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Homebirthing Mama Thread (All Due Dates)!

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Last year when I was pregnant with my second son we had a Homebirth Mama's Thread to check in with one another and to have support from other homebirthing Mamas! I checked and I didn't find one so I wanted to start it up again.

I just found out that I'm (surprise!) due with baby #3. It's a complete surprise, but of course a welcome one. I have two little boys. My first son was born in the hospital, and my second son was born at home. My homebirth was very quick and healthy. It was a wonderful experience and I'm excited to have another homebirth.

My midwives from my last birth started two seperate practices this past year. I have talked to the midwife (just today) that I'm going with. She's an incredible lady and I love spending time with her. We've gotten together a few times (as friends) since my son was born.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all, and hopefully you'll all enjoy posting on this thread. Once it gets too long anyone can feel free to start a new thread!


Edited to add Due Date List! 6-27-05 Thanks Baby Hopes!

Our Homebirth Due Date List

Peaceful-Mama /
3rd birth (2nd HB)

Famousmockngbrd /
June 27, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Cherry Bomb / Katie
July 3, 2nd birth (1st HB)

KrisSharp / Kristen
July 8, 2nd birth (1st HB)

MamanFrancaise / Erika
July 16, 2nd birth (1st HB)

cheeseRjedi / Cathy
July 23, 1st birth (1st HB)

AllyRae / Ally
Aug 30, 2nd birth (1st HB)

LizaFava / Liza
September, 1st birth (1st HB)

Mama2threenurslings / Amanda
September, 4th birth (1st HB)

sbm101 / Shannon
Sept 10, 3rd birth (1st HB)

Wendy12221 / Wendy
Sept 14, 3rd birth (1st HB)

ZeldasMom /
Sept 19, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Canadiangranola /
Sept 19, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Teachinmaof3 / Heather
October, 4th birth (2nd HB)

Andreac /
October, 2nd birth (1st HB)

EmoMom / Jeni
Oct 10, 3rd birth (2nd HB)

MelMel /
Oct 31, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Baby Hopes / Manda
Nov 26, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Hornet /
Nov 27, 3rd birth (1st HB)

WitchBaby / Lorrie
Dec 15-25, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Turtlemum /
Dec 17, 1st birth (1st HB)

ApprenticeMomma / Angie
January, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Megpaw / Meghan
Jan 21, 3rd birth (1st HB)

Plady /
February, 2nd birth (2nd HB)
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Great idea!

I'm pregnant with child #4 and am extremely excited about my first homebirth in September!!! My first was a horrible, medicated hospital birth. My second was a wonderful (for the most part), natural hospital birth. My third was an amazing midwife-attended birth center natural waterbirth. Now moving on to homebirth!

I think one of the most difficult things for me is going to be letting go of the details and just going with the flow. I've done TONS of preparation already (home, kids, myself ... I've made birth bags for each child w/gifts and activities, a birth box with books, snacks, crafts, etc. to do during labor, made up the birth announcements, written my birth plan, etc.) so everything should be all set for everyone else to deal with while I'm in labor. I labor best alone, so the last thing I want to do is worry about my kids and those attending the birth!

Any experienced homebirthing mamas have anything they wish they'd done in preparation last time or something that worked really well for them that they'll do again this time?
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Count me in! This is a nice idea! I'm Wendy, due w/ my third inSeptember. My first was a completely natural Bradley-friendly doctor assisted hospital birth. My second was a horrible ended up medicated hospital birth. If I had found the midwives in my area justa month or so sooner, ds2 would have been born at home.I really didn't want to go to the hospital with him. But we were fairly new to the area and the midwives are underground. Not exactly hidden, but not really in the open either.

I'm glad to see someone else who isn't due for a while is going crazy w/ preparations. I've been going crazy lately feeling like I just HAVE to get everything ready NOW! LOL! Probably because I'm so tired chasing my toddler around and ds1 will be back in school (we have to drive him to and from every day cuz it's a charter school, which REALLY breaks up the day. Only downside to the school.) So I guess my body is telling me to do it now while I can still move around. LOL!
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EDD: September 19

Hey there fellow homebirthers! I'm due in September also! This will be our second child. Our first was born in a big, factory-like hospital in NC. I labored at home til 9cm though, which really helped with getting the birth I wanted. At the hospital we had a midwife and a doula, which also helped.

I am very happy to be having a homebirth--it seems much less stress inducing than other options. Even at a birth center it seems like it is hard to get care that is evidence-based and truly *individualized*, so you have to put so much work into strategizing how to get what you want.

