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I'm new & a breast question

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Hello! My name is Susan and I live in the Phoenix area. This is my first post here.

I am due with number two in October (a boy) and I have a son, Atticus, who is 28 months old.

I have a question and would love it if anyone has any knowledge on this topic to share. I have to start by saying that I own two breastfeeding resource centers and have exhausted my IBCLCs with my breast problems during the past couple of weeks.

So, here it is...

My son still nurses although my supply is now minimal (as of about 3 weeks ago). He nurses for less than two minutes a day and usually only about 30 seconds at a time on a breast. I am pretty sure I have some fibroids in both breasts that I am trying to manage with dietary changes. My problem is my areolas itch to the point of pain. I am going to treat it as thrush tonight at the direction of an LC, but both of us are doubtful that is the problem, as I have NO symptoms other than the itching. I have noticed some white flakiness on my areolas but can not determine if it is dried leaky colostrum or dry skin. I have tried wiping it with a wet cloth every couple of hours since sugary substsances dried on your breasts are likely to make them itch, but no luck there. I have been finding temporary relief by applying gobs of MotherLove nipple cream--I think the calendula is magical! But nothing lasts long. It doesn't hurt more or less when Atticus nurses, the itching pain comes and goes throughout the day.

Any wisdom to share?

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I have had a problem with red itchy patches on or next to the aerola both times i've been pregnant. they seem to be triggered by hormonal changes. I've been told its eczema which can come back at odd times. I've tried hydrocortisone cream which stops the itching but doesn't make it disappear. The patch on the one side finally disappeared after a year. I did have it checked out by a dermatologist, in the mean time, to make sure it wasn't anything serious.
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I have an Atticus too!

It could be that your breasts are just drier than usual. Right around now, our bodies are starting to make colostrum, and are starting to be really soft and supple around the nipples, with extra oils that we are producing. Perhaps you are just noticing the beginnings of that...

Have you changed laundry soaps or body soap or anything? I'm sure you already thought of that. Can you go without bras for a while and see if that helps?

I really hope this clears up for you soon, as it's irritating to have itchy nipples. Mine were really flaky and itchy for about 2 weeks. It passed...
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I haven't changed detergent at all and I try not to wear bras whenever possible! I figured my Montgomery Glands were just underproducing their good oils right now and hopefully it will go away. I did have some dryness last pregnancy but it is probably exacerbated by the fact that I am still lactating and have a vigorous toddler at the breast.

I used gentian violet last night and they haven't itched yet today. It also gave me a break from nursing because Atticus doesn't "like the purple boobs."

When was your Atticus born? Is he named after the character from the book? What are your other boys names? I love talking baby names.
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Atticus was born 10-10-03, and I also have two other boys--Zain and Asher.

We love choosing our names! We did name him after Atticus Finch, and as my husband is an English teacher and I am a former English teacher, we have lots of literature to draw from for future names!

I really hope that you feel better soon. There's nothing worse than hurting when you know you have to nurse...
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Hi. I'm new here as well, but your question sounded very familiar. I've had eczema on my right breast on and off for the past two years since my second daughter was born. It most often would happen when she was teething (more acidic saliva, maybe????). It would start with terrible itching, followed by becoming dry and flakey and then it would start to crack and hurt. Mostly, I would just keep it covered with lansinoah and try to minimize her nursing on that side for a couple days. Eventually it passes. If it is excema, wiping it with a wet cloth frequently can dry it out and make it worse. Good luck, and I hope it feels better soon.

Mama to Maggie 6/16/01, Dory 5/26/03, and Tiny Baby due this fall.
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Mine have been awful, too. I didn't have this my first pregnancy, but now-- yowza. I have been putting vitamin E on them every night, and that seems to be helping a little. Might be worth a try.
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