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27th - 3rd weekly chat

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hi guys =)

we're cutting off our internet on the 1st of the month...i'm not sure when we'll get it hooked back up but i'll try and keep in touch once a week or once every few weeks until it's up. it should only be a few weeks or a month before i decide to do it.

well, i gained 6 pounds last month : which i guess is good! technically i've only gained 4 pounds if you only count from my pre-pregnancy weight. the baby is in a good position (head down, laying on his left side -and mine- with his knees to the right and feet RIGHT under my ribs ) and his heartbeat was 156 yesterday. which is the highest it's ever been. the doctor was like "oh, it's a girl today!" it was funny. turns out i'm group b positive so i'll need penicillin during delivery...hmm. that's about it i guess.

we've been SO busy. we finally got all of our stuff moved to our new place and i'm at the old place today just cleaning (we left our computer and phone here until the 30th) tired. man, moving takes a LOT out of you. but it's a relief to be in our new place, i LOVE it so much. we went swimming in the pool last night and it was super. it will be so nice to have that during these last few months.

wow. only a few more months. i'm 26 weeks tomorrow.

anyways, hope you guys are doing well. i have a chiro appt. on thursday to try and relieve some of this back tension. my OBGYN has a chiro and a massage therapist in his office that specialize in prenatal, so i'm going to try them out. i'm excited actually, even though it's going to cost me 50 bucks (our benefits don't kick in for another month and a half or so, and i can't wait that long!)
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Glad you are all moved in. A swim sounds good right now....

As for being GBS positive, do a search on the boards. You are still a ways away from delivery and the status could change. Maybe he would test you again. And I think there are other ways, such as those lovely garlic suppositories that you can do to clear it up without antibiotics. Just some thoughts.

That's awesome that your OB/GYN has the massage and chiro right there for prenatal. I need to get myself some chiro and massage. Have fun with that, let us know how it goes.

26 weeks, so only 14 week til your due date! The time is flyin now. We are very close in our due dates, I'm 26w3d today.

It's exciting, all of us are going to have little babes in our arms in just a matter of a few months. I'm finally completely over the whole food poisoning thing and my sciatica hasn't really been bothering me, and I'm really getting the itch to attack my apartment and whoop things into shape even more than I already have.

Ryleeee, hope we see you back around sooner than later.
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yikes, i can't believe how fast it's going. i don't think my house will be ready, haha! I get motivated now and then to clean and/or organize, but it's just never done. My mom is coming over tomorrow; maybe i'll get something done while she's here distracting my monsters
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Hi mamas~

I woke up feeling really good today. I love having a baby in me (at least when its this small), and I love, love, love to feel it move and kick! He doesn't kick a lot, but the other day my husband got to feel it for the first time. My husband is taking a week off work to work on the house, so hopefully we (well, actually, he) will get a lot done! It frustrating not being able to move furniture around or paint!

I am GBS positive, bit my midwife told me they would test me again closer to the due date to see if I still am.

edd 10/29/05
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I'm GBS + as well. I'm having my midwife re-test me later in the pregnancy, and since I'm having a homebirth, we are going to do an alternative to IV antibiotics in the weeks leading up to my due date. Hopefully they work. If not, I am going to refuse IV antibiotics unless my water breaks early on in labor.
Anyhooo...congrats on a good appointment! Glad all seems well!
We're going to miss having you around so much, you seem to keep this board jumping!
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A very odd prenatal visit yesterday...

So I had my latest prenatal visit yesterday. I had to do the post-prandial blood draw first thing (ate a regular meal 2 hours before). We got that done first. Then I weighed myself: gained 4lbs, not too bad I guess. Blood pressure good and all. Had a small amount of ketones but that's probably because of the tummy troubles I've been having.

