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June 26th - July 2nd, let's get this (bloody good) show on the road! - Page 5

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organic banana: If it does rain where you are just send it on over here. I've been hoping that it will be raining when I'm in labor because I really like rain and think it will be calming.
Hm...I'd take the 29th since it is my due date. But I don't think anything's happening.

It is so weird that it's my due date! I seriously didn't think I'd be pregnant on this day. My midwife kept saying, "First babies usually come late, so figure early July." But I always rolled my eyes to DH later and said the baby will come before the due date. : But hey...as I said before...I don't think anyone in my family has ever made it to their due date, so I assumed I wouldn't either. I wonder how many people will call today.
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Hi, morning check-in

More prodromal, crampy stuff going on. Getting really annoyed by it. I was able to sleep fairly well but boy when those surges hit they require a bit of concentration to get through.

..be back soon..
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40 weeks 1 day (officialy "overdue"!)

Hi Miababy!
That does seem frustrating that they are so set on inducing, but maybe it has more to do with insurance reasons and them being able to take "high-risk" pregnancies than any actual personal danger they think you're in going over. Sometimes that's the case and it's frustrating, but see if they can be more flexible and then there's always the don't-show-up for the induction thing...

And we all have ideas about going into labor, but if any of them worked very well none of us would still be here! :LOL

Ways I've heard of/tried:
longs walks
Evening Primrose Oil (orally/vaginally)
nipple stim (w/a pump or a nursling or your guy)
sex and/or orgasm
castor oil (I've heard pros and cons on this one)
blue/black cohosh (check with your provider first!)
crying alot
drinking a glass of wine (my personal fave )
and my dh's personal fave which I don't recommend because it didn't do a darn thing: bj's and swallowing! Something we can all thank Karen for

I can't think of any more at the moment...but like you said, the "date" thing is very over-rated and it's important to have the freedom to let our bodies do this on their own time...and being put on a "deadline" is very frustrating! On the other hand, being induced is not the worst thing that could happen and, not everyone, but many many people go on to have wonderful, empowering deliveries vaginally after being induced.
And I hear ya on the carpal tunnel: I had my 2 surgeries a couple years ago finally and they have been much better through this pregnancy than I expected, but it's NOT a fun pain.
Good luck!

Pepper-- : : this is for you!

Due yesterday
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On my due date, we had both sets of parents, siblings, and my MIL's two best friends over for Father's Day. I was sitting at the dining room table, holding my daughter, when my mother said, "Hey Sha! Today's your due date!"

I said, "Yup, look out, we could have a baby at any minute!" :LOL

I soooooooo did not expect to go early. And I feel guilty for having gone early when there are so many of you guys who are still pregnant and waiting. Besides, I think I could have used that extra week of sleep :LOL
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Originally Posted by PatsGrace
bj's and swallowing! Something we can all thank Karen for

oh, karen and her oral prostaglandins...

well ds2 is sleeping, ds1 is in his room absorbed in a book, and dd is with grandpa and nana tooling around on errands - it's so eerily quiet around here!
i should go take a nap, but somehow i feel guilty about not folding more of this stupid laundry - what is wrong with me??!! :LOL

nightowl - ooh that sounds nice. i'd like to labor in the rain too.. so long as it wasn't a thunderstorm. that could get me frazzled...
"ok... push! one...two... BOOOOOOMMM! uh... five... no - wait... three..."
when ds1 was born, dh was counting for me while i pushed, and got so actively involved that at about "six" he all of a sudden stopped, and was holding his breath and sympathy 'pushing' - i totally lost focus and panicked, just mentally unable to breathe again until he said "ten".
i thought i was going to pass out.

me: (still not breathing while i said) " *GRUNT* - what happened to seven???!!!"

come on june babies!!! out with you! :LOL
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I just don't know what to do with myself. I had surges at: 7:40a, 8:10a, 9:45a, 10:10a....and nothing since then - it's 11:05a.

