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June 26th - July 2nd, let's get this (bloody good) show on the road!

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Hi June Mamas

So, it will be July at the end of this week. I wonder how many of us will be July moms afterall?

Off to read the end of last weeks thread....
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mockingbird, I hadn't thought of bloody show with an English accent but that cracked me up. Bloody Good Show, chap!

Roseberry, s. Your prodromal labor sounds so exhausting. I hope it kicks in for real for you very soon.

Grace, Bloody Good Show! That is so interesting. Post if the surges pick up!

Sara, you've got the show, too?! Alright, now.

I've got nuthin, nada, zip, zero. I question if I even saw the light pinkish tinge yesterday. I have no surges, either, so I'm back to square one.

New Goal: have baby before July. or at least before July 4th.


Off to buy the super-size Tums pack containing 150 Tums.
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Hey ummmm.... does the plug have to be colored? I just went to the bathroom and when i turned to look in the toilet there was this white stringy mass with one pink spot on it. What the hey? Oh please let me go tonight.....

okay, so i totally had a gross lunch. just HAD to have some taco bell. now i feel like i have a brick in my innards. a gross disgusting spicy brick.

wow there was so much going on on the board while i was out saturday! are we all (those left) showing now? this is crazy!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Pepper
Off to buy the super-size Tums pack containing 150 Tums.
:LOL Sorry Pepper. Maybe you could buy a roll instead???
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Hey ummmm.... does the plug have to be colored?
No, but if it just comes out it could still be days (or weeks... don't slap me) before labor. Not always, but *could* be. When it's colored it's from small blood vessels breaking while the cervix dilates. K, brody is playing in ointment... better run.
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks
Maybe you could buy a roll instead???
Did that already. I made dh stop at the gas station and buy a 3-pack of the small rolls. Finished them up.

Plus, I'm trying to play my Murphy's Law odds--you know, the day I buy the 150-pack is the day I go into labor and never need them again therefore wasting the money...crazy over-due logic.
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks
it could still be days (or weeks... don't slap me) before labor.
Heh! No slaps here, was reading the same thing in Sears' pregnancy book....ahhh the desperate search for signs.......
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week 41 and counting
so maybe july isnt so bad either....
the weekend was nice, weather was nice, i cant complain about the heat as its been nice in the day and the cooler at nights so im still sleeping.

pepper: my crazy overdue logic is not taking the 'last' belly shot, i havent done the shot since week 38 thinking, well my luck ill go into to labour and not get a chancwe to a final pic
maybe i should just take the darn pic now huh?

general question: is there anyone who isnt going to BF? on the mainstream board BF'ers are definatly in the minority (lots of planned to...tried too...but gave up after 5 days) just wondering how widespread it is. Of my family in canada, hardly any BF, but they have weird issues about having been poor and FF shows the world you have money (yee....little messed up logic) so im not sure how it stands these days.

well, im not leaving the overdue club tonight i can tell but i hope there is some action to read about in the morning!
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pepper: my crazy overdue logic is not taking the 'last' belly shot, i havent done the shot since week 38 thinking, well my luck ill go into to labour and not get a chancwe to a final pic
maybe i should just take the darn pic now huh?
I never got around to doing belly pics with #2, how sad is that? But with Gwen, I took the last one a week or so? before she was born. I just never got to it... kept thinking I had another day. Too bad too, b/c my belly changed shape quite a bit it seems the last few days. Her dropping and figuring out her position.

I know that my typing things to encourage you is probably just annoying at this point. "Sure, she can say that. She had her baby already." Besides, I can't think of much to say. The sooner they're born, the sooner they turn 1. :LOL I tried telling myself that a few times. Didn't help much.
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I've been sleeping most of the day! : I figured that my first big contraction happened when I was asleep today and it didn't need any "help" from me. And I don't want to end up awake for a day or two like some people I know because it's just "too exiting" and then be so tired around show time later. And I was so tired today!
But, who knows how long it will be till then.
I've had a pretty steady flow of pink and red goo...and lots of bh's and general period like crampiness, but nothing like that big one that woke me up. And honestly I have said before that ptl hurt and that I've had cntx that hurt, until this morning, and now I think that all those other ones felt just fine, compared! :LOL
Kind of a rude awakening
And I love that our week's thread title has "show" in it...

