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Breastfeeding and Cinnamon

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Just curious if its ok to take cinnamon while nursing? I've had terrible periods the last couple months and read cinnamon helps, but on the label of the bottle it says not to take while pregnant or nursing. I know a warning like that is on most supplements so wasn't sure, any insight?
I've had cramps lasting for days and pms from hell, looking for some relief!
Thanks mommas!!!!!
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I can only say from my experience that my youngest son was severely sensitive to cinnamon. It bothers him more than chocolate,caffeine and tomato (which he has mostly outgrown)
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Hi, I am wondering how old is your baby?
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Sorry, i meant to write more but hit the send too soon...The reason I ask about babies age is, I work with Lactation consultants and asked one of them about this. That was her 1st question. She thought cinnamon would be fine but was concerned about why your periods would be so bad. If it is not too long after a delivery those kinds of problems should be checked by a dr.

She also said that your milk will smell like cinnamon...not that that's a bad thing
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Thankyou for your replies. My dd is 21 mos old and I've had these really bad periods the last 2 months although my periods came back when she was 8 or 9 mos old. Before having a baby I would get a little moody sometimes and have cramps for 4 hours or so the first day and would bleed for 5-6 days. Now I spot for a couple days the have a really heavy flow and bad cramps for 3-4 days and have a normal flow for 4-5 more days. This leaves 2 weeks out of the month that I feel good. Maybe I'm just noticing the frustration level going up lately because I have a toddler exerting her indepedence but usually I have alot of patience.
Thank you from pmsville,

Oh, I had a pap just 3 or 4 months ago, do you think this is cause for another one?
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