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EDD Sept. 10th

I'm planning my first hb in Sept. some time. I have 2 ds, 10 & 2 (though they'll have birthday's before this baby comes), & both were hospital births that were less than wonderful.

My first was a few weeks late & a long, painful induction later I wound up with a perfectly healthy little ds that they took from me for hours after his birth to try to regulate his temps.

My second was a failed induction. The dr was too interested in cutting into her family time & not interested enough in the health/safety of my & my ds. Twelve hours after the induction began the baby was deemed too large to fit (only dialated to 6) & I was told I "needed" a c/s. I was scared into one only to wind up with a perfect ds who was smaller than my first. :

This time, we're having a wonderful midwife come to help us deliver this baby safely into our arms. I'm really looking forward to it! It seems so close yet not yet really real for me. I can't imagine being the mom of 3 boys! Some days I want to run & hide from the two I already have!!

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I wrote down the basic due date information for everyone listed so far. I always like to have everyones information organized so that I can easily remember who's who. I can't get over how many Moms are due very soon! And good grief, what's up with all the September babies? lol. This board will be jumping then!

If someone wants to copy/paste this list closer to the top of the thread that would be great. I'm happy to leave it here, although I know that soon this thread is going to be longer than two pages and it might get a bit buried.

Our Homebirth Due Date ListPeaceful-Mama /
3rd birth (2nd HB)

Famousmockngbrd /
June 27, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Cherry Bomb / Katie
July 3, 2nd birth (1st HB)

KrisSharp/ Kristen
July 8, 2nd birth (1st HB)

MamanFrancaise / Erika
July 16, 2nd birth(1st HB)

cheeseRjedi / Cathy
July 23, 1st birth (1st HB)

AllyRae / Ally
Aug 30, 2nd birth (1st HB)

LizaFava / Liza
September, 1st birth (1st HB)

Mama2threenurslings / Amanda
September, 4th birth (1st HB)

sbm101 /Shannon
Sept 10, 3rd birth (1st HB)

Wendy12221 / Wendy
Sept 14, 3rd birth (1st HB)

ZeldasMom /
Sept 19, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Canadiangranola /
Sept 19, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Teachinmaof3 / Heather
October, 4th birth (2nd HB)

Andreac /
October, 2nd birth (1st HB)

EmoMom / Jeni
Oct 10, 3rd birth (2nd HB)

MelMel /
Oct 31, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Baby Hopes / Manda
Nov 26, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Hornet /
Nov 27, 3rd birth (1st HB)

WitchBaby / Lorrie
Dec 15-25, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Turtlemum /
Dec 17, 1st birth (1st HB)

ApprenticeMomma / Angie
January, 2nd birth (1st HB)

Megpaw / Meghan
Jan 21, 3rd birth (1st HB)

Plady /
February, 2nd birth (2nd HB)
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Originally Posted by ZeldasMom
Do you know where you will be living in the US? Maybe you could establish contact now.
I do have two midwives that I have interview appointments with as soon as I get stateside. Plus, I am sending my mom to the HAND (Homebirth Association of North Dallas) meeting in July. I know for sure one of the midwives I am considering will be speaking at the meeting. Am hoping to get some feedback as a result. As a bonus the meeting is about the safety of out of hospital birthing. Perfect for my folks to listen in on.

One of the midwives I am interviewing would have to travel a fair distance to deliver at our house. She's already implied that it won't be a problem as long as she doesn't have a full list of ladies due at the same time as me. (Is it bad that I am hoping October is a dry due month for the Dallas area?)

I am really looking forward to having some finalization with this process. I envy all you ladies who have your midwives set up and know exactly where everything stands.

Heather - I do post at GCM! I assume that you must as well?
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Hello all!

I'm due with my 2nd sometime in early/mid Oct and am planning a home water birth. My first was a pretty typical interventive hospital birth.

Hey famous...what are your plans for your ds during your birth? Cole will about the same age as your ds when I am due and I am really unsure of where I want him to be. I know that if I keep him home, I need someone to be here just for him and was really hoping to keep "guests" to a minimum.
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Hi everyone!
I'm due with #2 in mid-February (I'm going to try not to get too attached to the due date this time!) and I'm planning a homebirth. My first was at home and went as well as I could have ever hoped so now I'm hoping I can do it just the same way again!
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Originally Posted by teachinmaof3

Wendy ~ What state are you in that the mw's aren't out in the "open"?
I live in Indiana. My mw's are CPM's which are perfectly legal in this state (unlike my home state of PA), but the medical community in this town we live in is not very accepting of them (well, worse than that), so they don't advertise or list in the phonebook b/c of nasty phone calls, letters, etc, from the medical community.

Their business is booming however. M mostly takes moms from the Amish and Mennonite communities (she lives nearby them) and J mostly from the in and around town births, she lives in town. They have been so overwhelmed lately that they are trying to find assistants to train to help out so that they can have 2 people at every birth. Right now it's just the 2 of them and they sometimes have 3 births in 2 days. And they cover a very large area since there aren't many mw's around. J was telling me that a few weekends ago they had 3 births in 2 days and almost missed the last one b/c they were still w/ a mom who had just given birth over 2 hours away. Sheesh!
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Hello everyone!