So, it looked like a 30 minute-ish pattern but now it's fizzled. I'm crampy in between them still. I left a message on my doula's vm but what's the point? This could go on for days or worse yet, fizzle out completely and not become labor at all. I've been on the toilet 3 x's this morning (bm's) but really I attribute that to nerves more than anything else.

Still no show or plug. And yes, Grace--I'll trade some show for some of these contractions!

I have an appt tomorrow and I have to decide if I want an internal or not. I'm so curious what is happening but know that I'll be really upset if I'm 1 cm, 50% effaced or something lame like that at this point. I also have to schedule an NST

Hi miababy,

Originally Posted by miababy
SO, why the induced on the 5th threat AND what to do??
What in the world gave your mw the idea that she was in charge of making your decisions for you? Your NST sounds EXCELLENT--you are doing well and baby is doing well, why induce? I would simply inquire to her, "What is the medical reason that you are suggestion induction and can you please go over the risks of induction?" Seriously, that ticks me off when care provides think they can tell you what you are going to do : I would honestly laugh in her face at the absurdity of that assumption.

Sorry, I am really cranky this morning

Happy due date NOwl. I hope you don't go too far past, each day gets a little harder.

I can't believe there is only 1 more day left in June. I'm having a July baby! Ha. Who would have thought?
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On my due date I was having annoying BH contractions ALL day! Then the next day I had a few and then nothing until the 21st! As we all know on the 22nd he was here!

OMG its so differant with your second baby. I don't get as annoyed with him as I did with DD. With DD I was annoyed that I had to get up and not sleep and this time I think I had expectations that he would be like her and hes breastfed in these early weeks (she wasn't until five weeks : ) and so he doesn't just stay up screaming he nurses. While it can be annoying and I find myself falling asleep atleast hes not screaming! Plus I just don't get all ugly about it I expect it! With DD no one could have prepared me for that! (on top of that I had the spinal headache for two weeks straight and I'm not exagerating!)

Other challenges are Ali wanting to "help!" Or When she has to pee and I'm feeding him! At first I was scared to death of this scenario but now I realize I pop him off take her to pee and then put him back on and we all live through the entire experience!

How are the rest of you mommas coping! It can be hard especially with your first (IMO) Well I better get going I want to get Ali's hair combed. I haven't managed to get anyone dressed much before noon this past week!

Pepper IMO you should get checked! I think you would be very surprised! All those contractions do something! Plus if they check you it could get things started! As much as you don't want to interfere I think it would be fun to know how great your doing!
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I've discovered that I have all my best contractions at night when I'm trying to sleep, and when I get up for the day they disapear. So maybe I will close all the curtains and pretend it's night time till they decide to stick around... :

Pepper, your contractions sound more exciting than mine, and I am thinking that this darn show is highly over-rated. Now I'm trying to remmember when it even started. Saturday? Sunday? And now it's Wednesday and it's still all leaky and pink! So if it makes you feel any better, you're not missing out on anything.
I've had my turn with the blood fairy, I want the contraction fairy to show up!

My cervix is still kinda far away, but it feels really odd, kind of like a bulging ball now, or a cone...maybe it has something to do with how low the baby has dropped? I can't tell dialation anymore, probably a good thing or I would have my fingers in there all the time!

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Originally Posted by PatsGrace
I can't tell dialation anymore, probably a good thing or I would have my fingers in there all the time!
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Originally Posted by PatsGrace
I've discovered that I have all my best contractions at night when I'm trying to sleep, and when I get up for the day they disapear.
Me too. :

Pepper, sounds like it'll happen soon for you. I hope!

You know, when I first got pregnant I thought I was going to have a July baby. Then somewhere along the line I got sucked into believing in my due date. At this point I'm actually hoping maybe she'll wait until after the Fourth so we can all go to the fireworks together. (Not really.)

