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Stretch vs. non-stretch pouches...which do *you* prefer?

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I am looking at getting a hotsling or something similar, and I was wondering whether most people prefer a stretch or non-stretch sling, and why?

The only pouch sling I have used has been the KKAFP, so that was stretchy. Oh, and I will be using it with my toddlers who are 23 lbs and 29 lbs.

Thanks mamas!
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Stretch is my fave with a reversible non-stretch coming in second
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IS there such a thing as reversible stretch?
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I like stretch.
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Stretch absolutely - hands down. I now have a stretchy hemp fleece pouch by Mom & Me Creations and LOVE it compared to the denim twill pouch I made using a pattern similar to New Native. My daughter refused to stay in the homemade sling past about 10 months but my almost 2 yr son still LOVES his stretchy sling and he's much much much bigger than my daughter was when she "outgrew" hers. I think she felt claustrophobic. Hope this helps.
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GO for the Stretch!!!!
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Stretch by far. Although the reversibles are gorgeous, I just love the feel of the 3% stretch in the stretchy pouches. Much more comfortable for me.
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Originally Posted by MamaTT
IS there such a thing as reversible stretch?
Not that I know of
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I like them both equally...honestly. Although the only stretch I've ever tried was a stretch Hotsling-the difference compared to my non-stretch Hotslings was so small that it didn't sell me, kwim?
I say whichever has the best print...my 27 month old ds is happy in both.
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There actually is a stretch reversible hotsling (the Bounding Blossoms) but that is sold out. I actually found it to be not as stretchy as the regular stretch cottons, probably because it was two layers. I would highly recommend a stretch cotton Hotsling...they are the best pouches out there.
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Love the sateen stretch Hotslings! The main difference to me is that the little bit of stretch makes it easier on my shoulder.
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I prefer the non-stretch reversible, myself. I find that the pouch breathes better and keeps baby (and me!) cooler.
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Stretch!! The PIP is my most comfortable pouch!

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I love both my Hotsling (stretch) and my Lucky Baby's (non stretch)....and my me-made pouches (both stretch and not). I do have to say that the tiny bit of stretch makes a big difference but I've had good luck with pretty much every carrier I've used (except my new MT, but I'm working on it).
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I much prefer stretch, so much more comfortable.

I am having a reversible stretch made from Heavenly Bundles right now, I hope I like it. I love the look of reversible pouches when you do the shoulder flip, which we always do know cause we only use the hip carry.
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100% stretch.
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I bought a non-stretch cotton from Hotslings and returned it. It felt too small, even though it was the right size! I got a stretch one and I love it. (When we use it... Xan is too in love with the Nojo, lol!)
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Thanks for all the responses! I think I will go for stretch!
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Yes go for a stretchy Hotsling.
At our last Babywearing meeting I realized all the mamas that liked the KKFP really loved my slingset pouch so maybe that would be another option for you. Not that I want to confuse even more
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Stretch is great, but too much stretch can be hard on the back - especially those of us with giant, freakishly large children. If the baby stretches and or leans away from you, it pulls on your frame and can hurt. Any stretch needs to come with support or with a limit. This is why you don't see 100% cotton stretch tube non-adjustable pouches. The stretch is almost limitless and a heavy child just pulls the sling out of shape. 95-99% cotton 1-5% spandex (lycra) woven material makes what I consider almost the perfect amount of stretch for a pouch. The stretch conforms around mom and baby so nicely and there's limit, so the pouch won't stretch out of shape.

Also, if your baby is a little pipsqueak (or clings to you like a monkey), you can probably get away with more stretch.
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