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Hi all...

35w5d here, and can I just say QUACK!?! I am now a duck, with a waddle-waddle here and waddle-waddle there. I believe that this baby is trying to claw his/her way out with his/her fingers/knuckles on my cervix. What the heck IS that sensation, anyway? Am I really being poked in the cervix?

My b-h contractions are pretty strong now, occasionally painful, so I'm wondering if I'll go a little early. I hope I get at least two more weeks out of this pregnancy...we'll see. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a solid belly and terrible pressure down low, crawled onto all fours, and my dh rubbed my back. It felt so nice to have his touch there -- I hope it's as much of a comfort when it's the real thing!

I've made my list of things to pack for all of us (one list for dd, one for dh, one for me -- and one of things I need someone to buy after the baby is born, since we are too superstitious to buy anything ahead of time). I ordered a doll sling for dd to get as a gift from the baby, and I ordered the kit I need to donate the cord blood. Now I just need to rest!

Stay cool, everyone!

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FD: No kidding on those cervical hits. The other day it really felt like wee bitty was pirouetting (sp?) on my cervix w/his/her hands up under my ribs! And sometimes I feel like wee bitty is just going to open me up and fall right out. I don't remember all this cervical poking and prodding from ds, but this one's been more active the entire time, so who knows?
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Those babies are getting tight in there now, aren't they. My little bugger recently found my ribcage and has persisted to badger it almost continually. Dang! I don't know how shorter people handle being pregnant with less room for those long legs. I drove into town today and had to sit almost sidways because he just kept pressing against my ribs and lung area making driving difficult.

No way, just looked at my post count and this was my 1,000th post. Too bad it had to be a grump!
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Jamie, congratulations on becoming a Senior Member! :LOL
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Hey everyone!
I am off on another camping adventure with DH and DS. We are going to the Northampton, MA area this time- near where I grew up and lived until college. I love the area. Northampton is infinitely cool and progressive. On Sunday, Coltrane and I have a mini Birthday party/ Fourth of July bash at my grandparents' house near Okemo in VT.
Well, baby is good- moving a bunch. The head is down for now and hopefully will remain there. I measuring right and have gained a pound for each week of pregnancy it seems. My TSH ( thyroid ) levels have been great, so I haven't had to increase my dosage of Synthroid at all, which is nice.
Oh, I found both a joggin double stroller and a regular " city " type double stroller last week used. I am so excited. I got them way cheaper than they would be new and they are in great condition. I pulled out baby clothes and cloth dipes, but need to wash everything. I haven't even thought about packing yet, but I am not too worried this time about it. I brought way too much stuff last time and if need be, my DH can get home and grab stuff this time.
That is about it.
Love, Kerri
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Kerri - have a great time camping. I love that area, went to school in Amherst.

Ds and I are off to a family cottage in Northern MA this weekend. Looking forward to it but curious about how the sleeping will be. Quite the configuration of pillows I'm using these days.

Anyone else really uncomfortable at night time? I actually just cried when I got in bed last night because I was so tired and could not get comfortable. Having pain in my low abdomen when I lie on my side at night and all through pelvic area. Had an adjustment Wednesday that seemed to work for a little bit but last night it really started hurting again. I'm quick to give up these days and move to the couch. Not much better but at least I can put the tv on w/o disturbing dh.
***long vent ahead, feel free to skip ahead I just had to vent in a safe place****
Anybody else feel disconnected from the world? I have one friend left that I talk to regularly. She has a 6 mo old and moved into a new home this week so she is about as busy as I am. I don't know why but I have no interest in maintaining any relationships right now. Other than dh of course! And even that is feeling a little rocky right now. I think we are both coming to terms with this baby's imminent arrival in our own way and it makes for some stressful times. Some wonderful times also. This baby is very wanted. Don't mean to be unclear on that note. Somedays I feel like what am I doing? How will I do this with an almost 3 year old and newborn. I work FT evenings and will have maternity leave for a couple of months at most. Dh is a great dad. I stress about money. I'm losing my grandfather slowly to an evil disease. My giant breed dog is almost 10 and aging daily. I am s o o o o tired a this point. I feel like I have a quick temper with ds where I never did before. I can keep it in check but it takes a lot to talk myself through it in my head sometimes without verbally snapping at him. I think he just wants his running around mommy back and this waddle I've developed doesn't allow for much running.
I am set on natural birth, and don't know how to get rid of the rest of the doubts that my body won't handle it. Also, my pregnancy with ds was so medical. So many u/s and non-stress tests and this that and the other thing. I've opted out of most everything this time and now worry that maybe I shouldn't have. THough, my heart still says it was the right path to take for me. I feel healthy and feel like this baby is doing well inside of me.

A medal to you if you've read this far
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Don't feel like a bad person! I'm so sorry about your grandpa and your dog! My animals are like my babies, and I get sad thinking about how much older they are getting. And it is so hard to watch a grandparent deteriorate and realize you can do nothing about it except to love him. I can't imagine what it will be like to watch a parent.

I've got the same social apathy going on. I'm not too much of a social butterfly anyway! but now it's worse! It's really hard when I walk into my office, and patients are there and wanna stop me and chat about the baby and how good I look, all nice things that I should respond to pleasantly and happily and be appreciative of, and all I want to do is just run back to my office until I can start adjusting!! I feel so ungrateful and rude, and I hate it. But that's my reaction right now. I'm trying, but hopefully if I'm coming off rude, they'll forgive me once I (please God) come out of Hermitville after the baby is born.

I think your feelings with your ds are very much in the norm, especially for this stage in pregnancy. I know so many people who have felt the same way and felt the same guilt about their children maybe not getting the love and attention they need because mama is tired and can't play and cuddle like she used to. Try to focus on that it is a good time for DS to really develop a cool bond with DH!
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Hi everyone:
Can't believe it is July already! 7 more weeks to go. I am measuring SOOO big, but I have a feeling I won't be going early now, just will drag on to the due date or beyond. I am still having tons and tons of braxton-hicks, so it could be a long summer.

We took the kids to Knoebels Grove on Friday for a few hours. It wasn't bad, went in the eveing, and spent most of my time with the little ones at the kiddie rides. My husband forgot my pain meds, so my hips were killing me. My pubic symphysis is really separating, not sure how much longer I will be able to walk. I am seeing the chiro 3X right now and that is helping, but both of us feel we are fighting losing battle! I was tempted to rent one of those motorized scooters, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I am so ready for this baby to come, but on the other hand, I feel thoughts of panic at having a little one to take care of again. I mean, I can barely get anything done now, how will I manage when he gets here? I know from experience, I will be even more tired and irritable! And I have so much to do around the house, things to get in order, house projects, kids stuff, etc. We are in the process of remodeling 3 rooms and I really want to get them done...but most days, I just don't feel like it! A double-edged sword!!!

How are you all spending the 4th of July? We are going to hang out at the pool and do some house stuff. Next week is son's 3rd birthday and people are coming over, so I guess we should really mow and weed, so the kids don't get lost in the yard. :LOL
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