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Question about twin pregnancies

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With twins, how early does the fundus rise above the pubic bone? I ask because I'm 7 weeks tomorrow, and I swear I can already feel it about a finger length above. Although, I was never able to tell where it was last pregnancy, so of course I should be wrong.
I actually haven't even phoned to make appts with my doc or mw. If I remember they wouldn't see me until 12 weeks last time anyway.
Anyway, I have morning sickness this time, which I never had last time, and my cycles were so out of whack this time because I'm still nursing dd1 that I wouldn't be overly surprised if I ovulated 2 eggs instead of 1. And I've felt a flutter already, although I think I may be feeling the baby(s) energetically rather than physically (I sort of had contact with this one - well, actually my next two, although I thought they'd be two different pregnancies, before conception - I know at least some on this board won't think thats nuts :LOL)
Now that I've got this in my head, I'm pretty excited about the possibility.
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No clue--but I'd be terrified if it were me! Not sure I could handle twins at all!!
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I dont think you would be able to feel the fundus yet but you never know. And every pregnancy is different so the morning sickness doesn't necessarily mean twins. That said, you never know, maybe it is! I am at "risk" (stupid word) of having twins because I have to take a natural form of Clomid to ovulate because I have PCOS. I ovulated at least 2 eggs the month I conceived. I would wager possibly 3 eggs. So knowing that 2 eggies were available to be fertilized makes me wonder. But its really weird, I have no gut feelings about this pregnancy. Well I do have a very strong gut feeling that everything will go fine (I've had two miscarraiges). I didn't have any sort of strong gut feelings with my son either. With my daughter I knew even before implantation that I was pregnant with a girl. This pregnancy I just really don't know. I seem to be showing even earlier than with my daughter. If you look down a bit you can see my belly shot, that's at 5 weeks. I am 5.5 weeks now and had someone ask me today if I'd had my ultrasound yet (routinely done at around 18-20 weeks in Ontario) so I look big! I am full time in maternity clothes. My best friend says she gets a girl vibe as does my DH. My kids are both adament there is two babies, a boy and a girl. They are so matter of fact about it, it makes me wonder. When we told them I was pregnant my little 2.5 year old said so matter of factly, "oh we are having two babies mommy, a boy baby and a girl baby." So we'll see! I am actually considering not having any ultrasounds and not mentioning the possibility to my caregiver because I so badly want a vaginal birth. I'm afraid if I was having twins they would say no because this will be a VBA2C.
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I have always wondered about having twins but don't know how I would handle it. Specially since my second DD is still so small (10 months). Good luck to you and let us know when you find something out.
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I found this link listing HCG levels, the bottom chart indicates levels with twins too.
May your news be happy! =)
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I think that in a singleton pregnancy, the fundal height usually doesn't rise above the pubic bone until a bit later, like 11-12 weeks. I am almost 9 weeks and while I can't feel the top of the fundus, there is an awful lot of bulging in that area, like it's pushing stuff out of the way. I am certainly no expert, but right now it feels like the fundus is *almost* there but just not quite. Of course, I'm so squishy and plump these days, it adds to the difficulty of figuring out what's what.

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Herthelde, I am going to have to stand corrected on what I said before. My books that mention it say that the fundal height doesn't rise until later, but I had an appt. with my midwife today and where she felt my fundal height was wayyyy above the pubic bone (though she did note that I have a low pubic bone, plus I'm on the short side). I am currently 10 weeks and 1 day, and she measured 6 finger widths above the pubic bone. (It's my second pregnancy; she said it rises a lot more quickly after the first.) Basically, there were 6 more finger widths to my navel, so I'm measuring halfway between the top of my pubic bone and my belly button! Geez, no wonder I feel like everything is so cramped and out of place.

There is no history of twins in my family, but I guess that doesn't mean it can't happen. I'll probably have an u/s at ~18 weeks so I guess if there is a surprise I'll know then. But I don't feel like that's likely.

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Well, there isn't a history of twins in my family and I had them. I know lots of people who have conceived twins naturally (with no help of fertility treatments). It's more common than you think.

Good luck! I hope everything turns out the way you want it to.
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Now I am excited to see if your intuition is right, HerthElde and Heavenly. What an exciting possibility!
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uhhh i'm 8 weeks and i can feel the top of my fundus.

my mother has twin brothers too.... hmmm... i'm also waiting until 12 weeks to book my OB appointment. maybe she will know more then, dh and I both have a feeling this could be 2 babies.
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I'm almost 9w and can feel the top of my fundus, have been able to for a little while. But I am short and have a small public bone/pelvis.

And I am 100% sure I am only having one...had u/s 2 weeks ago, only one baby! This is my 3rd pregnancy to get this far so I think that has a lot to do with it. I'm bulging all over!
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I was sure I was having twins - showing already, over 35, nursing a toddler, etc. Lo and behold I have a one inch singleton in there :LOL .
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Ive been able to feel it for awhile now.....but I am carrying twins so theres a reason for that! My dr said that whether twins or not your fundal hight raises quicker with each pregnancy. So until I had my US he couldnt say one way or the other!
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