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I have two of these AWESOMEdiapers, the fit is so good that I went back and got more. Stephanie is a wonderful wahm who pays close attention to detail. Beautiful work all way around.
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Love these diapers!

: I am building a stash for my new baby around PattyNaps--they are so nicely made--look like much more expensive WAHM diapers! Love the fabrics and the style of the diapers (I also have some of the PattyNaps covers) and Steph is very sweet to work with. All of my orders have been shipped very quickly~~FIVE STAR WAHM!!!
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Woe this WAHM RAWKS!!!! I got a custom YPS fitted diaper and I swear 3 days after I paid I had the diaper in my hands, now thats some speedy service! The sewing is superb, the fit amazing. You cannot beat her prices or her customer service
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I LOVE these diapers! They are very well made and OMG, the fit is perfection! Stephanie is a wonderful WAHM to work with, her workmomship and CS is incredible. I plan on buying a lot more! Thanks for offering such a great product.
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I LOVE these too- and Steph is a DOLL to work with
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Steph at Pattynaps is WONDERFUL! Her dipes are adorable, very well made and work great. The mediums fit both of my daughters beautifully and she is one of the fastest WAHMs around with responses to emails and getting customs out.
I have 4 and most definately will be getting more
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I have 5 of Steph's dipes and 3 of her covers. I'm a bit of a PattyNaps addict, I must admit. She's terrific to work with, her fabrics are gorgeous and they are very absorbent. I've had some wicking issues, but this isn't her fault - my kiddo wets fairly heavily and she sleeps through the night, so what can you expect? I'm planning on moving to using her dipes with wool covers, so we'll see how that works out.

She is super speedy and worked with me extensively to make sure I had a diaper I loved. I will be building the majority of my stash around her diapers.

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a great diaper!

perfect fit,so trim!!
I am in love with the shape and design of the side snapping fitteds.
I just recieved my first yesterday and have been stalking the dryer ever since. This is the only diaper I wanna use!!
I went ahead and ordered a custom last night, i can't wait to see it!
awesome communication and customer service, great site to use,great hyenacart selection!
the craftspersonaship is fantastic,I sew so i can really appreciate that!
now to figure out what to sell to get more paypal toward a stash of pattynaps!
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Teh best-fitting diaper I have ever tried. I have a T+T and a serged and the T+T fits better..a little longer in the rise and narrower in the crotch. PERFECT design and perfect sewing. Go get'em
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I just got a T&T ss OC fitted and am in !
This diaper is just fabulous! Amazing fit, awesome customer service, and super high quality!
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I bought my first diaper from Steph. She is awesome wahm. Wonderful diapers and customer service. I her sherpa diapers.
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I LOVE these diapers! It took a while but I've finally found the perfect fitted diapers for during the day :-D They are trim, absorbant, and fit like a dream. And since I have a dd that I can only use "non-wool" solutions for at most 1/2 the day, they seem to be the only diaper I reach for anymore when she's in wool! :-D
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