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Luckiest 2ww Ever!!

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I am now officially 0 dpo (okay, so I'm pushing it, but I am excited). Tomorrow will be 1 dpo, and I am in the 2ww!

I am hoping and wishing for all of us this time a BFP after Thanksgiving!! Lots of baby dust to everyone! I'm sure I'll be obsessing soon...:

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I am with you. 2-3 dpo here. Waiting waiting waiting.....
Should know by december 1st - that is my test date. no af by then and I will be happy!!!!!
baby dust to everyone!
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I am here with you! I finally ovulated yesterday at 17dpo, saw such wonderful ferning on my microscope. Now the 2ww and the associated obsessing starts! Could I be? Is that nausea? Or am I just playing mindgames with myself? Holding my breath every morning, willing that temp to go up up up. Is 1dpo too early to take a hpt? LOL

Let's all graduate this time!

Karen, impatiently yours!
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Good luck you guys!! I hope you all get +++ hpts soon.
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Karen - LOL! While I was waiting for my computer to finish loading the MDC website, I was thinking to myself "Hmmm, 1 dpo and no pg signs yet..." !

Here's to loads of sticky ++++ this cycle! Baby dust to all!

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Hopefully I'll be joining you next week!
Good luck, all!
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Count me in, I think.:

I didn't chart this month, you know, I was just taking it easy.: I had almost NO cf and the little I had was just sticky. I usually have O pain, but I didn't. I took my temp the last 3 mornings and they are post O temps, but who knows? Every month at 5-7 dpo WITHOUT FAIL my boobs start hurting and I crave orange juice. I would guess I am 3 dpo. I guess we will see.

Truck loads of baby dust to everyone!

to all!
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Well, officially I am 3dpo, but temp went DOWN again this morning!! So now I am totally confused as to what is going on! http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/13f56/

I got sore boobs, ovulation pain (I think), temp dip, perfect full ferning, nice open cervix. The only thing lacking was egg whitey mucus, it was more watery instead. I was so sure I ovulated!

So when my temp went down again this morning, I was really confused, and still am. Guess there is nothing to do but hope for high temp again tomorrow! Just to be sure, I grabbed hubby tonight, so that we won't miss any late ovulation LOL

Baby dust to all!

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I like the name of this 2ww. I'm officially waiting now, 1-2 dpo. Guess I'm going to wait right through the holidays with ya'll. karen, I've had my temp do that too, and it went up the next day and I had O'd and just had a weird low temp one morning. The TCOYF folks call it a fallback, I call it frustrating.
good luck everyone!
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Well, since we bd al fresco, technically we are ttc! We were going to wait until next month, but I'll take it!

I think I am 8 dpo, or close to that anyway. I am very excited about #2, I hope there's enough babydust for me too!
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Mind if I join the party?
I had a nice full shift, very, very stretchy mucus. I am now about 3-4 dpo. I am trying not to think of it (yeah right!), but I am having such bizarre symptoms. I can smell everything. I cleaned the bathroom thoroughly yesterday and vinegard the floor again today b/c I swear the whole place smells like pee. I also have the tired-can't quite get up and move feeling.
I am hoping you all will keep me from obsessing. I keep telling myself it is far to early to feel anything other than perfectly normal.
To re-introduce myself: I am Sarah. We stopped preventing a year ago. I was here now and then, but I decided to keep away for fear I would obsess and therefore not get pg. But I am back cuz you all are so awesome! And heck, I haven't gotten pg regardless .

baby dust for all!
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Welcome, newcomers!! Hope we're ALL lucky this cycle!

I am now 4 dpo and starting to obsess: I know, it's so early, but I want a child so very badly that it's impossible not to obsess!

How is everyone else doing?

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Welcome all!!!

Well, I wasn't sure if I O'd or not this month, but my boobs are sore today and I am craving OJ. That ALWAYS happens after I O. I am encouraged!


Sarah, I grew up in Canby, Oregon!