Good luck to us all!!!
Due 6/28 with a :
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Oh Grace, I'm so excited for you! It's lookin' good for you, mama!

(ps. I changed the thread title to reflect our current inside joke... )
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im so jealous of all the mamas who have show, how sad is that?

roseberry, tons of to you mama, im so sorry for the fizzle. Hope you are getting some rest today.

im feeling better about the possible breech. i don't feel like the baby is breech, but it seems like a possibility.

mostly im just feeling a bit sad that im not holding my new baby right now. i hope you all aren't secretly hating me for the whiney, sad, complaining nature of my posts lately. i know im not the only one past due...

y'all remind me to NOT have my MIL here for the next birth, allright, no matter how good of an idea it seems at the time.
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i'm still heeeeeeeeeere...
no signs of imminent labor as yet - i have mucus plug envy :LOL

just spending a pretty mellow weekend. we went to the farmers' market yesterday and picked up sooooo much tasty stuff... cherries, tons of strawberries (the little sweet kind), greens, potatoes - all sortsa treats. i've been chowing on berries the last 24 hours. getting ready to fry up some green tomatoes as soon as i motivate myself to clean some dishes for prep.
in lieu of labor, i'm just eating like crazy.
we went to the il's again today to swim - i mostly just enjoyed sitting on the steps feeling less weighty, and played with dd & ds2 in the shallow end. veddy nice.
no real bh action since a couple of nights ago - the babe is just kind of hanging out and enjoying her environs i guess. i don't think i'd be half as impatient if it weren't for people asking all the time "when are you going to have that baby??!" - ah the pitfalls of family gatherings
my parents are here, so anytime now would be fine. they're staying with my little sister until tomorow, and then they'll be up here at a little b&b about 5 minutes away. so close, but not in our house, which is nice. :LOL

still haven't gotten on my laundry... :
really need to do that before everyone runs out of things to wear. i already have...
happy start of yet another week of still being pregnant, everyone!!!
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Dreaming of Pepper in labor

Pepper: I had a dream early this morning that I would sign on to the board and you would have started labor, but in the dream, you gave us a contraction by contraction update on how it was going. That could be a very interesting feat during transition!

Come on out and play June Babies. We're anxiously awaiting your arrivals!
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Higuys!! Wishing you all good labor vibes, and who knows?? Maybe your babies will drop out in your bathroom like mine did!! :LOL Here's hoping......Lord knows we didn't plan it that way!

Birth story is posted now on June forum, go have a look!
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39 weeks 4 days...

I'm still here. No show. Last night I had a ton of BH, but they were painless. My belly was just hard most of the time for a few hours. I did have a low backache that came and went. But...today...nothing. Last night I had this feeling like it'll be in the next few days. But now today I don't feel that way so much. Eh.

But I'm feeling more ready now. Last night when I was thinking labor might be soon I felt excited instead of paniced. So, that's good. Looking forward to meeting my baby. I'm so curious to see what he looks like. I hope he looks like his papa.

OK...now I'm going to rant because I need to: The other day my grandmother told me that my dad told her that he thinks I'm immature and he hopes this baby will make me grow up. And he's worried I won't be a good parent. I'm pretty pissed that he thinks that. #1 He lives in another state and I see him maybe once every 2 years. And when I do see him he works most of the time or spends his time with his in laws and so doesn't spend much time with me. And I hardly ever talk to him. It's not like I don't try...but he has some big wig job with BMW and travels a lot so is hardly ever home when I call. So, he's judging me on very little experience.

#2 My relatives and friends who actually spend time with me and know me often tell me that they are amazed at how mature I am for my age. And in a way I'd have to agree. The other people my age that I know can't pay their bills, spend most of their time partying, are emotionally immature, etc. I am buying a home, pay my bills, etc and we're not rich...but I know how to manage money. I stopped partying a long time ago...by choice. I'm responsible. And it seems to me that I'm more emotionally mature than most people I know, regardless of age. I put a lot of thought and research into every choice I make. I'm really struggling to see how I'm so immature for my age.

