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Christian poll:

Poll Results: Do you think we are in the end times?

  • 28% (13)
  • 71% (32)
45 Total Votes  
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Do you think we are in the end times?
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What a depressing thread, "happy" mommy!
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NursingMother-- You are right! I didn't think about all those things! I think we are, but then again, 1000 years is like a day to God so we really could have been in the"end times" for a long time i guess.

DaryLLL: Why, i don't think it is depressing at all! God said it would all happen, so i am not scared or worried! I just thought that it would be interesting to see what other christians thought, outside of my church. Sorry.
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wars, rumors of wars, natural disasters...

They all seem to be coming with more frequency.
It must be so!

I voted yes.
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Nothing depressing about eternal bliss in Heaven!!

The disciples believed they were living in the end times and I don't doubt them. I personally think that the "end times" began when Christ assended into heaven.
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I do indeed believe we are living in the end times. I think a distiction that some people have a problem making is the immenent retrun vs. the immediate return. I believe that the imminent return that is that Christ could return at any time, as opposed to the immediate return is that he will return now. Do you remember in the NT where the church at Corinth(I think my mind is tired right now) and they thought they had missed the rapture? I also think often of the apostles and what it must have been like to know that Christ would return and being so anxious of seeing their beloved Lord again.

Personally I find the study of eschatology to be very fascinating. I suppose b/c I find it comforting to now that one day I will no lnoger be dealing eith the problems currently in my life, but I will spend eternity in heaven singing praise to my Redeemer, Creator. I love to sing and I can harldy wait to hear the throng of the Redeemed singing to Christ. I kind of imagine singing Handel's Messiah in its entirity. I am sure there will be lots of others songs to sing, but handle is one of my favorites!
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I believe we are indeed near the end, but do not believe that we have experience ANY of Revelations.

We all know that God is not going to have things happen out of order. If you read the bible you know God to be omnipotient, the same forever and throughout time. He does not change, and will not change His plans. Revelation will happen just as it is told, not our of order.

This will begin with the Rapture....

So I voted no.
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I didn't vote cause i don't knoiw where I realy fit. I believe we have been in the end times since Jesus assended. But I don't know that we are a lot closer now than we were then. evryone seems tobe able to fit what is happening in thier life and time with what the very end times is said to be.

In the end I don't spend a lot of time thinking baout because wherther it is tomarrow or 1000 years from now I only have a limited time to do anyting about it (as far as reaching others) and I feel we should always behave as if it could happen any second.
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For some reason, no poll ever lets me vote on this forum :

I would vote no. I believe that we are in the end days of the dispensation of Grace, as we were when Paul and the apostles were on earth. But, like others have mentioned, we as Christians are waiting for the rapture, which will have to happen first to get things moving.

I also don't believe Christians will experience any of Revelation. But, all the events in the world are surely marching towards that time, eventually.
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Should it really matter? Honestly, let's live like there is no tomorrow. We do not know how many tomorrow's God has in store for us. Let's follow His still small voice and His heart and be one of those who is ready at any moment.
God has allowed somethings to occur in my life, that have totally changed my paradigm. I want to be part of His bigger picture and trying to figure out the signs of times seems to be less important.
Just sharing my honest thoughts
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Ditto what jkwatkins said.

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