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Yikes - they think it might be twins!

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I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant. I was having some spotting off and on over the last 5 days so I went to the ER yesterday. They couldn't believe I was only 6 weeks 2 days when I look so big but alas I am only 6 weeks. They kept arguing with me about my dates and couldn't believe I actually knew the exact day I conceived! :LOL Anyways they did an internal and everything is fine which is great and then they did a beta HCG (my first one ever, they don't do them routinely in Ontario). When they got the results back the doctor asked me again if I was sure I was just over 6 weeks and I said yes and then she told me she thought the numbers were a bit high. It turns out my hcg levels are almost 25,000! Does that sound high to anyone else? It seems high to me. Anyways with everything that's happening they scheduled an ultrasound for me tomorrow at 11:30 am. I will be 6 weeks 4 days along. Does anyone think those numbers sound like there could be more than one? Oh I forgot to mention I did a natural form of Clomid (soy isoflavones) because I have PCOS and I am almost positive I ovulated twice (12 hours apart). Thanks for any input! Oh I forgot to mention the spotting completely stopped after I left the hospital, it figures!
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Congrats on your pregnancy! I have no idea what the normal HCG levels are, I actually never have had them checked this pregnancy. I found out at 14 weeks I was having twins after seeing my midwife and her telling me I was huge for 14 weeks and should have an u/s to see if it was twins. The second they put the thing on my belly you could see both babies in their own little sacks. How do you feel? I knew that I was having twins I just didn't want to admit it to myself. I really was not ready to have 2 more babies at the same time, but after a few weeks of adjusting it is really exciting. Being a parent to twins is something that not very many people get to experience and even though I am sure it will be really hard, it will also be so much fun. Good luck at the u/s, I hope you have the outcome that you want & that is great that the spotting stoped. Let us know what they say.
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just curious...how do you know you ovulated twice? I was charting before conceiving, and looking back i think i can see two distinct peaks (instead of one temp peak at ovulation).....so i've always wondered if that's a sign. It's pretty cool to know early on!

I hope you get an answer at the u/s, and that you are excited about twins. I agree with the pp that it's totally a unique wonderful thing.....but it takes some mental adjustment!

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Well I am almost positive I O'd twice because I can feel when I O and I also do temping. I temp throughout the day as well to track changes, I know they say not to but its always worked for me. I had strong O pains for about 6 hours and then they stopped and my temp shot up. about 12 hours later my temp plummetted and I had pains again for 5 hours and then my temp shot up again. So I am pretty sure I O'd twice. As for being excited about the possibility - not so much. I am convinced its just one but that could be a self-defense mechanism! :LOL I am actually terrified at the idea of two. My daughter is still nursing and I don't want to wean her so I'd be nursing three! And my son (will be 5 when baby/babies come) is very high needs. Oh the idea just terrifies me! But I know if it is I will adjust and will probably eventually be thrilled. 2 more hours until my ultrasound - my stomach is full of butterflies!
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I was really not happy at first about finding out it was twins. My ds was also still nursing and I did end up weening him. I really did not want to, but it was just something I had to do. The hardest part of finding out there were 2 in there has been how it has and will affect my son. It is hard to do things like ween when you really don't want but you know it will be for the better. I think ds might actually start back after the babies are born, he is still very attached to his boobies and asks to nurse. Good luck today!
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One healthy baby! Yay! We got to see and hear the heartbeat. 127 beats per minute. I am 6 w 4 d and baby is measuring 6.7 mm. I am so relieved and thrilled that everything is okay.
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