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Boys names???

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I am due in 8 weeks, and I am having my second boy. My first son's name is Forest, and I am having a hard time finding a name that 1) sounds good with Forest 2) Is a natural and strong name.

Any help? I have had a few ideas....Harvest, Avery Sol, Fynn, and thats all I got. IDEAS WANTED! =)
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Coran (crescent moon)
Brooks (running water)
Terran (earth)
Skye (sky, sheltering)
Sage (from the spice or prophet)
Kai (sea, willow tree)
Crevan (fox)
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I'm glad you asked, because I have the exact same question! I'm expecting my third boy, and would like a name that is strong, and connected with nature. It also can't be too "out there" because my dh will veto it if it's too unusual. Here are some that I like, but can't use for some reason or another.

Kale or Cale (as in the leafy green vegetable)
Curran (don't know if this is connected to nature in any way, I just like it)

I hope you get lots more responses, because I need ideas myself!
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i think avery is pretty solid and goes well with forest, but i love some of amanda's names!!!
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I'm having my 2nd in Aug. and my 2 yr. old boy is named Freedom Love. I have no clue yet as to any boy or girl names... but some boy names I like are;
Silas; means Forest or woods,and is also biblical.
Wynn; english means Friend
Quinn; Gaelic means Counselor
Ember; like the spark of a fire
Ever; like ever after
Aspen; a tree
Orion; a constellation
Rainer;english/scandinavian means powerful force.
Yes a few of these i've gotten out of a baby name book, a few are of actual men I know. I really like Harvest too, I think that River and Sage are becoming very played out Nature names. Good luck ladies, I feel soo stuck regarding names this time around! I think I'll have to see this baby's personality becfause nothing seems to fit right...
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How about some of these:

Cyan (the color - a shade of blue)
Bjorn (means "bear" - pronounce "j" as a "y")
Kai ("earth" or "willow")
Keiran ("little dark one")
Aled (a river in Wales)
Espen (bear spirit)
Camden (winding valley)
Leith (wide river)
Gavin (white hawk)
Sonnagh (hills)
Sol (the sun)

Good luck!!
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Those are some good ones...it's so nice to get some other ideas on this!
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My son's name is River, so I'm partial to that one.
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Of these ideas, I like Kai.
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A teacher I had in high school named his son Grayson Winter. I think it's gorgeous.
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i have a levi wyatt and nash allen
dh is brandon kerry (hed kill me if he knew i told)

i like silas

my nephew is caleb donnavan
my brother is so ordinary, james edwin (eddie) blah

my little brother is named after my dad charles robert
we call him charlie

my step dad is heheehee....ahem melvin ray (dont like that name)

and ....

i have a cousin with a matthew, luke and john

i also like jacob and benjamin

its sooo hard to come up with a strong boys name because everyone these days are naming girls with them. i hope that my boys dont go to school and sit next to a girl by the same name.

i always thought the hardest part of parenting is coming up with a good name.
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