Ug...It just makes me so mad that my dad is judging me and talking about me behind my back like that. He just doesn't have the right. At my age he had his 2nd child by his 2nd wife. He was renting, had a crappy job, didn't spend time with me. And this is the man who is still carrying on a 20 year old feud with my grandmother. This is the man who has never been involved in my life. He's never been a parent to me, much less a good one. And yet, he's so worried about what kind of parent I'll be. My lord.

I am so tempted to talk to him about this. And if it weren't for the fact that he's coming to visit in a few days to see the baby, I would. (heh...my very mature father totally ignored my wishes that he visit at the end of July and is coming at the beginning instead. : ) In a way I hope I go past my due date and have the baby on July 10th, the day after my dad leaves. I told him to wait until later in the month.

I guess one thing that really bothers me about it is that #1 he's seeing me in a false light. And #2 even if he does figure out that I'm not some immature idiot like he thinks, he'll think the baby changed me and that he was right. :
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39 weeks, 5 days

NightOwl--you poor girl!!! It sounds like you are, unfortunately, the mature one in the relationship. And that is not an easy place to be.
I remember when Dh and I bought our house almost 3 years ago, and my parents, who are quite possibly the worst people with money I've ever met: live odd job to odd job, always rented, never owned, tax evaders, 7 kids, food banks....etc, sat me down and told me they thought it was a bad idea, that owning was a big scarey responsibility and we would get screwed over, blah blah blah... Well, that made really mad for a while, and then it just made me sad that they would always feel that way and how much they missed out on in life. They now see us still happy and doing just fine with the "responsibility" and they even brag about how "together" we are. It has taken a few years, but sometimes it's just hard to earn our parents' respect and I just kind of had to stop trying and just live my life. So, to ya!

On another note...how much bloody show am I gonna have? I mean seriously, I could bottle and sell this stuff. I think the blood fairy is just not very fair...I think I have enough globs and clots to make us all happy : and yet I'm hogging it all. Doesn't seem right.
I still feel like I'm getting the meanest period of my life, but not any contractions, and my cervix hurts. So, I keep thinking it will be a while, then I go wipe and there's yet more blood everywhere and I start thinking maybe sooner. Hm. But I am feeling pretty relaxed and good about it right now, it could still be weeks before this child decides to have a birthday party, right? Wrong? (*help me, I'm secretly going crazy*) :LOL

And I love this smilie: 'cause it's non-breech vibes for everybody!

Due 6/28 with a :
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Grace, vwhen I had bloody show like that, labor was imminent. Thinking of you!!

NightO--....more for you later (when i have two hands).
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Grace -- Things look awfully promising!
Pepper -- A line is a line is a line -- does the same go for bloody show? Hope so -- fingers crossed!
Hey everyone! I'm still on the post-partum roller-coaster, kind of teary and starting to wonder about PPD. I chatted with our old roommate (remember him?) yesterday and was insanely jealous of his life -- he's got his first apartment to himself, a new girlfriend, and just lots of exciting things going on in his twenty-something life. I, on the other hand, have sore nipples and no clothes that fit and pretty uncertain chances of getting any sleep any time soon. Again, I hate to complain but I couldn't sleep last night anyway (due to Danny's all-night grumblings) and I just dwelled. A friend who has a four-month-old baby (and a two-year-old) came for a visit today and it was wonderful to vent and let my hair down as Dan nursed, from side to side ALL DAY LONG.
I'm still thrilled not to be pregnant any more. My back is totally fine, can you believe it?
Who's next? The suspense is killing me!
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Just remembered a funny and weird dream I had last night. I was on a farm and I was with the farmer (who was a woman ). We were standing by this huge pregnant cow. (I guess this is how I'm seeing myself :LOL ) And the woman told me that if I walked around to the back of the cow and called the calf then he would come out. :LOL :LOL :LOL Geez...if only it were that easy! But hey...maybe we should all try it.
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