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20th - 26th (not 16th!) weekly chat

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hey girls. i don't really have much to say just wanted to start this up...how are you guys doing? i've graduated to 3 pillows and i'm hoping i don't need any more! my back is sore and i'm having a harder time breathing. i can feel his feet RIGHT under my ribs. holy smokes. anyways.
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As far as baby goes, I am still feeling immense cervical pressure, it is often painful to sit for a meal, and very uncomfortable to drive. Midwife said baby is not engaged, but definitely very deeply into my pelvis. Since baby doesnt weigh that much, Im sure its just the pressure of a baby blocking the pelvis and not that I have a huge and heavy baby doing anything in particular to my cervix. But she doesnt need to be down in there and I wish she'd come up and explore the humongous baby house I have going on! Ignoring the scale, just trying to eat responsibly and continue working out. I am as big right now as I usually am at about 32 weeks, so that sucks.. Im just as uncomfortable, weigh about the same, etc. I am measuring about 3 weeks ahead, though, and maybe that's why. All bloodwork and BP are normal. But I have a feeling that with starting to show and wear maternity at 9 weeks, the whole getting bigger faster thing.. I have a feeling that Im gonna feel like Ive hit "capacity" around 34 weeks and then just feel like Im sitting at term, ready to deliver, for the rest of my pregnancy. I wondered how that aws going to pan out, with the showing early and feeling as pregnant as I looked so early.. you gotta make up for that somewhere... either you stall out during second tri ad dont do any growing for a few weeks, or you hit capacity early, and I think Im going to be the latter.

I have felt like a beautiful, pregnant goddess for my last two pregnancies, had fabulous body image, delighted in my gestating body. This pregnancy I feel extra fat, and also pregnant... but my face is fat, my arms are fat, my body image just sucks this time. It must be hormonal, because nothing is any different as far as pictures show me.. I just feel unattractive. I will be glad to stop feeling that way!
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Thanks for starting this up ryleeee. I thought about doing it a few times but didnt get around to it. That's how I've been with a lot of things lately, "Oh, I should do this" and then I totally lack motivation. :LOL

EmoMom, I'm sorry that you aren't feeling like the beautiful pregnant goddess that you are. I have felt a little fat this time around too. Well, I am fat :LOL . Sometimes I feel like a goddess, sometimes not. I am also not weighing myself (not often anyway...not obsessively like I was in the beginning) and just concentrating on good foods and exercise. I'm also measuring about 3 weeks ahead and I literally look as pregnant as I did at 9 months! I am trying to fathom how huge I will look in 14 weeks.

Well, I woke up late today and am feeling unmotivated. I have been feeling so "blah" lately. But I better get going. DS is watching Sesame Street and DH is asleep...I need to make DH lunch for work, make us all breakfast, get the laundry in the car, drive DH to work and go to my mom's to do laundry. Then just hang out over there and probably swim. Hope you girls are all feeling good....we are more than half way there now! I can't believe only 14 weeks, maybe even a little less.
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holy smokes. it's going so fast. did you see they have the march due date club up???? wow.
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hey guys Long time no see. I am doing good, overall. I haven't been able to post much. My dh lost his dad last week and its been a pretty awful month. Things are resembling normal now though, but that will be shot when we go back to his empty house this weekend to take care of more stuff. I am glad that we have this baby to brighten things up and stay positive about.

I am still trying to walk alot but the humid heat makes it tough. Its been 95 or so here. I am meeting a friend of mine to walk tonight and I hope we can do it!! We have been walking 3 miles but its HOT.

Also, and maybe some of you are experiencing this too. Last night I was rubbing lotion on my legs and it was so hard to do! The very top (sort of rounded part) of my belly just feels sore, rather fragile so to speak. Is anyone already having a tough time bending forward or down? I know have heard of your upper abdominals splitting or something? I don't really know what to think of this. Its not painful, but sort of a dull feeling- I am more fearful that I might hurt myself than thinking I already have. Is this confusing? I don't know how to explain it, but I am baffled and a wee bit concerned.
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Hey guys. I've been stressed. I'm so out of patience today. My four year old is having one of his super spirited weeks. He's always spirited, but some days are more challenging than others. Things are just "wrong" right now because our power was turned off, won't be on till tuesday (we cant afford the reconnect fees they want, so we're switching to a different power company) & I think not being home and just everything has thrown him off. My youngest has been sick since Tuesday, he is doing way better today though. Cough isnt so bad, nose isnt so bad, no fever. My oldest is himself, helpful thank goodness, and cute as ever. I want to go HOME ! I mean, it's nice staying at the in-laws. We have the house to ourselves, it's bigger than ours though (which makes it more difficult keeping up with three kiddos, especially since its not our STUFF). They have cable. The dog is good company ; ) He is very protective of the "woman of the house" typically my MIL but if she isn't here and myself or my sister are here he will lay by one of us. He doesn't do that for men, just us ladies. MIL said the cat would do it too if the boys weren't running around. I just really miss my OWN house & cooking in my OWN kitchen and being able to let the boys out back to play without worrying every second (b/c our yard is 100% for them).

