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June 25- July 2 Thread

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Hello Fellow preggos!
It is now officially June 25th here and I thought that I'd start a new thread :

: We're at the beginning of July I can't believe that some of us will have our babies this month! That's SOOOO exciting!

I'm so exicited about birth. My DH is thinking I'm crazy for eagerly awaiting labor, He has asked me if I remember the last labor (35 hours back labor). :LOL I guess it is just difficult for non-preg people to get it! I think that I'm excited because my attitude towards birth has shifted! I've read Ina May Gaskin's books and am currently reading Birthing From Within and learned a lot more about labor and myself. Has (Is) anyone else experienced this? What has changed for you and what changed your POV? It's an interesting process!

Last Tuesday (Solstice) I witnessed a dear friend of mine (and doula) give birth. It was at her home with 2 MW's and 2doulas and her DP and DS, the energy and love there was awesome! It was amazing! I just feel so honored to witness birth! Her and I were TTC at the same time, so now that her DS is born I feel even more pregnant and ready to meet my own little baby! Only 6 - 8 weeks left. . HOORAY!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. May we all be productive in our preparations toward birth and our new life!

~~~~~~~ 2: Andrya, Dh's girlfriend SAHM to K and awaiting DD#2 mid-August
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Oh yeah, I am so excited to birth my baby. DP gave birth to our first son and so I don't know what to expect from this labour, but I am so excited. I am 34W2d and getting bigger by the moment. The baby is getting so big too! I have a midwife appt. on Tuesday then a homevisit at 36 weeks, then my appts will be every week from then on.

My midwife has recommended to me that I take EPO vaginally and orally from 36 weeks. I am planning on doing it, but would love to know what some other people's experiences have been with it.

Oh and it is hot as hell where anybody else lives? It was about 95 and HUMID and opressive yesterday and today, but you know what I realized? Babies are so cranky and sweaty in this kind of heat, while I don't feel any less comfortable than I do hot and non-pregnant, so I am happy that we are having this heat while I'm still pregnant and hopefully by August there won't be much of it left. Wishful thinking maybe, but I am still hopeful.

I hope everyone else is doing well. Does anyone think that they are getting close to having a baby, like they might go early? I can't wait until we start showing arrivals!!!
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I had my blessing last night.. and I swear, I've got the best friends in the world.

They all brought beads for my necklace, pampering stuff for me, and fabric to be made into a quilt for the baby and I. We asked for "oceanic" colors, since when she's old enough to have her own room, we're going to do a mermaid theme

My ankles are perpetually swollen these days, and I couldn't sleep last night because my legs started itching and wouldn't stop.

This week my projects are to continue sorting/decluttering... and to have my friends henna my belly and take pregnancy pictures on Tuesday
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I had an 'eventful' yesterday I suppose you could say. I had noticed babe wasn't moving as much as in the past few days and got a little worried. So, called my OB and he said he wanted me up for monitoring and an NST. So, I headed up. All was well...but it took FOREVER to find the heartbeat and 3 different nurses. Little bean is in some funky bend breechtransverse position and his/her heart is back near my spine and hands/feet out front. So...the big change of position is probably why I'm feeling things differently AND (something I did NOT know!) that many babies start moving 'less' after the peak of movement at 28/29-32 weeks. The movements get less sweeping/jumping to more just minor jabs/kicks and none of the big rolls etc. And well the position change is probably what I was feeling last week with all that rolling and poking and my belly looking like an alien was taking over!!!! They ended up just monitoring me for an hour callin' it good and sending me home. Appt on Weds and we'll decide then if they'll send me for an NST just in case.

So...after all that excitement!!! I'm hoping for a nice calm week
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Holly - glad baby is still doing good!

Yes, I'm getting excited too. Looking forward to labor a little bit--more so than last time. I just hope there's no unpleasant surprises to dampen the mood.

Had a scare last night. I woke up about 1:30am with what felt like really bad gas pains. I drifted back to sleep and woke up again close to 2am with pain getting much worse, and continued to build in intensity. It felt like a really painful, crampy solid contraction. My belly was contracted down and out, really hard. I couldn't even flip over in bed, it hurt so bad. Woke hubby up and he didn't seem concered and fell back asleep (doesn't surprise me : ). I finally managed to roll off the bed onto my hands and knees and took a warm bath. As soon as I got into the warm water, it all went away and belly relaxed again. After soaking for about 20 minutes, belly contracted again, but this time w/o the pain. Went back to bed and haven't had anything else weird since. Anyone have an idea what this could have been? I can hardly see gas causing a severe contraction, and I've never experience any feeling like that before. Baby was moving fine, so I think he was just as annoyed at being bothered as I was.
