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Birdwomyn! That is so awesome. A very big welcome to your nephew. How incredible that you could be a part of it. I so hope that some of that baby magic got absorbed by you.
I am still feeling a little weird. Tried to talk ds into a nap yesterday before 9am. I didn't get far. :
I have heard of those super sensitive tests. I don't want to use them though. I try to wait until I am at least 1-2 days past my longest cycle or 14 dpo. Partly because once I start testing, I have a hard time stopping. And that leads to a small fortune spent on tests. And I want to save for a house, so I wait anxiously instead.
How's everyone's temps? Mine went up this morning, but ds crawled in bed about 6. So I don't know if it was me or his hot little furnace of a body.
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well - at this point all I have to say is...if gas is an early sign of being pg....then I have got to be pg!!! I have woken up with really stunning gas, gone to bed with the same, and all through the day too. sorry if that is tmi. but ugh - this is NOT normal. For my dh maybe, but not for me!:LOL I am about 6-7 dpo - nd no PMS signs at all. No sore boobs, no real bloating - even though I have been drinking water like it is going out of style. Just completely wiped out all the time and gassy.....such fun such fun.
****baby dust to all****
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Well, I'm 6 dpo now, too. Mostly feeling heavy and bloated, with very mild cramping on and off since my IUI. Adina - you're in good company - I've got the gas issue, too (and noone else to blame it on!) - LOL!!

I had no idea that there were hpt that can detect so early! That's probably a good thing, b/c I'd be testing even earlier than I already do: . Good news is I'm going out of town to visit friends next week, so I won't be so tempted to test early. Of course, it will be very sad if AF comes while I'm up there...

I'm keeping healthy baby thoughts for all of us here!

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OK kelly and adina, the gas much be catching, I had it so bad yesterday I was curled up on the couch in PAIN! I'm thinking it was the grouper sandwich, but would love to blame it on a wee fertilized egg making him/herself known!

RasJane, I'll keep my fingers crossed that those temps stay up, warm ds or not!

birdwomyn, woooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could believe I could test that early and know for sure, I've never heard of such an early, accurate test!

akirasmama, wow, that sounds pretty good to me, can't wait to hear for sure!

I'm 5 dpo, and trying to decide whether or not to take my PG tests with me out of town. I'll be 14 dpo the day we get back. Patience, patience!
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Hi all! 7-8dpo here and a little hopeful.

I always test too early and then test every day after that until AF shows.:

Sooooooooooooooooooooo no early testing for me this month either.

Buckets of baby dust for everyone!

to all!!
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Looks like its not gonna happen for me this month Despite 2 faint positives AF started today. A chemical preg. maybe? Maybe next month. Good luck to everyone else in the 2ww though
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Akirasmama -

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Pretty sure I've O'd

Okay...cd16 here!!! NOt sure when I O'd, but not sure when....I've been having AF sort of cramps, and there was some spotting in my undies!

So, I'm deciding to enter the 2WW stage!!!!!!

I haven't read all the posts on this thread yet, but I will tonight when I get to work, in 1.5hrs....
So excited....but, I've taken like 4 HPT's this week :
I'm such a LOSER!....but of course...as those who know me...I'm FEELING pg!

Oh well, two wks to go!
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akirasmama- I'm sorry!

Welcome to the 2ww mamasoleil! Your enthusiasm made me smile. It was just what I needed. Thanks!

to all!
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Sorry for Af....but you said you got two faint positives??Are you SURE it's AF???
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Welcome mamasoleil! May this be your last 2ww for a long long time!!!

Akirasmama, so sorry!!!! I have been there last time, not fun! {{{ HUGS }}}

Me, my cycle is still screwy, still not sure whether I really ovulated or not, I guess we'll see. But not much hopes for pregnancy here, just too screwy of a cycle!