Oh yeah and pregnancy? Going great, she kicks, she stomped on my bladder last night. I can't wait to meet her. Few more months!!!!
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Hi all, its nice to hear from everyone. I'm doing well except for this huge weight gain. I can't stop eating and have been gaining 2 pounds a week for the past 8 weeks. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't eating chocolate and nuts between meals even when i'm not hungry. I just have this absolute compulsion to eat and feel like i'm out of control.

aishy, hope you get your power back soon. I know at this point in your pregnancy you probably just want the comforts of home. I just visited my uncle for a few days and couldn't wait to get home again, I guess its just that nesting instinct!

Hard to believe we've only got 15-16 more weeks, huh? I'm so looking forward to meeting this baby.

Does anyone know if rapid weight gain on my part makes for a bigger baby? I hope not. I just want to push out an average size one. :
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You know, mommy's weight gain doesn't neccesarily mean big baby. My SIL gained about 70 lbs with each pregnancy and she had 7 or 8 pound babies. I gained 37lbs last pregnancy and my son was 7lb 6oz. I think you'll be fine .
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Good morning, everyone.

aishy, I hope you get your power back really soon. And I can relate to the super-spirit of my spirited little boy this week, too. When he feels he has no control he plays a game of "I want that" I get him whatever it is, he changes his mind, and screams at me for five minutes after I put it back that he didn't want it, he changes his mind and he screams he does want it... etc... He's played that game all week.

My birthday is tomorrow (the 25th)... Looks to be a boring day, since everyone is busy or working... Ah well...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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All is well here. The baby has been very active, and I can tell she's much bigger!
She has been sleeping the days away lately, but is up at night. [For awhile there, we were in sync..we were both up during the day and both asleep during the night, but not anymore!]
I'm still gaining weight. I am less than 15 pounds away from the weight I was when I had Eva, which bothers me quite a bit. Oh well. I started out 30 pounds heavier this time! I don't know why I'm so concerned with weight. I guess it's because I was so sick last time.
But so far, everything seems healthy and well!!
I have my first official appointment with the midwife on the 2nd [she had to reschedule this weeks appointment]. I'm excited!

(hugs) to moongirl and her dh
serenity, I'm a constant snacker too!
hope the stress dies down soon, aishy!
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i'm feeling super-unmotivated this week too. I've been taking a break from homeschooling the kids, and the house has just fallen apart, lol. It's always a mess anyway, but now i just don't care. I really got alot done this week, for not trying--since we finally found out we're having a girl, i went over to my grandma;s house, where we were storing the baby things we had left, and discovered i had alot more babygirl clothes than i thought. What luck I cleared a spot in the corner of our room for baby's stuff, and most of her clothes are sorted, washed, and ready to go. There's a bunch with milk stains i never noticed though, haha, so those are waiting in the laundry room to see if they can be salvaged. That's all i've done though, the floors are in need of scrubbing or vacuuming, and the dishes are piling up to new heights...

Like i said, we found out we're having another girl. Trying desperately to find a baby name we like. I'm in favor of Autumn (two other people in the family suggested it too, haha) but hubby says it makes him think of Autumn Rain, and our son's middle name is Raine, so that's no good. I think Autumn Moon is pretty, but considering she's due a week before Halloween, maybe that's not the best idea either, hahaha. My husband likes Morrigan, or something similar. I just don't think that would sound right "Ryvre, Willow, Morgan, get in here!" you know? Like, oh, is that last one a half-sister? Not that there has to be a theme, you know, but it does have to sound right...

Rylee, any news about your placenta? Nurse-Dude said mine was "a little low" (whatever that means) but that it wasn't blocking the baby's exit. Since he didn't seem concerned, i take that to mean it's more likely to move up than down.

He did seem a little concerned that i lost another 4 lbs though (i posted about it on one of the weight threads). Said it was nothing to worry about, as long as i felt good and was eating, but he seemed a bit confused. My uterus is actually measuring a week farther than i am, but being chubby might have something to do with it, hehe, since they just use a measuring tape.

Oh well, i'm blabbing now :P
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Happy Birthday, movingon! How old are you now? I just turned 28 on June 10th. I forgot to mention it, it was a nice laid back day with DH at home.

UUgggghhhh. Today I've been hit with (sorry if TMI) a horrible bout of the runs. Yucky, I couldn't even fall asleep when I put DS down for a nap, I feel achy all over and have a headache too. I hope the urge doesn't strike when I'm in the car to pick DH up from work! I did when I drove him there, but luckily my mom's house was close by and I have the key.

