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easing back labor?

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I know alot of us are slightly worried about it.

I had it HORRIBLE with ds. I did the sterile water blocks which helped a bit but then asked for IV drugs at the birth center which made it 1000x worse when they wore off. and eventually transferred to the hospital for augmentation and an epidural (if you think back labor is bad, pitocin combined w/ it is soooo much worse) anyway I am really dissapointed in myself over my lack of ability to handle the pain. also I feel getting the drugs contributed greatly to having a c/s as things kind of spiraled downward from that point on..I am UCing this time & staying FAR far away from the hospital,so there won't be much choice in the matter.

I am wondering what can we do to ease the pain? so far on my list is counterpressure, h&k's, homeopathy, massage, walking, rice packs...what else is there that helps? I thought I was prepared last time but then fell deep into laborland and couldn't even speak let alone move or think about what I could be doing. I am making a list for DH this time per his request as we REALLY don't want another hospital birth!
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Was your baby posterior? That often causes back labor.

Otherwise, hanging off DH's neck, making an "o-o-o-o-o" sound to vibrate the pelvic floor may help. It's a long "o" sound like Oh. For some reason it feels really good to mamas during ctx.

With you leaning against the wall like you are getting frisked, DH can also put one hand on your sacrum and give very light distraction (down toward the floor) with the other hand on your abdomen and lightly compress inward toward the opposite hand. Now when I say distract and compress, it is so light it is like he would be only thinking about doing it instead of actually doing it. With the hand on the sacrum, the heel of his hand should be at the top with his fingers pointing down toward your gluteal cleft (aka butt crack). Just doing that (a basic craniosacral move) can be very effective during labor. He can hold that for quite a long time or whatever you need him to do, and repeated. You should relax your knees slightly while he does it.
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Well, this is a tough one.... I would say that massage and counterpressure help a bit. The water helped me- shower, bath, hot , cold, etc. Water was my saving grace. I am not sure about TENS units. I didn't use it last time, but have heard they help. Moving positions help, but there came a time last time when I couldn't get into any position that helped. Ugggh. I think have all kinds of ideas and possibilities to ease the pain and then remember that it will pass when the baby comes out!
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If I think the baby is posterior again I'll be on www.spinningbabies.com trying to figure out how to spin her around! I had a fast labor, but it was all back labor. Squatting helped me get through contractions. The shower (with the water directed towards my lower back) helped. And I ended up laying on my side to birth my daughter - it was comfortable and essentially allowed me to squat on the bed, which felt better. Also, it allowed DH to apply counterpressure to my back (his comment was that he could have moved a car with less pressure, and I kept asking for more counterpressure!)

This time I'm planning on bringing a tube sock with tennis balls in it. But other than that and trying to spin the baby (I tried all sorts of tricks that *didn't* work last time too!) I'm not sure what else I'll do. I didn't have any meds, but if I have a long labor this time, I'm not sure I'd be able to hold out against that much pain.

I hope we all have easy, short labors!

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I just read "Back labor no more," which I've heard recommended by a couple people. she advocates a gentle "lift" of the tummy by the woman herself so that the contractions aim the baby's head more down instead of back. no experience with this myself, clearly.
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My tactic this time is all in prevention. I've been very careful about OFP and spending a lot of time at www.spinning.babies.com. Also, I'm hoping all the chiropractic adjustments will help baby line up properly. Even if it doesn't, the adjustments have made a world of difference in how my hips feel compared to last time.
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thanks for all of the suggestions. I am writing down anything and everything I can think of!

yep ds was posterior and aclyntic (sp??)
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I bought "back labor no more" as well and it looks very interesting and seems like it would work. It explains things from a scientific point of view- by pulling up on your belly in front, it works as a hinge and moves babys head from pushing on your spine to a more downward position.... I also have no personal experience with this - but my sister had bad back labor and I am determined to avoid that - so i bought the book as a precaution.
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