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Was your bladder really full Jamie? Sometimes an overly full bladder can cause an irritated uterus!
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Anyone having abdominal pain? The baby changed positions I think over the weekend and now I have a sharp pain in the lower left part of my uterus/belly. Improves greatly when resting in bed and as soon as I get up and move around starts to hurt some more. Called oncall last night and they said it sounded like the baby was in a new position and pressing in a different way inside. Baby is so low it is hard to not waddle right now. Worried about needing to start maternity leave early. I will call the midwife in the morning and ask them to see me tomorrow.

Holly - glad your nst went well

held - sorry you had that night time pain. it can be unbearable sometimes. and so helpful when dh rolls over :

32wks here and I can't believe how fast it is happening now.
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I'm pretty sure baby is dropped - at least I was before today. I SO have the waddle - it is getting so difficult to move around much. My walking is so limited, as is standing. I'm bummed because I so want to do all of the cool things that are happening in and around Seattle this summer and I just cannot. BUT!

I am SO excited about having him. I cannt wait to go into labor and deliver him, being in the big birthing tub, all of it. I am totally jazzed about giving birth, and so is my husband. Neither of us can wait for this.

The weather here has been amazing - sometimes sunny, sometimes overcast, sometimes rainy, but between 65 and 75 degrees every single day. It rocks. Of course now I'd had DH install the a/c, so we're ready if some heat comes in. We're getting everything ready for baby to come in - house, diaper stash, clothes, check! We've almost got everything except the baby now - woo!

I cannot believe the time is drawing so near! I'm so totally excited!

Oh! And we finally got insurance so I am now seeing a chiropractor for my back pain - I am so happy about that!

And this past weekend we discovered that there is an organic farm that we can pick our own veggies and berries all summer! And it's so cheap! So on weekends now we're planning on going. And I can even do it with the waddle, because there isn't far to go and DH does all of the bending and pulling.

So I'm pretty darn happy right now.
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i gotta agree about the full bladder and irritated uterus - i generally don't wake at night to pee b/c i am so tired once going to bed at 11, but around 6 or 7 I will wake and my belly is sooo hard and painful b/c I haven't peed in so long!

its hot in dc, but i'm hanging in there. been taking it easy, less carrying dd (i hate that, i love to snuggle her!) to help my hip/sacral pain. going to try taking flax seed oil too to see if that helps.

i can't believe that i'm 33 wks already! belly grew tons last month but this month is holding steady my mom is getting started on the curtains soon and we are almost done getting things ready.

i'm a bit nervous about dd wanting to nurse again. she likes to ask, but clearly can't latch anymore. I'm so conflicted - b/c in a way, it's kinda nice to be done and to only have one nursling to concentrate on when the baby arrives. i've been trying to remind her that she used to nurse, but that she has forgotten how....which is the truth. anyway.
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I know what you guys are saying about the pain with a full bladder, I get that too. But what I had the other night was waaaaay different and much more painful. Since it was about 2 am, I didn't have that much to pee out either. I'm not too concerned about it as it was a one-time deal--thinking maybe I ate something that caused stomach cramping which tightened my uterus?? Not sure.

farmlife3 - yes, I'm getting some sharp pains in my lower belly too, mostly on the lower right side.
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Jamie - sorry to hear about the pains. I have had some cramp-like pains at night but nothing that intense, and never more than 2 or 3 at a time. Maybe they are the elusive Braxton-Hicks that I can't seem to identify....

33 weeks here, it's hot, and I love our swimming pool. I just sink in up to my neck and stand there. I don't feel huge, I don't feel wobbly, and I can carry DD all around the pool without her feeling heavy. It's grand. I have never liked swimming pools but this is a godsend.

Otherwise...Binky is wiggly. This morning it felt like her knees or feet were right in the middle of my belly. Now they seem to have shifted back to the right. this friday is our 34-week appt; then we have a 36-week home visit (and I have a 36-week acupuncture treatment), and then weekly visits. I've now met the midwife, the almost-midwife and the apprentice midwife and I like them all. Whew.

I have done very little prep otherwise... I have plans to make a "birth basket" for DD with books, a couple of little gifts, etc, all "from the baby", but am not even close yet. We did stock up on sports drink because that's all I could stomach during my last labor...so probably this time I will want something completely different, lol.

I too am hoping that the heat of the summer comes early so that by mid-August it's mostly gone. I can't nurse DD for more than a minute without both of us getting seriously sweaty; I really don't want to tandem nurse in 95-degree heat!
