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What to do with all these dress-up clothes??

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I need help figuring out what to do with all our dress up stuff. Right now they are all crammed in a bin, not too accessable. I want to have them out somehow, but NEAT. I am going to put up a big mirror for them and everything


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Maybe a wooden chest, that way you can pack them up neatly when they're not in use. I've seen some plain, unfinished small chests at Michael's, if you or DC like to paint, that might be a fun project, too.

Also, in the preschool class where I used to volunteer, they had a nifty wooden rack. It had a mirror on one side, and a wooden bar to hang dress-up clothes on hangers. If you want, I can try to find the company they ordered it from.

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Hi Laurie

I have a pretty good system for our dress-up area. I hot-glued a bunch of clothespins to the wall in a rown behind a toy box. On the 'hooks' go all the outfits (vet, princess, ballet costumes, tux, aprons) and in the box I have purses, jewelry, shoes and neckties. I also have a standing coat rack for hats.

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We have a bunch of pegs in one corner of their play area and I hang all of the clothes up. When they're in a bin the kids are less likely to use them--it's like their minds get jumbled with all of the jumbled clothes.
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Thanks for all the ideas!! I think I will put up pegs for the costumes, clothespins (I love that idea) for the hats and scarves, and a shelf or bin of some sort for the "accessories" like cameras and binoculars. Plus a big mirror to admire themselves. I can't wait!
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I made a little closet out of a wardrobe box from a moving company (I got it when the new neighbors moved in). I cut off enough of the front so the kids could see in it, yet left enough to maintain structural integrity. I also cut off the top. I papered it with Contact paper that coordinates with the room it's in. It still has the metal hanging bar in it from the movers, so they hang most of the stuff in it. I also put hooks on the outside for purses, etc.

Advantage: we can move it around as needed.
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When we were little, we had an old suitcase, so we could also pretend we were traveling. True, you had to rifle through to find what you wanted, but that was part of the fun. I always see old suitcases at the thrift store.
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