I told my DH I was having a lot of BH this morning, and when my mom called he *told* her that! "Oh, yeah, Jen said she thinks something may be happening, she feels all crampy!" Don't tell her that!! I'm getting enough phone calls asking me if I've had the baby yet, thank you very much!! I was like, "B., that was private information! I don't want you telling anyone I'm in labor unless I'm actually in the process of pushing the baby out!" I think he was scared. :LOL
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I also have my 'best' contractions at night, in fact tonight is the first nights its been so quiet in a while.
today we had another play date, i keep making plans and ppl say, well....you willl have your baby by then, but we make a date just in case...sure enough, i turn up
so i am having a july baby....wow, i was so stuck on june, i was convienced i would be early because i had so much contractions in the second trimester. oh well.

mammamia: sounds like you have the opposite problem to me..........im not sure why the want to do inductions, i know i was sceptical listening to moms in week 37 whose doctors were so easily convienced to induce. because the mom was uncomfortable, or the baby was big (all of 7 lbs) so they seem to have an agenda.

but if anyone finds any medical info on weeks 41 + pregnancy, id be interested to see.
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Good morning all!

Had my overdue appt with the back up OB to my homebirth MW this morning. sigh. She had me go to the hospital for a NST which came back just fine. Im 40w3d btw. She is also saying that they want to Induce before the 2 weeks past my due date happens. Altho she did mention my ability to sign a denial. Which I think we will do if all NST and Bio-physicals come back fine. I totally understand that with me doing a homebirth they have to be very sticky about the *norms* or whatever to be completely safe, but come on! My dates have been calculated by my first ultrasound which measured me at 16weeks. (2nd trimester U/S) and according to everything Ive read and everyone Ive asked that means there is a +/- 7-10 days on my due date. Plus I usually have big babies and I am measurening smaller right now, AND Im only dialated to 1cm which means its proberly going to be a few days anyway since Im one of those mamas that walks around dialated to 3-5cm before even going into labor. Im just getting really irritated at thier wanting to induce if I dont have this baby in the next week. She said Id have to do like every other day NST or something crazy like that if I refuse the induction. And she said that unless we have a way to prove different dates that they have to use the U/S dating. sigh. Geez. This is my 4th baby all my other 3 have been right in the same pattern so I dont see why this one would be different. What the heck is wrong with just waiting as long as baby is cking out fine!?! Please.... stress me out more would ya! I dotn even want to use the castor oil induction method. I just want baby to come when he is ready. Ofcourse IM ready...lol But its more important to me for a completely natural birth. So looks liek Im havign a July baby as well. Which is funny beacuse jsut liek a few of you have mentioned Ive been saying that I wasnt going to ahve this baby until early July anyway, I already thought they had my dates off. Anyway, Im sittting here still in the waiting game. to everyone else whos waiting as well. Hoep we all have babies soon...

BTW..... hasnt it been a bit for any of us to go into labor? Times up ladies... Someone needs to go tonight!
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Hi ladies! I am on the poop watch with Abigail...we are on day 3 of NO POOP. I am so sad and frustrated with this, and Abby is totally uncomfortable.

Pepper and Grace - I will be lurking all day to check on you two so puhleeeze update with any changes! :LOL

Congrats Punkpincess!
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Well it seems like we really are all in the same boat, aren't we? It's nice to be able to commiserate with ladies who really know how this feels.

Angel, I'm glad you are finding your 2nd baby to be easier--I found that, too.

I feel better after a talk with my doula who thinks that I am in early labor. She said everything that is happening to me is totally normal and that my uterus is just gearing up. She also said that when it kicks in for real be prepared that it might go faster....THAT I will have to see to believe.

It's funny how we are all having more surges at night--something to do with more oxytocin produced at night combined with being more relaxed is why that happens (according to what I've read).

Nancy, I wish I had some links or something with real facts about pregnancies that go past 41 weeks...I do know that it's a myth that the placenta becomes less effective after 40 weeks (which is what one of my ob's tried to tell me ) In fact, I read somewhere that there is speculation that placental function is somehow related to when we actually go into labor--meaning that if it does start to decrease, that may be what triggers labor. So, maybe all us overdue gals are just super-healthy with incredibly powerful and healthy placentas!

