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Baby/Memory Books?

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OK, this is baby #2 for me...so I have a baby/memory book from DD#1 that has some things filled out (I kept a calendar of the "events" that I need to transfer to the book) and decided I should really get another of those books for baby #2. We had DD#1's footprints put into the other book, so I'd really like to have the memory book for baby #2 for at the birthing center to do the same.

Are there any cute ones out there you can recommend? I don't mind going to a store to get it, or ordering it online. I'd just like something cute I can pick up, write stuff down in and eventually give to my daughter when it's her turn to have kids.


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Oh great! You just remined me of one more thing I need to catch up on. :LOL

I just did a scrapbook. Bought one of those nice 3-ring binders and some acid-free plastic pages and paper. I do stickers, cut-outs, etc...not too good with dates and when he did stuff, etc...hoping to do better this time. I plan on doing one for each child up to three years old and after that we will just have family scrapbooks.
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I fear being one of those Moms who gets worse about this with each child. I did a beautiful book for DD1.... DD2's is there, though not quite as beautiful and not as up-to-date... and I don't even own one yet for this baby.. let alone have I even thought of purchasing one. Poor little guy... :
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Somebody gave me one called Humble Bumbles or something close to that for ds. It was a pretty cute book. I think you can find it on amazon.com.
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