I have not done too much preparing for this birth. I do have Ina May's most recent book on my bedside table and I am really enjoying it. Last time I prepared and prepared and prepared for the birth and did much less to prepare for caring for a newborn (I am the oldest of 6 and did a lot of childcare, so I figured this part would be a snap). I ended up thinking the birth was much easier than the first 2 months caring for DS were. :LOL

This time I am a little freaked out about caring for a 2 year old and a newborn at the same time. I am putting most of my energy into having fun with DS, completing any projects that need done around the house, and finding ways to make how we do things more efficient. I am also learning to knit and knitting soakers, which I !

Things I have been meaning to do but haven't:
-read up on tandem nursing/go to LLL meetings to talk about this.
-get into a prenatal yoga class. I'm having difficulty finding an instructor who is a good fit. Plus, because of childcare issues I can only go to classes at dinner time or in the evening, and by then I am just not in the mood to go to a yoga class.

By the way, Peaceful Mama, I didn't see when you are due!
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Hi mamas!

I am due pretty much any day now... this is our second child, our first homebirth. DS was born in the hospital, with many interventions. I am looking forward to having this baby at home. I think it will be much less stressful, and healthier for both of us. I haven't done a whole lot to prepare myself... I've read some books (Ina May, Birthing From Within) and actually now I'm doing a lot of pelvic tilts, etc. to try to stop this baby from turning posterior, like she seems to want to do. DS was posterior and I really don't want to have back labor again if I can help it.

I am worried also about how I am going to handle having two children. I'm just trying to have faith that it will all work out somehow.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be posting my birth story soon!
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Hey fellow homebirthing mamas.....I'm number 4 here from September, due September 19th...ds1 was born on his due date...so we'll see if we can do that again this go round

My first birth was a relatively natural (except my water broke and they pushed me into pitocin, then I caved and asked for nitrous oxide, which did nothing but make me feel like i was on a bad trip) hospital birth as we were living an hour form the hospital at the time and so homebirth wasn't really something I felt comfortable trying out. This time around, we're doing it at home, and we're both pretty excited about it. I"ve been reading abit this time, although not nearly as much as last time, as I really feel I did so much reading then and so much of it has stuck with me, but it feels good to be reading and reaffirming lots of what I already know and believe about birth and the benefits of being granola-ish with the whole thing.

My current project is that I am in the middle of writing ds's birth story out (i've been meaniong to do it for 2 years, he turned 2 on saturday, June 18th)...but haven't quite ever gotten around to it yet. I want it in writing for a number of reasons. First, as a gift to him when he is an adult. Second, as a gift to myself to document the transformative experience that becomming a mother is, ad third, as a way of processing the negative aspects of my first birth....so that I can see what my fears are and move on.

A book I would recommend if you want a lighthearted, but at the same time it will make you bawl, stomp your feet in anger, and laugh your butt off...."The Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent. It's fantastic, has lots of great homebirthing stories in it, but is also a bit of a change from the scientific/advocacy/epidurals are bad because..... type of writing that a lot of homebirth books cover (not that I don't appreciate that...I just found the baby catcher to be really inspiring and a nice change of pace.

Anyway, enough yammering, gotta go put my toddler to sleep.

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EDD Nov 27

We are due with our third in November. First two were hospital births, 1st birth not so great, second birth much better with CNM's. This time we have hired WONDERFUL lay midwives who I am pretty close to in our birth community anyway.(I am a doula) I am so excited about this birth and feel so much more comfortable with my midwives. I look forward to hearing your stories.
Anyone having a Blessing Way?
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I am due with my 2nd delight late Octobern (edd is 31st) first was the same story as alot of you hospital birth, interventions, fights, bail bondsmen...the works
not this time.

I am having a dear friend who is a doula as my doula (and also a homebirthing mom of many), and a super midwife who has been catching babies for over 30 years! so I think I got the support team down.

I bought some supplies today. just a few emergency things to have on hand in case midwife doesnt get there yet....stethoscope, bulb thingie, sterile cord clamps, footprint kit, handy pamphlet....other fun stuff

I am not sure about the Mother Blessing, I went to a WONDERFUL one a few weeks ago, but I dont think being on the receiving end of all that is my thing. maybe a more casual Blessing with less 'ceremony' involved. some beads, a nice labor necklace...maybe a candle or 2 for the labor. but thats it. I dont do poetry and flowers very well....and any religious undertones are lost on this atheist

happy to join in here!
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another one here! this is our second, due between december 15 and 25th. i had a horrible c-section experience with our first and am looking forward to a vbac at home this winter!
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Hey all!

I'm planning a homebirth for baby #2 sometime in July. First birth was the classic mainstream birthstory.