I actually tried to check my cervix earlier : I had no idea what I was feeling for but it felt low (like I only had to go in to the knuckle to reach it) and I could easily get my finger through it. Does that sound right??????
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Geez Pepper! Only a knuckle, huh? You should see the acrobatics I do to try and find mine...
And one finger is better than no finger...That's where I'm at too: one centimeter.
Early labor is better than no labor at all, I guess. My ob said the same thing about me on Monday and thought I might go in the next couple days, which hasn't happened yet. I love how I have a tendency to take doc's word as gospel even though I know better. :
It feels like our "labors" are on the same track, maybe we'll end up with the same birthdays for our babes!

Abigail: Pooping is fun! Give it a try!

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Originally Posted by PatsGrace
It feels like our "labors" are on the same track, maybe we'll end up with the same birthdays for our babes!
Wouldn't that be great!

So, that it's only a knuckle in does that mean it's anterior? I really should google this stuff.

After not much since 11am I suddenly became *really* crampy again around 2:30 and then...I've had four surges in a row 15 minutes apart that are hurting bad. One of them I had to lean against the dresser and moan and rock. But, still not getting too excited because usually after 4 or so like this they fizzle.

dh has the kids out in the pool and I'm cranking some old-school U2 - The Joshua Tree. It sounds powerful and I like it.

I'm probably going to drive everyone crazy with these silly updates that are amounting to nothing! oh well. it's a distraction for me, I guess.
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My cervix is still kinda far away, but it feels really odd, kind of like a bulging ball now, or a cone...maybe it has something to do with how low the baby has dropped? I can't tell dialation anymore, probably a good thing or I would have my fingers in there all the time!
Hard to tell of course, but it sounds like a bulging bag of forewater?? That's what mine felt like.
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Thanks Patsgrace (no thanks Karen!)

Pepper, I'm amazed that I took it like an order. I had just told the midwife to talk to her nurse who told me I didn't have a choice as a vbac. I was pissed but then went ahead & nodded like an idiot when the midwife basically said the same thing, agreeing she had to talk to that nurse. Weirdly agreeing/disagreeing!?

Thought about this all day while walking anywhere airconditioned...Pepper's absolutely right! Don't have to keep the appt. I had my 5th u/s Mon 27th & all was well & then the NST later that day, so 7.11 -8.5 lbs stimated size, why worry?! Not even 1 wk late. We're all sick of waiting -I think- but that's bc of this date thing looming large.

I've been trying to find all the info I can about what the fear is after all for being post date esp if there isn't a prob w/the babe.

Thanks ladies for listening since I haven't posted here before.

My husband wanted a July babe for linear symmetry: he's April, 1st son (15 yr old) May, Me June, space here, 2nd son (14 yr old) August, SO I think it's all his doing. :LOL

Ah, maybe that's also the prob! I just turned 41...eek. I always forg :LOL t that. I feel great & haven't had any aches/pains other than the carpal.

Hey, pepper tell me a bit about this surgery?? Hoping carpal will disappear after the birth. your exp was not preg related?

ALSO one last thing -really - I freak a little during the times he chooses not to move around like usual. The moving around gives me the feeling that all's well.

hugs to all & many good thoughts for good births -any way that's good for you!!
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It could be that, but I think it was the same way when I had my exam on Monday and she didn't seem to think it was anything that exciting.
However, part of me would *love* to have my water break at the start of labor, that part of me that wants something hard and concrete to hold onto and say: "this is labor" without all the guesswork. Not a very mature part of me :

Rock on, Pepper...I've been listening to Led Zepplin today...

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omg. huge amount of bloody show just happened.

i called the doula and she suggested calling the ob who wants me to come in to make sure it wasn't a placenta issue--there was a TON of blood. i almost thought my water broke.
ow huge friggin cx
ok will try to check in later
off to hospital
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