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Irrational Fears?

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I know I should NOT be reading anything out of the prenancy and birth loss threads...but I cannot just bypass someone's utter heartache. The trouble is, instead of just feeling empathy and being grateful that I am carrying a healthy (to my knowledge) baby now at almost 31 weeks...my fear is in overdrive and I worry a lot about losing this baby. I know I worried about this with my first pregnancy. Now I am so hoping that this baby comes early like my last. Fear is so powerful.

Do you avoid these threads while pregnant? My twisted hormonal mind keeps playing tricks on me like I am thinking about it too much.

Is it just me or do any of the rest of you have the fearful thought at least once a day of losing the baby and how would you ever cope?
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I read a couple of the threads in the birth loss forum earlier this week, and ended up sobbing for an hour and then being emotionally destroyed for the rest of the evening. DH and I talked about it when he got home, though, and just acknowledging the fear out loud seemed to take away some of its power--we talked about the fear, and very briefly about what we would do if something went wrong. I know it doesn't always help, but in this case, I felt like I could make a decision not be owned by the fear.

I hope these last weeks before your baby come are filled with joy rather than fear, and that you feel confident that your body is doing exactly what it needs to do to nurture your baby.
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To be honest, I have been avoiding them for the most part as I get too upset and I don't feel that that level of emotion is healthy for the baby. I feel guilty about not reading some of them, sort of like ignoring other people's pain, but I do try to read them occasionally.
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I have been reading some of those threads too.it's heartbreaking and then I start to worry as well. you just never know what is going to happen.
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