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I Am Packed!! Are You?

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Woo-hoo! Despite some major exhaustion, I packed tonight for the birthing center. We still need a few odds and ends, yet we could go right now if we had to and that makes me feel SO much more relaxed.

I got a little choked up when I looked at the little cute diapers. One day, my baby will be wearing those diapers! I am excited.
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I'm almost packed...I need to get a going home outfit for the little guy and I need to iron mine. Once those are packed, I should be good to go. Oops, almost forgot I need to get a little something for Millie and something from the kids for Henry. Already have something for the other two!

Glad yours is done! Feels good, doesn't it?
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Yikes! Not yet. I'm working through Thursday of this week, and then I'm officially unemployed! So I've been waiting to do all kinds of things until I"m off -- pack my bag, write up my birth plan, set up the baby's room, etc. Hopefully he won't come early, or I'll be screwed, lol!
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Hmm - I'm maybe 1/2 packed?! I have my list together, and I have my bathrobe, nursing gown, socks, toiletries, birthing bracelet etc. in the bag (along with my birth plan and the phone numbers we'll need) but I still need to throw in my clothes to wear home, makeup bag, and gifts from one sibling to another.

I can't believe I'll be delivering in a few weeks. I can't wait, and yet I know there are still a handful of things I'd like to get done. I have the 4th off, so I think I'll try and finish up my "list" and feel a little bit better about where things stand.

Except for the name...still nothing doing on that yet! We don't agree on *any* names.

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We're doing a homebirth but are supposed to pack a bag in case we have to xfer to the hospital....I'm so superstitious though that I don't want to do that!

There are a few things on our hb list that I still have to get....otherwise we're fairly prepared. (Well, we have enough Gatorade to get me through, anyway!)

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Oh my gosh! Now I'm officially freaked out. Don't have an emergency bag packed yet, don't have homebirth supplies yet, don't have anything ready yet....yikes!
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nope! got nada packed yet...prob. won't until early august?
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Oh yeah, I forgot! I have some of those bendy straws for labor....does that count! :LOL
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Bendy straws are crucial!!!


With DD1, we packed this big bag ahead of time and used almost nothing in the bag. We did remember to bring it with us though.....
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Noooo. I'm not even close to that point. Last time I nested like crazy and was also very afraid the baby would come early. This time, I barely have the energy to get through the day. Plus, last time I packed too much stuff. This time I don't plan on bringing much besides my boppy, my soothie pads, some slippers, some hygiene stuff, yoga pants, t-shirts, nursing bra and a take home outfit... the hospital has everything else that I would need. Last time I brought books, lol I don't know what I was thinking. DH is a pro at installing carseats, so I'll let him worry about that when the time comes.
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I have a list from the midwife of homebirth supplies that I need to have on hand. I have gotten all of the supplies and have them in a giant heap in the upstairs hallway. After my classes are finished (at the end of this week), I'll sort through the stuff and get organized. I also have to set up the changing table with dipes and clothes. Mom is coming Thursday, so I think we'll get it done by this weekend. That is all the (un?)"packing" I need to do in preparation. Midwife did not recommend an emergency bag, and we're close enough to the hospital to send DH back home for stuff if we need it.
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yikes! Nothing packed! I do have a fantasy of a new bag, and little travel sets of natural vegan baby and mom toiletries. I will probably end up just throwing together half the stuff I need into one of my old gross overnight bags. Or no--a plastic grocery bag. That's more my style.
As long as my husband doesn't pack for me--he had to pack a bag for me when I had to suddenly go somewhere straight from work, and instead of a bra, he packed a bikini top, honestly not being able to differentiate the two! We had some serious laughs at the emergency operation center over that one.
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Haven't even thought about packing yet! Last time, I went into labor the night that I packed so maybe I am trying to avoid it until 3 weeks before I am due!
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Well, haven't even thought about it other than get the new diaper bag out and ready. I got one of those black sleak ones from Similac that the midwives give out. I had a hokey, old and kind of ugly one that I am going to wash (though it'll probably fall apartin a million pieces) and let the kids have their own diaper bag for their "babies". I still have all my baby stuff in storage.

I've been kind of obsessed with my stepdaughter and her bf arriving from Utah at the end of July so I'm sort of in cleaning, getting the house presentable mode. OK so I'm panicking about it actually :P Some days it's all I can do to get meals on. I have good n bad days.

The hospital I go to give you a stash of diapers (anything left on the pram will be destroyed so as not to 'contaminate' the next occupant even if not touched). I need to pack an outfit to come home in (for him) I'll probably just wear what I came in. As I usually do. I'm just not in any hurry as he was estimated 4lbs the other day in the ultrasound and I feel like he's just not going to come any day soon. Seems too early to think about that.

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Where are my priorities?

The only thing I have packed are the new dipes I got for this Babe. Otherwise I have nothing prepared. Not only do I have nothing prepared, I still have to purchase EVERYTHING! New nursing bra, footies (nurses washed my last pair with the bed linens at the hospital and I never got 'em back : ), robe, something simple to go home in, and of course something simple for the Babe to wear. Oh, yeah, and food of course!! Getting very excited!!!!
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I'm no where near packed. I think I might start thinking about it toward the end of July. I'm really not the best packer or planner.
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packed?! hah!

so what do people not doing homebirths pack to wear after the birth? how big should I plan on being?
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Originally Posted by nabigus
packed?! hah!

so what do people not doing homebirths pack to wear after the birth? how big should I plan on being?
Something stretchy, comfortable, and preferably dark colored in case you leak. Don't try to fit into anything you used to wear unless you want to feel depressed. I had my husband go to Target when I was in the hopital and buy a large pair of stretchy shorts with a drawstring. They were perfect as you could adjust them to fit around the jello belly and take them in when belly loses some of it's gell! There's nothing worse than having something constricting when you may be cramping and are trying to get used to a baby and nursing, etc... I wouldn't recommend jeans unless you are one of the very few lucky people who shrink immediately and feel totally great after delivery.
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