Nice to meet everyone!
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I'm due with #3 on January 21, and this baby will be born at home! My first birth was a completely unnecessary c-section because my OB was too chicken to deliver twins vaginally....although he led me to believe that a vaginal birth was in the cards until the very last minute. After that experience I am horribly distrustful of the medical community and OB's in particular. We met our midwife for the first time yesterday and all I can say is WOW! I was so impressed by her and her assistants, their demeanor, attitudes, and kindness. We ended up staying for almost two hours, just chatting about everything from birth to politics to our favorite restaurants. I feel like I just found a new group of friends, which is very special since none of my friends or family is very supportive of our plan to have this baby at home. We also got to hear the heartbeat, which is always so amazing. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better!
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Hey ladies! Count me in. EDD: Nov 26th

My first birth was in a hospital and I ended up with several interventions that I had been wanting to avoid. (Epidural, episiotomy...) This time I refuse to go back to a hospital. Taking control and birthing at home.

I am in a different place with this process. Mainly because I am still seeing an OB. I won't switch to a midwife until I return to the states in early October. As a result I've got all sorts of internal stress going on about finding the right midwife (Who isn't already full of committments on my EDD) and getting insurance worked out... etc. In the mean time I am trying to get as much done as I can on this end.
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Me! I'm due July 3rd. My first birth was a very awful hospital birth that ended up in a c-section, so I am very much looking forward to having a homebirth!
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EDD: 7/23

hey mommas!

this little one will be my first. i am sooooooooooo happy to be having a homebirth.i can't imagine what i would do if i was on some doctor's schedule and not able to do it my way
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Originally Posted by Baby Hopes
Hey ladies! Count me in. EDD: Nov 26th
I won't switch to a midwife until I return to the states in early October. As a result I've got all sorts of internal stress going on about finding the right midwife (Who isn't already full of committments on my EDD) and getting insurance worked out... etc. In the mean time I am trying to get as much done as I can on this end.
Do you know where you will be living in the US? Maybe you could establish contact now. I found my midwife by doing a search online (ironic that I found her this way since it turns out we live in the same neighborhood). Not everyone has an online presence, but it might be worth a shot. Good luck finding someone!
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Hello all!

Planning a homebirth with my first in December...I have booked the birthing pool from our midwives to use in labour (and maybe birth in). My only concern is floor strength in a second floor of an old house apartment. Any ideas on how to determine weight capacity would be welcome.

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Originally Posted by Turtlemum
Hello all!

Planning a homebirth with my first in December...I have booked the birthing pool from our midwives to use in labour (and maybe birth in). My only concern is floor strength in a second floor of an old house apartment. Any ideas on how to determine weight capacity would be welcome.

I live in an old rental townhouse. We want to put our pool in our bedroom. I just talked about it w/ my mw yesterday. I had some friends tell me I'd better put it on the first floor cuz our building is old and the floors are so creaky. My mw said it was no big deal, put it in the corner of the bedroom and that's the best place for it. She really thinks we need to have it in the bedroom (I guess b/c that's where I'd feel most comfortable). And she has attended births in these buildings before, so I'm sure she knows they can handle it.

From what I've been told from other people who've had hwb's before is that as long as you put it in a corner, it's fine. A corner that is along an outside wall, I mean.
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My first two were hospital births and my third was a home waterbirth. We are planning our second home waterbirth. Originally it was going to be a UC but our plans changed. We will be having the mw here (same one as last time)...but I've already told her I want her to be hands-off unless I ask for her assistance/assurance. I am also doing my own prenatals.

(I'll have to get to know names later...)

peaceful ~ Congrats on your pregnancy!!

mom2 ~ I like your birth bag idea for your kids! I might have to copy that. Last time we bought the girls a new dvd to watch...nothing fancy and I'm not even sure they watched it that day. LOL The one thing I'm doing again is waterbirth. I was really pleased w/ my preparation and everything so I'm not sure what else I'll do differently. Well, other than laboring/birthing alone as much as possible.

Wendy ~ What state are you in that the mw's aren't out in the "open"?

Zelda ~ I was also freaked about having two kids...it ended up not being as bad as I imagined.

famous ~ Can't wait to read your birth story!!!

Anno ~ I've heard of that book but haven't read it. I'll have to see if my library has it.

Hornet ~ I'd love to have a Blessing Way....not sure I will tho. Not many of my IRL friends know what they are.

Hi Mel, witch, Mama, Cherry, Cheese,

BabyHopes ~ Do you post over at GCM?

Meg ~ Isn't the difference between mw and ob's amazing!?

Kelli ~ No ideas here...we have a 1-level home.

There. LOL If I missed ya, my apologies. My girls are getting rowdy and need to have bath time!
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turtle mum--this thread has some dicussion about floors beearing the weight of tubs:
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EDD July 8th

Hi All,

This is our first HB, our first was a natural hospital birth. Dd will be 18 month next week so I'm a little nervous about how see will handle the new babe. I had some preterm labor last night. Our MW said it was a good little practice run for Dh and me. The baby is very low and our MWs said they wouldn't be surprised if I go into labor sometime this week and I am so ready.
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