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June 26th - July 2nd, let's get this (bloody good) show on the road! - Page 7

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I'm in labor! Went to my appt aounrd 3:30 PM, found out I was about 90% effaced and 3 to 4 centimeters dilated. We came home and have been resting. Lost most of my mucus plug around 6PM. I will probably go to the birth center soon. Contractions are 3 to 5 minutes apart and getting pretty intense now.
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Yay! We're having babies! Well... *I'm* not, but some of YOU are!

Good luck tomorrow, swedemom - and woo hoo Night Owl! I'm sending you both easy labor vibes. I'm sure Pepper is holding her baby right now.

I think I might just chuck it all and resign myself to raising this child internally.
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good luck to all of the mucus loosing, contraction having, and even- for goodness sakes its about time- laboring mothers! I can't wait for the "results!"

and hello to all of the milk-a milk-a tired mothers of last week and even last month. Hope that the poops and nipples and tired eyes are holding out or coming out (abigail.)

all is well here. eisa is eating and growing and eating and growing and I am falling more in love every day. She has the most simple and wonderful face in the world- really (except for the faces of all of your own I suppose...) Dh and I seem to be adjusting pretty well- he is generally a huge help and I am generally thankfull. My best friend was here and that was nice. Good to be alone again too though. She is a "high needs" adult and I had a bit of a breakdown the night that she was supposed to leave (her flight was cancelled) worn out I guess from "letting" her help me and a very busy day in the city fighting medicaid bs. That is over though and I should go do something constructive while she is laying down and then eat some ice cream. good night. I can't wait to check back in the morning. Babies everywhere!
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Yay Nightowl, good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it.

mcs, glad your husband is helping out. mine will help only if I 'ask him to do things for me' like chores are a $(#*& favor and not something that benefit the both of it.
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Yeah NightOwl! Wait, you're due AFTER me, so that means that I could go into labor one of these days too? Crazy!
Good luck, you sound excited!

Due 2 days ago
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Yay for the babies! Nightowl - getting to 3-4 is awesome, the rest flies by! (for me at least :LOL )

Pepper! You must be holding a baby right now!!!!
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ok, we need to do a head count of those of us still here!

woohoo nowl: im sure your also holding your baby now

mcs: good to hear that all is well in baby land

OK, its July.....no june babies for me, at 11 days over, i have lost all faith that my body will know how to go into labour. and i will wait untill next thursday, just to get induced anyways...thats what i find really depressing. im sick of being pregnant, my partner is sick of false starts, and i really want to have this baby...
oh what a whiner heheh sorry!
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yay nightowl!!! go mama go!

well i just got home from my ob appt. - where i actually got to see my own dr. (barely!) she ran in late in scrubs, saw me and one other patient, and flew out - had to rush back to the hosp. to deliver a baby.
she checked my cervix, and i'm at 3cm, and about 60-70% effaced. baby is firmly engaged, too - she couldn't push her back at all, so maybe not long now?!
i was having some bh in the car on the way down, and some on the way home, but nothing regular and they've pretty much subsided now.
the bad news is, if i go into labor in the next 24 hours, dr. personality-vacuum is on call (don't like him!!!) so now i'm hoping it's not until saturday afternoon or something :LOL
all this buildup and now i wanna put on the brakes... ha!
my dr. isn't on call over the weekend, but another female doc from a different practice is, and my dr. told me she's "very cool" - so that's reassuring. i love my doctor - i wish she was going to be around, but such are the pitfalls of obstetrics, i guess...
she scheduled me for an nst next friday, in the case that i go longer... who knows. so that's the latest from here...

all that ..*ahem*... activity must actually be helping - dh will be gratified... - and look karen, no oral prostaglandins!!! :LOL :LOL
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WooooHoooo for babies


Swedemom, Orban, and anyone else still waiting: we'll be here for you, so keep whining away!

I can't wait to hear the last of the June stories!
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Heheh.. for what it's worth, dh never got to be the oral prostaglandin hero. Because if I let him do it, he'd take all the credit, but more importantly, I'm not that kind of girl lmao!!!!!
It's good for laughs anyway.
Go NightOwl!!! I wonder if her babe is here!!!!
Take care ladies!
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Oral prostaglandins...worked for me!
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Well, I had the weirdest flow yesterday: I soaked through 3 postpartum pads...it was totally clear, runny and shiney, and tons of it. I kept on thinking it had to be my water breaking, but it wasn't like that, ya know? It was just discharge, but more than I ever thought my body could produce.

But here's the REALLY weird part: Karen, remmember how you said when you went into labor the plug smelled like, um, oral prostoglandins? Yeah, same here. I actually asked dh if he had gotten frisky in the night and if maybe I slept through it. You all know *that* smell, and I'm telling you it was even stronger than the *real thing*. Have any of you heard of this before? The only thing I can think of is that my body is making it's own prost. and it smells the same? Freaky.

And today I woke up to cramps, low back ache, and a big bright pink gush (yes, the bloody show fairy is back) so we'll see if this amounts to anything. My ob is on call today and tomorrow, so it would be a good time, baby!

I can't wait to hear from all the laboring mammas! It's WAY too quiet around here...I realized we are all officially overdue now. And only July babies from here on out!

Due 3 days ago
(hint hint baby)
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WOOO HOOO!!! Go mamas go! I think we are going to be all done with this pregnancy stuff! We'll all be on the same page whining about lack of sleep gassy babes and still for some reason loving the dickins out of them!

I bet Pepper had her baby! I wonder what she had?! I can't wait to find out! I have to say that not knowing with DD was fun but I think it was fun knowing with DS too! Definitly more exciting not to know who your getting though! Anyways the suspense is killing me!

Go Night owl! I hope its a short easy labor! Looking back although I'm not eager to do it again mine went quite smoothly and mostly at home which was fabulous as compared to DD! Good luck!

Wasn't someone being induced too? I hope that goes smoothly too!

Well I will be checking in for all these babies names!
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Man, it's gonna be like a baby jackpot around here in a day or so.

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I've been feeling crampy all day...and I even had 4 ctrx about 10 minutes apart from eachother...then it all kinda fizzled and I'm trying not to get too down about it.

It's too quiet around here!!!

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Still no baby here, and even worse Im not having ANY signs of impending labor at all! ~pout~ No real noticable BH no Cx No show... NOTHING! Argh! Im now 5 days past due and ready to resign myself to not having this baby any time soon. The only reason I even care is beacuse I dont want to deal with all the NST and BPP that they are going to make me do next week. Already ahve them scheduled. July 5th and 8th. Sigh. Have to go to the hospital for the BPP and then to the MW house for the NST. Common baby come out and play! Anyway, enough whine. Hope those of you in labor have easy ones and hope the rest of us go soon!
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: This is very exciting!
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Things have picked up again..maybe 7 or 8 in the past hour, irregular in intensity, but still very noticeable...dh was home for about 5 minutes and then went rock climbing, I told him to keep his phone on just in case, if this lasts for days there's no reason for him not to go, and I think I deal with the pain better by myself, at least at first.

I'll check in again later
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Originally Posted by ex-stasis
: This is very exciting!
What she said
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