The good news is that I saw an obgyn and she was very positive! Next cycle is going to be testing cycle. The cycle after that I fully intend to get pregnant! :-) I posted about the visit in a new thread for whomever is interested.

Let's have some graduates!!!

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Thanks everyone, you guys are awesome! I'm sure now it was an early m/c as I have been having lots of bad cramping and bleeding (uncharacteristic for me). We weren't really "trying" before this (just not preventing) and dh had been worried about it being bad timing for another one, now we both realize how much we'd like to have another one. I guess we'll have to try extra hard next month
Thanks for your support.
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Karen-good news!!

akirasmama-I am sorry. I hope you are feeling better soon.
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I'm sorry akirasmama-

I am pretty much in the 2ww-I O today, according to Ovusoft. I had ferning with my Ovulens. A little on Friday and lots yesterday, none today. I have to say, I thought I'd get more warning, but we BD'ed Thursday and Saturday, and will today, so I'm hoping we timed things well.

I had menstrual-type cramps all the way up until Wednesday, and now they are gone and I have no O cramping. So strange. But between the chart, a + OPK and my Ovulens, I'd say the verdict is in-I definately seem to be ovulating!

So here begins another 2 weeks of torture. :

babydust to all who desire it!

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Welcome Tuli!!
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Welcome Tuli.
I feel like I have done this before.

Well - i have one more week to go....and I am trying not to think aboout it at all. Fortunately I will be in the car tues & Weds and sat & Sun...which will make it harder to test....or I will be driving back from Seattle with af. yick.

NOthing terribly new to report. Still hyper emotional. weepy and all...still fairly gassy (ooohhh goody), can smell everything really strongly, had an interesting moment with food aversion today, boobs aren't very tender yet - but are working up to it. And my abdomen - right over my uterus is slightly tender...not a lot - just a little that I noticed when I leaned over something yesterday. Who knows? Not me! Never been pg - no idea. ugh. Just hoping that af doesn't show up DURING Thanksgiving...while I am in Seattle, with my two best friends and one of their babies. I don't think I could cope with a year old running around while I am tthat depressed....
anyway...will check in tomorrow before I leave!!!
***********************baby dust to all and to all a good night*******************
(and now back to our regularly scheduled chanting)
baby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby
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I hope you have a GREAT trip!
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Have a great trip Adina!!!!!!

Hey tuli!!!!!
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I'm officially in the 2ww!
I'm at cd16, and my cycle is usually about 26 days, so I believe I am dpo4. I don't really chart yet, so I'm just guessing.
Well, I'm not feeling very positive, since we were only able to bd once during my fertile days, but I tried to time it well!
I'm also very grumpy and emotional the last few days. I could start crying right now just typing this. Sorry.
I'm sure this is more than you ever wanted to know about me, but hey, you are the only people I can obsess with, I'm so glad to have you here!
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I've been seeing some ferns! I hope we've already caught the egg in the last few days, but we'll just have to keep trying to make sure! Good thing we'll have our own hotel room over Thanksgiving....

I had a BAD round of headaches lately--headache for part of almost every day for >2 weeks, and constantly feeling "about to get a headache" in between! I've been a "headache person" for years, but usually I have only a few per month. I don't think there's any hormonal connection, but the reason I'm mentioning it here is the emotional weirdness angle--several times in these 2 weeks I got teary-eyed thinking mooshy baby thoughts, and several times I teared up because I was in such pain, but all of those times I was either in public or in the middle of something that needed to get finished, so I distracted myself and held back the tears. Well, yesterday there were a lot of things I absolutely had to get done in order to leave for Thanksgiving today, but I was getting yet another headache, and it was just so frustrating, I plunked down and started sobbing. By the time I was washing my face afterward, I no longer had a headache, and I've been feeling back to normal ever since! Can it be that I just needed a good cry all this time?!?

May you all find yourselves giving thanks for +++++ this Thanksgiving! But if not...remember to be thankful for your loving, secure situation that makes TTC possible.
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