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UPDATE! Help me interpret these results

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So I decided to go to the ER. The bleeding stopped again Friday night and I've been having brown spotting since then.
The last bout of red was Friday night and since then there has been brown, mucousy spotting. I went to the hospital today and they did a urine test which they said was VERY positive and then they did a beta HCG. I am 6 weeks 2 days today and I am 100% about my dates. I tested negative on June 5 with 2 tests that pick up 20 hcg and then tested faint positive on June 7 with those same brand of tests. So I assume my levels were around 20 hcg on June 7. Today is June 26 and my HCG level was 24,650! She said that is a little higher than expected. She said the range is very broad so its technically still well within the norm but she still wants me to get an ultrasound. They did an internal exam and my cervix is still tightly closed but she saw brown mucous. I am going to be getting a vaginal ultrasound in the next day or two and a repeat beta in 2 days. Now here is my concern. I am encouraged by these results, it certainly doesn't seem like I'm miscarrying. But I used soy isoflavones to conceive, it has the same effects as Clomid, because I have PCOS. I am almost positive I ovulated at least 2 eggs. My symptoms are way, way, way stronger than with either of my two children, I am showing very early and now I find that my hcg levels are almost 25,000 at 6 weeks 2 days. What is your take on this? First does it sound like I am safe in regards to miscarrying and second do you think it could be twins? Thanks for any input!
Is this a sign of a molar pregnancy? A high hcg and brown spotting?
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I don't know anything about molar pregnancies, unfortunately. It is not uncommon for there to be twins conceived and then one of them to not survive the early weeks, so that could conceivably account for some of your symptoms. I think an ultrasound can usually confirm/deny that possibility if done within a short time after the fetal demise (sorry to use such a depressing term). Of course there are many other reasons for bleeding, too, many of which we don't fully understand.

I'm glad your levels are high and rising, and sorry you've been having such a scare. I pray it will be smoother sailing from here on out. {{{hugs}}}

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Shawna - I'm sorry that I don't have any real knowledge about interpreting HCG levels, but I am SO glad that you were able to get some evaluation and encouragement that the baby (babies?) is (are) doing ok! Your ultrasound should show for sure if there are two babies, but I know it's hard to wait even a day or two. I'll continue to pray for you!
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Hey Shawna...I just did a little googling and found a website (from the March of Dimes) that mentioned that one sign of a molar pg can be bleeding starting at around 10 weeks. I don't know if it can be earlier than that, but you're only 6 weeks, so maybe that's encouraging that this is not what is going on. (The website also emphasized that vaginal bleeding does NOT always indicate a problem).

Also, I found a guideline for HCG levels that lists the normal range for 6 weeks (from LMP) as 1,080 - 56,500 mlU/ml, so it seems that you are right within that range of normal.

Hang in there...
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This is a nice article. I had a molar with my first pregnancy. I had really high HCGs and was bleeding at like 5-6 weeks. I had a d&c. I did feel REALLY sick.
I felt immediatly better after the surgury. It took awhile to feel better and they asked me not to get pregnant for a year so they could monitor my HCG each month to be sure they returned to a good level and stay there. Apparently the material in the uterus is considered pre-cancerous and they want to make sure that it is all out.

I hope you are just doing a little spotting and that there is a double pleasure in there!!!
Sorry I have no idea what my levels were that was about 10 years ago!
Blessings to you, Rachel
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I'm not sure about the molar, but it is common to miscarry a twin, more common than people imagine. But it sounds really positive, and I hope you see at least one heartbeat on the u/s! I haven't had my hcg drawn since about 5 weeks, but it was only 1300.

I'm glad they are doing something for you!
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Your levels sound normal to me! I am 6w2d today and am getting ready to go to the lab to get my repeat beta done. I will post and let you know what it is when I get the results back.

As far as your questions go:
First does it sound like I am safe in regards to miscarrying?
I cant really answer this after my experiences with 7 of them, some my HCG levels were low (60hcg) and one was even at 36,000 (twins) when I lost the PG. I dont ever really feel safe, even when faced with no complications, so I really cant say much, except, trust your instincts mama.

Second do you think it could be twins?
High possibility! We are thinking the same thing here as I have been PG with twins several times before, and took Clomid this month! Its hard to tell with HCG numbers, but an US is more accurate in determining that. I go for mine on Friday.

Is this a sign of a molar pregnancy? A high hcg and brown spotting?

I dont really know, because with mine, it was a high hcg, red spotting/bleeding, cramping and a host of other yucky things. I know everyone is different though.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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I have my ultrasound tomorrow at 11:30 am so I'll know soon!
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Shawna I am praying for a healthy pregnancy for you no matter how many babies are in there.
FWIW, I'm 19w1d and I had spotting at the beginning. I never got my HCG levels checked but this babe is still sticking with me and the spotting went away. I found it got worse when I did too much around the house. Good luck at your U/S.
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I cant wait to hear your ultrasound update!
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let us know what happens!! sorry i am behind - i went out of town! :
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Shawna I just say your post. I'm not logging off till I see your updated post. I am praying for healthy results. I sure hope you see heartbeats. That would be so cool to have two at once. I go for an US next Tuesday and can't wait.

Thinking of you right now!
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Shawna I'm saying a little prayer for you and hope that your u/s today shows a healthy little bean... maybe even two. Please let us know as soon as you have the results...

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One healthy baby!!! I am so thrilled and relieved. I am very glad that its not twins. We got to see and hear the heartbeat - 127 beats per minute. The baby is measuring 6.7 mm and I'm 6w4d. I feel sick because of the heat (34 degree celcius here, about 42 with the humidity!) so I am going to lay down. Yippppeeee!!!
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Hooray! What a relief. Now go lay down with some nice lemonade.
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: : : : : That is awesome news. Congratulations. I am saying a praise prayer for the good news.
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YEAH!!! What great news
Go have a nice cool drink. The humidity is supposed to break in Southern Ontario in the next few days.... hope that means a break is headed your way too.
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This is great news... I'm so relieved and happy for you. They are saying that that humidity is supposed to break by the end of the week here in Southwestern Ontario so maybe the same break in the wather is headed your way... until then put your feet up and try to keep cool and hydrated.

Keep well...
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hey are there three of us in Southern Ontario?
(sorry that was off topic)
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