Oh, and speaking of spirited kids: at my mom's yesterday I was out in the backyard letting Jakob run around in the rain. I was using the net to get a ball out of the pool he'd thrown in and he decided to jump into the deep end. So me and my big belly jumped right in dress and all to get him. He is in the process of learning to swim, with these styrofoam floats that fit into his suit and you take out one at a time to gradually reduce bouyancy. We've taken 2 floats out so far, there are 6 left. But when he wants to go in the water he doesn't think about floats. He loves the water, I have to watch him like a hawk! Anyhow, he didn't sink - he was kicking and paddling his arms too but wasn't getting his head above the surface. I was really quick though, wasn't exactly waiting to see what happened. Sure gave me a little scare. I pulled him up, he was probably only under for maybe 5 seconds, and he wasn't coughing or anything so I think he was holding his breath. Anyhow, still scared the heck out of me!
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I am a total snacker. Non-stop!
A littler nervous to find out how much I've gained over the last month... :LOL
No news on the placenta yet...I have an ultrasound scheduled for tuesday and a dr's appt. on monday so I'm going to try and get him to re-schedule it for a later date...unless he guarantees I can have another one later on if it hasn't moved. *sigh*

Really busy...moving tomorrow.
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Thanks worldshakerz, I'm 32 today. Going to be quiet here at home with my son most of the day. Though my son thinks that since it's my birthday I'm supposed to have a party, "with a cake, and balloons, and ribbons, and presents..." He loves anybody's birthday... He saw it written on the calendar at the beginning of the month, and he makes balloons, cake, and presents with his blocks and jumps out at me when I come in from the kitchen to the living room and yells "Surprise!" He's been celebrating it all month for me. Hee hee. And I can so see myself freaking out and jumping in the pool after mine, too! I'm so glad to hear your little boy was fine. Swimming pool accidents are already making news... I always feel so sad when I hear about it. I can't watch the news anymore during pregnancy, anyway. Local events are making it too hard...

I'm completely slacking this week, too. Haven't done laundry at all, which isn't great, but when the new one comes, that's just not a good habit to be in!

I love the name Autumn Moon, and you know, it might be a bit of a nuissance as a child, but I bet if you agree to name her that, she'll grow up loving it, anyway. (Trust me, I know that feeling well.)

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ugh! pools make me soo nervous! I'm glad we're poor and don't have one, lol. My in-laws have one (they own a small resort), but they have it fenced in with a kid-proof latch, and they watch the kids like a hawk when they're in there. I wasn't too sure i liked sending them over to the pool without me (i'm not a "sunshine" person, so i generally stay indoors, haha) but last time i went with them, we forgot the extra lifejacket, and knowing Willow (almost 2) doesn't like to swim, and her aunts never let go of her anyway, she could just wear the water wings in the pool. My MIL just about flipped out that i would even suggest such a thing, and they dug up some of those swimsuits with the built-in floaties, haha. For once, i was the one being lax about things, hahaha!
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hey everybody...is it hot where you are? Thanks to air conditioning I am surviving but no walks..it's just too overwhelming...30 C at 8pm is a bit much...it's 40-45 with the humidity...

My 11 year old has today and tomorrow of school left and on Thursday we are going to the lake..of course my luck it will rain that day..oh well!

On Saturday my baby will be 2! We are going to a petting zoo and splash park and then out to eat...we will have cake and presents then!

Hope everybody is well...papaya enzymes seem to be helping the reflux.

The baby is very active now...kicked the remote of my belly yesterday! STRONG kicking!
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allgirls, yes it is verrry hot here in Florida. In the 90's and very humid which makes it so much worse. I just don't go outside during the day right now. Just walking to the car in that heat is exhausting! We try to get outside time for DS in the evenings, but only if I have the car and can take him somewhere, I don't feel comfortable being outside here at our apartment complex by myself with Jakob. No fenced in area, parking lots, not so sure about some of our neighbours, etc. So I try to get to the park or my mom's a couple times a week in the evenings. Wow, that must have been funny...kicking the remote off your belly. :LOL

RyvreWillow, I know I am so nervous around pools with Jakob. My DH and I actually don't even want him over with my parents without us there anymore. My mother is not all that attentive unfortunately. There is no safety precautions for the pool, no fence or anything. And when we were all over there for a barbecue 2 weeks ago she was bringing in food and left him out there standing by the pool. I just couldn't believe it. Then again I still remember when my brother was 4 and I was 6, my brother jumped into a friend's pool without floaties and it wasn't my mom who got him out but our friend. I just see that's how she is and act accordingly. So we probably won't even use the "free night out without Jakob" coupon she made me for my birthday. It seems like I could just tell her I don't feel comfortable with her having him outside around the pool without me there, but she would just get offended and wouldn't listen anyway. She is a stubborn lady.
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