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Mothers For Peace

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Anyone out there? Are you still active? What do I do now? I still want a poster but never ordered one, where can I do this?

How has the peace movement been going in your areas?
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Try going to www.mothersforpeace.net, and definitely sign up for their email list. There's been some pretty interesting information about actions for peace. And also some disturbing news about how those who are active for peace are being treated.

A great source of information for alternative news is alternet.org. Check that out too!
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I know that sunshinemama is having some trouble getting on these boards. The mothers for peace site is up and running so check it out ... you can get a poster through the website. If for some reason you can't get to it, you can email me and I will get you in contact with sunshinemama. dinomom75@cs.com
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Sunshinemama did a wonderful job with the "Mothers for Peace" website, she keeps adding more links and articles.

In Chicago I have been somewhat active with a group called Peace Response and I participated in a few meditations and prayer groups. I'm not genearlly one to participate in protests, so I haven't done that. A friend here in Chicago is forming a local group of "mother for peace", but it is very fledgling.

Anybody who wants more info, let me know...
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HI all!

I am glad to see you are all still interested in MFP!! Please go to the site at www.mothersforpeace.net and sign the guestbook and get on the mailing list!! If anybody has any suggestions or wants to get involved in any area of the web site please just email me and jump on in! I can be reached at, sunshinemama2@yahoo.com As of now you can add events in your area, add links, and quotes of interest. If you want to submit an article or essay there is also a link for that in the Reading Room on the site. PEACE!
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I heard a great show on radio today - didn't catch any links, but few details stuck with me.
Their slogan is "WELFARE not WARFARE, investing in caring not killing" (Apparently 1.17% of the US budget goes to welfare and 22.26% to warfare..)- They do actions and teach-ins around the country (one on SF, CA tomorrow, one coming up in Philadelphia - in case you're near!) But unfortunately am not sure how to contact them or find out more.. at this point.
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Remember the old days ladies?
Just found this old post when looking for Sunshinemama again. Whew!

Anyone out there still active with their Mothers for Peace posters? Mine is old and tattered. Needs to be redone

Let's post photos too if you don't mind. I'm looking for some of my kids now. I'll be back.
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