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We are keeping busy. My sisters wedding is this weekend, so we have that all weekend. Then my DD turns two at the end of the month and we are having company over for that. Also we are in MOMS club and we have pool playdates and stuff to keep us occupied.

I also think I have dropped, one of my friends commented on it today. Last week I felt major pressure down low and felt like I was starting to waddle. I measured 31 instead of 32 weeks, also could be from baby dropping.
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Hey Jamie, I've had a few bad episodes like you described too and it WAS all just gas. Once I got relief in that dept. and had the chance to go to the bathroom #2 I felt SOOooo much better. I think at the time the baby was pressing on the intestinal area making things all pinched up. Sorry about the TMI but boy that gas can really wreak havoc.

I'm at 32 weeks, starting the twice weekly non-stress tests...getting someone to watch my kids that often will cause enough stress for anyone!!

Off to bed I go..... Kitty
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I hear ya Kitty!! I started the bi-weekly "non-stress" tests too...Getting a stitter for every one of them...Gee nothing stressful about that!!
I had an ultrasound today and they "readjusted" my due date...So from August 24th, now it's August 9th!!
I'm 34 weeks...exactly what I've been saying all along... :LOL
I'm glad everyone else is doing well. I feel like this baby will be here really soon!!
Take care.
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For the first few months of this pregnancy, I was thinking this baby would be comng in late August.

The closer we get, the more I'm not sure! My fundal height continually measures ahead, although I know that doesn't mean anything. I tend to experience things (like first feeling the baby move) earlier than most primigravidas, although that could be attributed to being more in tune with my body due to the nature of my job. And this feeling (and subsequent making sure my MWs didn't think it was possible that I could be due while I am gone to Iowa for a week in midJuly) could be attributed to just getting more anxious about this big change that is coming so soon!!!

I dunno. But I think at this point I'll be surprised if the lil' Tiger w aits until the last half of the month.
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sniff...sniff...snifff....found some new stretch marks today. Just a few tiny red ones just above the old ones, sigh. Guess there's no hope for the genetically challenged.
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I'm with you Jamie. I don't remember stretch marks hurting but I have one which looks like a continued stretch from ds. Burned for a day or so and now extends an extra half inch or so. Ack! I can't wait to meet this babe in his/her own time but wow, I am getting pretty uncomfortable and I'm only 32 weeks.
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Well I feel like a lab rat specimin today. Nah not really but lots of appointments.

2nd glucose tolerance test (wasn't going to do it but they've pressured me to do it and well I'm almost 33 weeks so guess I better go ahead *rolls eyes).
After that, ultrasound (whooo hoooo can't wait to see the lil guy). After that, 2nd Fetal Eco-cardiogram (Go Nathanael!!). Then non-stress test tomorrow. *sigh* and they said I'd be worn out from appointments AFTER he arrives!!! :LOL

I was seriously going to put off the Non-stress tests because WHAT a pain in the neck but since he's quieter than usual and I had a bad "episode" of what seemed like labor (hard cntrx 10 mins apart...working down to 4 mins apart..etc) I decided to at least give it a go and see how the lil peanut is doing. I feel sorry for the lady sitting for me this morning. Tim does NOT like me to leave him, which I rarely do. Such an adjustment period for the boy.

ok I'm rambling now hahaa..ttyal Kitty
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Wow, it sounds like everyone's bodies are gearing up for the big event!

Got the results back from my 3 hour glucose - passed w/flying colors! No bh, but I only ever had one w/ds and that was at 34 1/2 weeks along (I remember because it was just a couple of days before I went on bed rest at 35 weeks, induced at 38) so that doesn't really worry me, I'm sure they're coming! In-laws are nice enough to ask me if we're sure of my due date (I just keep telling them August/September) because I'm so big. Thanks - I needed to hear that.

I'm sooooo tired and cranky lately, feel bad for ds and dh. We're actually watching PBS Kids every morning (normally we try to do 1/2 hour of tv only/day) and I'm trying to get over the guilt and just accept that if an hour of tv helps me to be more patient w/ds then it's worth it.

I'm making colostrum!!! I'm so excited, it really helps when nursing ds that there is actually something in there now. I can't wait for my milk to come in after the baby is here and nursing both of them.

Lots to do around here, need to make my master list and really get to it. Ever have that vague feeling of panic because there's too much to do, yet not be motivated to do any of it? That would be the story around here lately.

Ok, now I'm just rambling......Stay cool everyone!
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hi there,

33wks here, i am full with the baby and everything else in my belly. i am having tons of BHs, but no regular and painful ones, they stop after taking Mg.
my problem is the loss of appetite. maybe it is too hot here?
like laying down, reading, talking to my baby girl...
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