I am due with my third on October 10th. My first birth was a Bradley birth in a hospital with an OB. They did great following my birth plan, but I hated the staying afterward and being poked and prodded a lot... I also hated not being able to eat during labor. But I had a pretty great hospital birth, as they and their interventions can sometimes go.

My second birth was a 3 1/2 hr home waterbirth. It was awesome!

We are planning our second home waterbirth, same midwife and doula.
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Manda ~ Yep! Blessedmomof4

Wendy ~ Wow...that's too bad about the mw and the medical community.
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I just wanted to post my due date...August 30th--1st HB, 2nd baby!
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Hi y'all!

What a great thread! I am due with my first late September, and am so excited. We never really considered a hospital birth, and I am so glad. The state we live in now has some of the highest intervention rates, and I am so, so relieved I won't have to be dealing with that. Its great to see a couple other first time mamas here too: Hi cheeseRjedi and Turtlemum! There seems to be a lot of september mamas too - can you believe we have only have 2 or three months to go?!!
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My name is Angie, and I'm living in Australia at the moment.
My first birth was a planned homebirth, which ended up as a transport to hospital, managed to birth ds vaginally thank goodness, and am getting ready for a homebirth this time around.
I am so slack, haven't done a thing for prep, other than engage my midwife, but I am not reading any books or anything like that this time around
I have been going to lovely homebirth support group meetings, and the women are just amazing, so lovely and supportive!
I am due late January.

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EDD November 14th

Third homebirth, third baby. It's a little different for me because I live in the UK- so my doctor referred me to a team of midwives, and there's no cost involved to us- the NHS covers it all, including equipment, etc. All we need to pay out for are the personal stuff like pads, and luxuries like a birthing ball or a pool (still trying to make my mind up on that one.)
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Hi everyone, I'm hoping for a home birth this time around. THis is my second baby due October 3rd. My first was supposed to be a home birth but ended up with a hospital transfer after 40 hours of labor, I was exhausted and only 4 cm. Plus there was some meconium. I then had Pitocin and Nubain and he was born 4 hours later. I hope this time is better!
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Hi all! I'm due around Sept. 4 with my first and I'm planning a homebirth. I'm really excited to be birthing at home so I can avoid all the hospital rigamarole.

So far I haven't done too much to get ready - I'm taking a Bradley class that is really helping DH to learn about the labor process, and I've done a ton of reading. (ITA Baby Catcher is a really great book.)
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ApprenticeMomma- I haven't been reading much either. I have tons of books by my bedside but feel like I have really read just about every PG of any worth. I teach CBE and I am a doula so I probably really have but I feel like I should be doing something! Reading during PG helps me ease my obessive tendencies(smile).

Emomom- What kinds of things did your doula do at your homebirth? All my births as a doula have been at the hospital and all the homebirths I know of the apprentice did all the things I would have done. Does your midwife have an apprentice? I would love to hear more about the experience. I have a doula friend who has been hinting around that she would love to be their but I am not sure if we would need the help.
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What kinds of things did your doula do at your homebirth?
Since I was laboring, I know this is not comprehensive!! She helped provide counterpressure on my knees, pushing to my lower back, while I sat on the birth ball laboring, she provided physical support in letting me squeeze her hands during several contractions, she set up and got the video camera rolling, she took suggestions about when to get certain items out of the midwife's bag and basically take care of all the background stuff and setting up/tearing down other than baby catching and concentrating specifically on me and on the baby. My doula is/was also an apprentice at the time. She helped drain the birthing pool and put it in the midwife's car, she helped me walk to and from the bathroom, etc.

I really enjoyed having women around to talk to and receive encouragement from. I don't think a doula would end up standing around not being useful, even if the midwife and apprentice were busy doing birth prep things. Your doula could be massaging you, she could be snapping pictures, she could be providing distraction for family members that might call if your phone is not turned off, she could be preparing any number of things that are not directly birth related for you, like your bed for afterward, she could be getting snacks together for you or for the birth team..... I think beyond the number of people you NEED, that youre actually PAYING... doulas and friends can be very beneficial to have around just to get some things done for you! What if you needed someone to run out and get something... know what I mean? If your doula friend wants to be there just to be there to be useful in any way and participate... for FREE, I say sure, invite her But I agree, that as far as paid professional birth team, a midwife and an apprentice, or one doula, is probably sufficient.
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flapjack ~ Great deal!!

Serenity ~ Cool...our edd's are just one day apart!

tsfairy ~ to you for doing a hb with your first baby!!
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I'm very late adding to this thread, but here goes...

My fifth child is due 7/20, and this will be my first homebirth.
I am a very slow learner, apparently! My first three were all born in the hospital with a FP doctor and epidurals (mostly at my husband's insistence for 2 and 3!). My fourth was born at a hospital with a CNM. While I loved the CNM, I *hated* the hospital...so I finally decided to make the switch!

Three weeks to go!
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Greetings! I'm due around 11/30/05 with first child and will be doing a home birth. We are so happy that we'll get to stay at home and welcome our baby there. Plus, getting into the flannel sheets with my baby in the co-sleeper afterwards seems divine!
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I'm due 8/22 with my 2nd child. My dd will be 8 years old end of August too. I had her at home and am looking forward to another, but different homebirth. This is my dh's first baby and he's been really supportive of homebirth and all the AP values (in theory anyway). It's really wonderful to see so many of you planning a homebirth the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time around. I commend you all. Homebirth is WONDERFUL!!!!!
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