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let's kegel!

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are you doing them? if so, how many do you do a day?
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1....2....3....not enough! :LOL

Not sure how many, just when I remember. If I do crunches, I usually try to do some then and hold at the same time as a cruch or pelvic tilt.
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nope, not at all! i'm lucky, i've got pretty good pelvic floor control so far....even with a full bladder a sneeze or cough doesn't cause any pee to escape. i should start though.....
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My pelvic floor "ain't what it used to be" and sags so yeah, I'm doing them all the time. It's the only time I find comfort! Do those kegels ladies!! I wasn't very diligent with them and now I'm paying the price. When not pg I had what's called a cystocele..basically feels like all your "works" are falling out...well some stuff IS falling out. Sorry if that's TMI but it's awful and I have sincere regrets at not keeping up with them while younger.

OK Mother Hen has spoken! Kitty
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