filling the birthing pool, she examined me, I was 7cms, she ARM'd me, I had wanted totally no interventions, but agreed to the ARM to get things moving.

I got into the birthing pool once it had filled and laboured in there, a couple of things spring to mind now that were pretty distracting at the time, they are: I know they are very busy midwives, but the ringing of their cell phones was annoying, and having the torch shone at me every now and again was a pain too, though I know it was necessary. Everything went smoothly K took FH once or twice and all was well. My memory on the details is a little foggy, and I must get a copy of my labout/birth notes.

Twin A, Charlie (7lbs 4oz), was born at 12.02 pm after 20 minutes of pushing, he was LOP, and did this really weird thing with his head when it came out, he started turning his head from side to side, and it just looked very funny and I was very aware of it. With the next push he was out, he was nice and pink and healthy.

Twin B, Sam was born at 12.14pm (7lbs 8oz), there really wasn't much rest between the birth of C and the start of contractions to birth S. I was just getting into cuddling C and they started right up, Sam's birth was very strange just two pushes and he was out. But it felt like the pushing was totally involuntary, like something took over me and he just shot out. He was a bit shocked about that and didn't want to breath to begin with, but K gave him a breath and he started up straight away. Once his cord stopped pulsating it was cut, but I was still having very painful contractions. So strong in fact K got her doppler out just to check there wasn't a number 3, but no, I had really excruciating after pains, which I never had with number 2 or 3, but I guess my uterus had alot further to involute.

3rd stage didn't take to long, but after I started to bleed A LOT, my midwives wanted me to pee, but I couldn't stand up without almost passing out so I couldn't use the bathroom. I felt very very cold, was wrapped up in towels on my bed, BP was low but still managing to nurse both babies. I was still bleeding a lot so was given a shot of pitocin, and a little while later a methergine pill with another 7 hours later, did lots of massaging of my uterus too. M tried to catherterize me but it was too painful with being swollen etc. K left a little after her apprentice around 3pmish, M stayed with me until I finally managed to pee on some towels on my bedroom floor around 4pm

I was weak for a few days after and very pale, but was well taken care of by my lovely husband, and my sister who stayed with us for the next month. I'm sorry it's a bit vague on details in places, I really need to read my notes, have also added a couple of photos of my baby boys.


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I say go for the homebirth. Really rest alot, don't push yourself and follow those diets. I will always regret not having a homebirth. I did develop HB and Gest diabetes, but I was under a lot of stress and was not taking care of myself as a should have, we also moved homes and stayed with my inlaws for 1 year. I have to say my gyn supported my vaginal birth and at 38 weeks they were born in an hour after she broke my water because of HP, it was the easiest birth ever. Baby #2 had low blood sugar and polycythemia, but was fine after treated one was 7 lbs and the other 5 8oz. All the Pediatricians wanted to know who was my obgyn to allow a vaginal birth of twins, they were so happy they came out naturally. I think you will be very happy with your decision, good luck.
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