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Nursing necklaces/beads do they work?

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Just wondering if any of you have used a nursing necklace or beads to distract baby's hands when nursing. I just weaned my 3.5 year old and am pregnant, but the entire 3.5 years, she always wanted to twiddle my other nipple, I got used to putting my arm in such a position at night that she couldn't touch my other breast, but am wondering with the new baby coming if there is an easier solution.

Now that she's weaned she still wants to hold my "mamas" at night, which I find so incredible annoying with my hyper sensitive nipples.
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My ds is coming up on 33 months. We started a battle when he was 4 months old that has never ended. I hate the twiddling! I tried nursing neclaces, beads, toys, anything that I could think of and it never worked.

Still you should give it a shot. I made my own and he liked the neclace as a toy even though it did not serve the purpose that I intended it to.

Good Luck!
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the only thing that worked a little for me was one of the nursing mama silver thingies from www.attachmentscatalog.com , ds3 loved it but it wasn't robust enough and broke off one day never to be found so now it's back to twiddling my moles ( I have many and ds knows where they all are) which makes me bonkers
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yep, worked for ds1, I havent needed them yet for ds2.
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I made one and it worked for me. dd was pinching my arm hard enough that I had little bruises all the time, ouch! I made a necklace and she played with it for a few nursings and didn't pinch anymore after that. Okay, it may have been a coincidence, but I think it was worth it!
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I could never stand the twiddling either.

I got a couple of nursing necklaces & made a few myself. Dd like them some of the time, other times not, eventually all got pulled apart (then I finally figured out to tie knots every so often so the beads didn't all go flying )

Someone suggested a piece of silk for the babe to hold, that it's soft or whatever, but dd never took to that.

Originally Posted by emmaline
...so now it's back to twiddling my moles ( I have many and ds knows where they all are) which makes me bonkers
Ohhhhh how I hate that! I have a decent size mole just below my collarbone & that was dd's favorite thing to play with, in addition to the one on my chin! Of course, one's on the right side & the other's on the left, so she had one no matter which breast she was on. She doesn't play with them so much anymore, but is still quite fascinated by them.
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So far a taggie blanket is working well with my son. A friend made it for us. It's about the size of a washcloth and has different colored and textured tags sewn all around the sides. Its made of felt so it's nice and soft too. He likes to hold it and fiddle with the silky tags instead of me
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My understanding is that they work better if you save them for nursing play only, rather than letting baby hold or play with them during the rest of the time. The ones made of a super-strong cord that won't break or spill beads and that have a snap-apart/together safety bead to prevent strangulation are the best.

I fell in love with these ones:
and will probably order a second one soon. They are incredibly GORGEOUS and most of all, SAFE.
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I have one from Little Gems - it works great!
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I'm glad that I found this thread - I have been wondering whether I should make a nursing necklace as I am getting a little tired of dd furthering her dermatology career by practising on me :LOL

Off to the bead store tomorrow.......let's hope this works!
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I have one and I have to keep pushing it into dd's hand to keep her from pinching. Either that or I have to hold the flailing hand. I get little pinch marks on the back of my arms and on the tops of my breasts and on my chest. Oooooooh it hurts! My dd is 6 months(this week) and it's not working as well as I'd hoped but i'm still holding out hope for the future.

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Meg., maybe try a different type of bead. I have a wood one and one that is smooth large abstractish beads and one with sparkley facetted beads.
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They have always worked for me. I say give it a shot.
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I'm so glad you asked this question...my ds has become a nipple twister, has started sticking his fingers in my nose, pulling my lips, feeling my teeth, etc....While it is really cute and amusing - it hurts! He is six months old and I can only imagine it continuing. I'm going to check out a nursing necklace!
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i wish i had thought of getting more than one. a friend gave me one with her name on it, and it's very cute, but babyish(not for wearing in public) but never really worked. she was more distracted than playing with me. (she turned her head to see every sound). but now she loves to wear the necklace herself. it's very cute. anyway if/when we have another i'll ahve to try different kinds. duh!
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Have you checked out Busy Little Piggy's?


She's got some really beautiful necklaces there--and the great thing is, they're stylish enough to wear over your regular clothing, so it's not like you're wearing a kid's necklace around all the time. Plus, you can get a kit to build your own, so it's got all the beads and such already there, you just get to put it together to suit yourself. The pre-made neclaces are very sturdily constructed.

(And if you get a chance, try one of her bath bombs. LOVE 'em!)
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I adore my nursing necklaces!!

I've gotten a couple from Lori and have absolutely loved them. She's an awesome mama to work with and her necklaces have been safety tested by the govt... plus she does lots of gifting to mama's who don't have money to buy them. I think that is what sets her apart from the others in my mind.

I really think you wouldn't be disappointed with a necklace... they took my twiddler to a focused nurser!
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I love mine! I wear mine everywhere. The ones I have have made it through 23 months of nursing and never broke. I got mine from https://www.naturalfamilyboutique.co...Necklaces.aspx. All sorts of cool jewelry.
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I know people really like them..I've wondered about getting one but they can be pricey...
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Originally Posted by quinnNjesse
I know people really like them..I've wondered about getting one but they can be pricey...
That link Bluebelle posted has them for like $10-15, thats not too bad
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