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GBS in urine

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Just found out that my urine is + for this and I am *so* discouraged about it. I had the unfortunate experience of getting IV atbs during labor with dd#1 (for a GBS+ swabbing), and we had the complete and predictable experience of trying to rid ourselves of thrush for about 10months. It just about ended our bfing experience.

I'm getting my urine re-tested; is there anything else that could be helpful in decreasing the chances for thrush down the road, assuming my urine is + and I have to go down the antibiotic road?

anyone btdt?
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I've BTDT, but only in that, I had pretty much the the same exp as you (GBS+, had IV ATBs, dealt on and off with horrible thrush that made BFing really difficult, etc.). I would also like to know what I can do. I do plan to take some acidophilus before and after the birth to see if that helps.
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i'd get some acidophilous or probiotics from the health food store and dose yourself while taking the antibiotics.

there is a thread on avoiding gbs in the main pregnancy forum, or perhaps it is the birth forum.
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