So that was all great. Then I see my midwife. She starts out by telling she didn't know I was doing the post-prandial version of the glucose screen. She went on to tell me how she didn't agree with it, she thought I should be doing the standard sugary orange drink test that everyone else does. She said, "I know you've been doing a lot of research on the internet..", that was a bit condescending in my opinion. I asked her if she'd read any of Henci Goer's articles on GD and she said she had but that it was all antedoctal, not "evidence-based". She said, "It's fine if you want to do the alternative thing, but I just want to let you know that's not what I believe, it's not the mainstream belief, etc. etc." During this conversation I got pretty upset, because I was not expecting to get lectured after being told I could take the test that way and I had already done it. I tried not to cry, but I couldn't help it. Oh, and my son kept opening the door, and the midwife had to keep closing it :LOL . Then she said something about it being against the law to allow me to do this test and said, "I don't think you should try to cheat out of this..." Huh? Excuse me? Anyhow, when I was crying she came over and patted my back and told me she didn't mean to upset me, and that it's fine too do the alternative thing if that's what I wanted. Okay, and then: when I'm up on the table she is feeling the baby's position. She kept saying, "she" and I didn't say anything but must have made a funny face. Then she said, "Oh, did you get the sonogram on Monday?" And I was like, "No, we're not getting one" And then she's like, "Oh, it says here "female"...oh I guess they meant you are female...". Well I sure hope so, since I'm having a baby. Anyway, the whole thing was very odd. We just don't click. We don't see eye to eye and I've decided to find a new midwife that I can click with. I can't imagine having this particular woman at the birth of my child.

I'm finally over the tummy troubles I think. Getting some energy back, getting my exercise back in again. I am waddling quite a bit though. The
baby is moving lots too, and Jamie got kicked real hard when he put his hand on my belly the other night.

So that's the latest.
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You know, Worldshakerz, I hate to say it, but it sounds like a medwife got a hold of you. Big time... The reason I stuck it out with an OB practice was because this practice is so hands-off about this sort of thing. Haven't had any condescending tones about having done my own thinking and research about any of the tests, or not wanting to go to the closer hospital... I'm sorry this one you got feels threatened by your questioning of her deeply ingrained beliefs. I hope things get better for you, too.

And lucky you with the 4 pound gain - I gained another 9 pounds at my last appointment, like last time. OY!

Anyway, have a good weekend.

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Worldshakerz~ Sorry you had such a bad visit with your midwife, I would definitely look for another one. At least you found out now that you have some major differences! We are seeing a different midwife (at the same hospital) next time. Ours just isn't very warm and kind of made me feel like some of my questions were stupid. I keep considering a home birth, but I am hesitant mainly because I'm 40 min. away from the hospital, but I still have some time to decide

#1 edd 10/29/05
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*hugs April* Oy. I think it's kinda funny she said you were cheating, lol, like you didn't take a test at all :P And you'd think someone calling herself a midwife would at least not be hostile towards "alternative" things, like i dunno, doing your own research, lololol!
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Worldshakerz- that sucks sorry you have to feel like that when it should be such a kind environment. I know there is a perfect click with a midwife out there for you
Things are going well over here. I just got back from a trip to see the inlaws on the other side of the country. I am so glad to be home!!!! It was so hot out there, and we were staying in a very small apt with my mother inlaw and father in law. My MIL asked me on the first day if I was having any constipation during the pregnancy, I answered "sort of" from travelling and not being home. Then she proceded to ask me several times a day for the next 6 day if I had been to the bathroom that day, sometimes with FIL and Aunties and other people all sitting in the living room. I felt like I was in a cartoon of hell. It is all really funny, now that I am home.
So yesterday I spent the day swimming and floating around in the cool ocean in my undies, smiling at the eagles flying overhead. Lots of Love, Shell
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hi everyone, feeling good over here. Just signed up for the Hypnobabies home study course so am hoping that will help to keep me relaxed for labor with this one. Last time took 44 hours and was exhausting. The midwives PROMISED me i would go faster this time, so we'll see!

Worldshakerz, I hope you find a better midwife, there is no reason for a health professional to talk down to you, especially when you are one of the few people to do your research!

Rylee, hope your new nest is comfy for you soon!

I've been cleaning closets and cabinets like a crazy woman--can you say nesting?
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