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New Years resolutions?

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Here are mine:

lose last 20 pregnancy pounds
pay off all debt
be more organized
get back into a more normal rountine
give more business to smaller mom and pop shops, co ops, etc

Mostly I feel as if my life has been chaotic since dd was born, I am ready to get on with life and back to normal now that the holidays are over. I thought I would be more likely to keep them if I tell all of you.

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drink more water.
exercise at least 3X per week
loose another 10 LBS.
i am back to pre-pregnancy weight, but still not happy. I want to be another size smaller.

eat less meat and more vegetables.

Wish me luck . I hate vegetables and water, but know I need to change. Baby will soon be eating with us, and I need to improve. ALso my DH needs me to eat healthier so he will also, as he has health issues.
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refine our diet (I've been warning the children for days! )
live simply
use our $ more wisely
get healthier (hopefully lose 40 lbs, but that's a stretch!)
worry less
live more
not argue or gossip in front of the children (bad, bad TL)
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1~Lose 15 more pounds
2~continue to watch my cholesterol
3~exerise regularly, 3 times a week
4~organize my home
5~continue to pay off debt
6~live frugally
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Let's see,
Get back into my cute clothes (pre-Paxil)
Find a volunteer opportunity I can do with my baby attached to me
Write actual letters to friends in addition to emails
Spend more time outside
Be the best damn homemaker I can be!
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Yoga each morning...
that will give me the energy to workout in the afternoons... I have a mtn. bike on a trainer in our spare room but I've been napping with ds instead of riding it!

and cut out dairy and red wine (indulged a little over the holidays and now I feel like crap!!)
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to trust myself, and stop looking outside for acceptance( i.e. a partner)

consider paying off some debt

let others be who they are without thinking I could make better choices for them ( I'm a social work student who has a plan for everyones life!)

walk my dogs more

expand my circle of acquaintances

try to not be fearful of love (which to me means potential rejection and pain)

and on and on
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Not to burden others with my problems - put on a happy face, even if it kills me, and it probably will.
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- Walk the dogs 3x a week
- Pay off Christmas debt
- Drink more water
- Drop a dress size (hahahahaha!)
- Write in my journal regularly
- Weed out the clothes in my closet that scream, "I was purchased in the 80's!"
- Socialize with other mommies more often
- Get this FLYLady thing down

At least I've got 12 months!
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Hey some of those clothes purchased in the 80's are coming back in style...

1. Lose Weight-30 lbs
2. Be more informed about my decisions
3. Communicate better with spouse
4. Put children if front of my wants (not as much puter )
5. Be a better mother and wife and homemaker

and the list goes on and on and on and on.........the above not in any order....

While I sit here on my butt eating peanut M&M's and drinking instant coffee because I didn't want to make the real stuff....
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1. lose weight
2. eat better (part of losing weight)
3. don't lose my temper so much (breathe deeply)
4. actually do flylady instead of deleting the emails.
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What is Fly Lady?
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Improve my relationship with dh
Keep my home peaceful
Drink more water
Get more exercise
Lose 20 pounds (yeah, me too )
Eliminate all unnecessary chemicals from my home
Talk dh into having another baby
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I put off making my resolutions till today...

1. Continue to work on "mindfulness" & living in the moment in all realms of my life but especially with my 5 mo old dd

2. Lose the last 5 lbs. of pregnancy weight (those darn pregnancy cravings....pop tarts and chocolate soy milkshakes!)

3. Be kinder & more understanding to my 17 yo dd (I love her dearly & she's a great kid...just drives me crazy, though!)

4. Write in my journal regularly

5. Work more diligently at finding a home-based business

6. Look into completing my Ph.D. (24 more hours but I am really sick of school)

7. Try to get in a least 3 Yoga sessions per week

8. Try to run or do the eliptical machine 3-4 times per week

9. Do my ab tape every day (what's with this jelly belly anyway! I didn't have one after my 1st at age 24! Must be that I'm 42 now and my body is just not the same!)

10. Do my strength training tape or the weight machines at the gym 3 x per week
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I am not sure it is age Donna.....I am 24 and have two kids and have the same jelly belly LOL
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Get pregnant!

Learn how to knit

Join a woman's bible study

Join a book club

eat more veggies

start buying organic (just found out we have a trader joes near here, am so excited!)

try to control my temper more, and let things slide by that really don't matter anyway

Good luck everyone!
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- Attend at least 6 births
- Straighten my Posture
- Keep myself uncluttered
- do what *I* chose, ALL THE TIME, and not do things just bc somebody else asked me to
- go through my closests and donate my old clothes
- cut back on my eating out habit
- learn to keep track of my bills
- NO MORE CHECKS! They always bounce with those DAMN $25 service charges to clear them!!!
- Get myself organized for my business
- Become more Actively Passionate about issues that matter to me

That's all for now... I hope to keep adding to this list ALL YEAR!

I'm going to keep these posted so I can see them everyday and work on them everyday!

Good luck to ALL OF US!

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write in my book every day..
actually send thank you, and birthday cards
be more consistent with the housework..
and work on my "communication" and social skills
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new years resolutions

New Years Resolutions, huh?

OK, here's some of mine:

1) attend a minimum of 3 births & take a childbirth class to complete my DONA certification process

2) eat healthier/exercize 3x a week

3) start up my craft business (legalities) & do one show/farmers market/flea market per month

4) pay down some debt

5) buy a used 2000 Nissan Crew Cab 4-door truck

6) buy a mac desk top computer & printer

7) get pregnant!
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This is good -

1-Have another baby!
2-Be a more patient person
3-Pay down debt
4-Enjoy doing all of the above
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