Lots of love and baby dust to everyone!

to all!
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Doing well here. 5-6dpo here. And just hoping. I am trying to be calm and so far am managing it.
Lots of deep breaths.
so far so good. No signs - but no not signs either.
Just gotta hold out through thanksgiving. Then I will know one way or the other.
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Obsessing here too and wondering why the heck my temp is doing those weird things. I think I am 5dpo, but am puzzled by the weird nosedive of my temp.

At least now I can think that I might be pregnant, unlike first half of cycle when I know I am not. And I can convince myself that I just have to be pregnant, positive affirmations are a good thing, right? LOL

I will see ob on Friday, to talk about all the early miscarriages I have been having over this last year. I am wondering whether he will put me on progesterone suppositories.

Kelly, since you started this thread, it would only be fair if you graduated on it too! You just will have to!

Adina, patience vibes to you! Thanksgiving will be here in no time at all :-)

Aurora, glad you know that you ovulated, hope this will be the last time for at least 9 months!

Sarah, welcome back to the board! Sounds like you might have something good going on, hope your stay will be really short this time!

Jennay, hope this will the cycle for you!

Steph, yes, frustrating sounds like a much better name for it than fallback pattern!!!! Good luck to you!

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Thank you for the welcome back. This really is such an awesome thread--seeing everyone encourage everyone else.
I too hope this is a short stay. May we all be jumping to the pg thread in a matter of 2 short weeks!!
Not feeling as many signs today. But who knows? I think it is so very hard not to obsess. Even before I was trying, I would obsess the other way, KWIM? The joy of owning a uterus.
For me, as for many of you it seems, it is frustrating to know we tried for, I think 2 months with ds. And now....
Anyway, karenpl, good luck at the appt. Maybe your body will decide, "hey let's be sticky!"
kelly, I appreciate you starting this thread. You seem so positive. Something we all need. Thank you!
AdinaL-Yes! We can do Turkey day. And let's hope we all have an extra twinkle at Christmas/solstace/etc time! I don't think Santa could bring me a better gift.
Gotta go, story teller is on duty now I guess.
Hugs and dust to all!
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Well, I'm on CD18 and may have seen ferns in my Ovulens this morning (dry mouth=not enough sample to see clearly) and when I got up I had a surge of CM--not stretchy, watery, but that's what I had in Aug. when I definitely O'd--so I was late to work. While lying still afterward and visualizing the sperm burrowing into a nice juicy egg, I got cramping on my left side. Was it real or just because I was thinking about it???

We're going to spend next week visiting my grandpa and his wife, and my parents and brother will also be there. I'm glad not to know for sure I'm in early pregnancy because that would be hard to keep secret (my parents are firm believers in "Don't tell anyone until the second trimester.") but it may be difficult to keep my suspicions to myself if I start feeling really weird. Hopefully the travel and sightseeing will distract me...but if grandpa starts in with "When are you going to make me a great-grandpa?" that'll be nerve-wracking! I guess "Soon!" is the best response.

Babydust and serene patience to everyone!!!
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Hi All, I just thought I would jump in I am 14 DPO and pretty sure I am pg, but not entirely sure its going to stick. My temps are still high, but this is only my 3rd PP cycle (still nursing my 19 mo ds several times a day) and my LP has only been 8-10 days. I took a test yesterday, but it was one of those "is it a line or not" results. I had to leave for an hour and when I came back it was definately there. Of course the results shouldn't be read after 10 min, blah blah blah. Still got my hopes up though. Dh is trying to convince me to wait unti next week to test again and I told him I would try to wait that long....we'll see.
Good luck everyone
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Can I join in

I'm 2dpo and dh had a peanut butter sandwich yesterday and I almost pucked, the smell was overwhelming.

How accurate are those tests that say you can test 6 dpo I can't wait 2 weeks to find out.

Baby dust all around
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Well, here I am!

We inseminated yesterday morning and I went straight from there to the 36 hour process of my nephew's birth through which I coached my sister and her husband. He was born 3 hours ago, 7 pounds, 4 ounces, reddish hair, 21" long...

I am hoping the baby dust or anything else baby related rubbed off on me!

I am off to bed.... haven't had much sleep to speak of...

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