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tylenol3 rules

I'm feeling better today...day 3...and it's starting to slack off a bit. So I guess it isn't as bad as I thought. I was thinking it would stay heavy/crampy for 7 straight days.

Anyway--I lose my keys and purse and remote control to the tv on a daily basis....so you guys aren't that bad! serioulsy, we went for 2 whole months changing the channels with the cable box....one....channel....at....a....time....! It....sucked....! My boyfriend finally found it in the couch. Literally inside the couch!
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well, update for anyone interested:

I had a 5-day period--1st 3 days were hell, the last 2 were easy.

Santa was supposed to bring me a big red present on Christmas day, but he forgot to come to my house. Oh, and I've been taking vitex pretty regularly. But i have only had that one induced period. so far, nothing on my own.

Until today, I haven't worried too much about it. but today at the grocery store, I think I saw more pg ladies and babies than I have ever seen in one place at one time :LOL and it has gotten me to thinking those nasty bad thoughts again...since I haven't had my period on my own yet, (without the assistance of prometrium), does that mean there's still something wrong?

I'm supposed to wait until February 25th. If i don't get a natural period by then, I'm supposed to refill my prescription for the prometrium and induce another one.

UGH I feel so crappy.

sorry for the bad report. I know so many of you were pulling for me. thanks. I think I'm just in a funky depressed state right now.

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Maybe you just need more time... I know when I got off the shot, my cycles were SO whacked. Heinously so. Pathetically so.

Were you wanting to ttc soon, or are you just wanting to get your cycles normal so all systems will be go for when you are ready to start your family? Thanks for the update, though, I have been wondering about how you were doing.

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shhhh......don't tell anyone......i really want to start ttc, but my boyfriend wants to get married first! can you believe that!! haha:LOL

I really just want to get straightened out so that I know for a fact that all my parts work and i *can* have a baby. I want to get back to a normal cycle so ttc won't be a problem.

I still hear my doc's words in my head that I could be one of those women who can never have kids. and that worries and sickens me. I really *really* want children and I want to have them on my own. No needles or specimens or drugs.

I guess we'll see what happens.

thanks for your interest! it makes me feel better to know that people care out there. to my family, this is basically a dead issue...as far as they are concerned, i had a period, so everything is ok. My boyfriend is really attentive and has been really helping me alot.

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PLEASE try acupuncture. I am afraid of needles too...I have very difficult veins so blood tests are always arduous...and I had many as a child. Acupuncture needles are thinner than a hair...and they don't put anything in or take anything out, so they don't hurt like that. Go and try! Some will use so acupressure too until you're comfortable. I am not talking out of my butt...I really do hate needles! And two friends who are even worse about it than me (feel faint when they look at them) are now huge acupuncture advocates... Find a practitioner that seems soothing and nurturing to you. I swear for my sis and my friend in Colorado, acupunture is what got their cycles fixed up!
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