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Okay Mama's. Does this make sense? And if so...

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should I be concerned? (x posted on the I'm Pregnant board)

I had a Dr appt last week. There are 4 Dr's in the practice and they want you to see all of them. The one I saw last week I hadn't seen before. Anyway, she had a "helper" (not exactly sure who she was), that did the fetal heartbeat and measured me. She asked me how far along I was and I told her 33 weeks. She then measured me again and asked if I had been measuring big. I told her if I was, no-one had said anything to me about it. So the Dr measured me and said I was measuring big and "we'd keep an eye on it", but didn't tell me how big I was measuring.

Fast forward to today, my DD had her annual checkup and they have a measuring tape with cm. So DD's ped measured me (standing up, so it's probably off just a tad, but I don't think by that much), and I'm measuring 37-38! Does that make sense? I could understand a week or two, but 3-4? Should I be preparing myself for a big baby or just an early birth? Any thoughts, opinions, ect, are appreciated!
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At 26 weeks I was measuring 32cm. My mw assured me that cm don't always equal weeks. Its an exact measurement.
By 30 weeks I was measuring 31 cm.
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It could be the position your baby is in, which varies, and the measuring itself is not an exact science either. I always measured big with DS#1, who was breech the whole time and just liked to hang out in positions making him seem bigger than he was apparently. They did repeated ultrasounds, checking fluid levels, yadda, yadda. Completely normal. This time sometimes I measure big and sometimes right on, depending on the position he is in.

I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe your little one had all limbs stretched our or was sticking out a behind during the larger measurement. :-)
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It can be hard to get accurate readings by different people - best if same person does it each visit. The best way to measure is you flat on your back and from the top of the pubic bone to top of fudus. Keep in mind also amniotic fluid and baby position may influence your measurements slightly. Have you had abnormal weight gain in the last two weeks or do you have gestational diabetes (almost always resulting in larger babes)? I wouldn't worry about it, clearly your OB office thinks you are fine (they would error on the cautious side). If you are concerned, I would schedule another apt. with your regular OB to have an US for fluid check, positioning and estimated baby size (give or take 0.5lb). Good luck!
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Thanks! This is the first time I've ever measured big with any of my pgs (that I know of) and so I just wanted to make sure. Especially since I'm not sure of my dates. They had to do an ultrasound to determine my EDD.
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I think I measured a bit bigger on my most recent checkup. My midwife said I am carrying high...I always seem to . I don't think it is a whole lot of concern, unless there were other "symptoms" to go along with it.

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