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what does an allergic response to wool look like

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I'm trying to nail down where dd's rash is coming from. I'm really hoping that it is not in response to her new soakers because I am really loving knitting them. I've searched through previous posts concerning wool allergy, but nobody actually describes it. Would someone please tell me what an allergic response to wool looks like?

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For my dd she reacts more to the lanolin so when I put lansinoh on her rash it flared really bad and looked just like a typical allergic pimply rash. The same thing when I put eucerin on her legs, it has lanolin in it.

She did have faint red marks and a bit of a spotted rash around the leg openings of wool covers we used but at the time I didn't connect it to the wool. It was when she reacted to the lanolin that I figured out what caused the rash and redness.
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I hope her rash clears up soon!
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What kind of yarn is it? Is it organic? Most of the time, when people have a reaction to wool, it isn't the wool itself or the lanolin that is the culprit, it's the chemicals that the wool was treated with. If you're not using organic wool, try it.
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When I started using wool covers, I'd also changed my washing detergent to Bio-Kleen with GSE - turns out it was the laundry detergent that was causing the rash.

I switched back to my old detergent and wash routine and the problem went away. I at first thought it was the wool covers - glad it wasn't.

Moral of the story: Make sure you rule other changes out before you blame the wool.

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Nope, I haven't used organic yarn. Both of the soakers I've knitted are made with cascade 220. I don't think that she is allergic to wool. She has a few bumps in non-diaper places. I think she has a coincidental response to nickel in metal snaps, normal diaper rash & mild heat rash.

I appreciate all of your responses. Pilesoflaundry, when you say typical allergic, pimply rash, do you mean red with raised bumps? Can anyone else describe their dc's allergic response to wool?

Thanks so much, mamas! Oops--& Eric.
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Hi! First...it may be a reaction to how the wool is treated or dyed or washed if it is a soaker. We started have major issues with everything, including wool, and after many many diff purchases, I discovered it was most likely the dye and artificial serging, not the wool itself, thank goodness! Before totally giving up on wool, I would try an undyed/untreated or undyed organic soaker, or a cover that is undyed/untreated or undyed organic without artificial binding(fold over elastic) or serging(try turned and topstitched or organic cotton). I just love giving this info, cause I love wool, and it is more likley to have a reaction to what is in the wool than the wool itself. I would hate for you to have to forego wool mama! That said, the rash may be an allergy, and it may also be a sensitivity, which means it can look a few diff ways depending...My son really just had sensitivities, which triggerd his diaper area eczema. He would get red. The red area would be where the serging hit him. It would take about 2-3 diaper changes to clear. If it got bad, or worse, it swelled a bit above the skin and felt rough to the touch to. As it went away, the skin would not be red, but the are would still feel rough. The redness was not uniform. It was in a specific area, but it was blotchy and raised. If you are having contact dermititis, which is a name they give unknown sensitivity type rashes sometimes, it can be anything from red, and more common is having raised little bumps or dots. Not the unmistakeable purple yeast bumps, but smaller raised bumps, or larger redish yellow, and it is likely dc will try to itch. An allergy may be more severe, with weird pustules or hives in the redness, but it can look alot like contact derm too. Figuring out what it is and what causes it is a headache, I know! I would say that if it goes away shortly after the item is removed, it is probably just a sensitivity, and then start the elimination diet for wool, LOL! I am an allergic person very prone to a whole host of rashes, and so is my son, so we are pretty good at seeing the diff between hives, eczema, psoriasis, and contact derm! Maybe do a google image search to compare pics? And, you can always make an imprompute appt. with your ped, as they see so much eczema and contact derm, and heat rash, they could tell ya in a second flat to be sure, and will be able to tell if it is a more menacing allergy! Just don't tell them you use cloth, cause, well, you know what you will get! GGGGRRRRRRRRRR! Good luck!
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Wow, Heidi, that is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Very comprehensive!!!

Thanks again, everyone.
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I just read the thread and have to take dd to the ped tomorrow, diaper rash will not go away. I hope she is not allergic to wool, because that is all she wears. What would the ped say if I told him that I used cloth diapers?
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I appreciate all of your responses. Pilesoflaundry, when you say typical allergic, pimply rash, do you mean red with raised bumps? Can anyone else describe their dc's allergic response to wool?
Yes, sorry I am forgetting how familiar we are with allergies and not everyone else is. *sigh* (that is for being allergic to so much hehee)

I meant like red, pimply bumps when I used lansinoh and anything with lanolin in it, with covers she just got a rashy look on her skin where it touched her. The covers gave her more of a heat rash looking rash, probably because it's less lanolin then directly putting pure lanolin on her skin.

From some things I've read it's a rare allergy, my mom is also allergic to it so I suppose if it really is rare there is something genetic about it. For us we know it is definitely the lanolin because we tried it pure on her skin.

If you want to keep at it I would try borrowing or buying a undyed, organic cover like already mentioned. That is usually how you can rule out dyes or other issues causing the problem. Good luck!!!
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DDs rash went away. I think it was heat rash that she itched & inflamed. She had small bumps on her lower back & a few more all over. She also had a mild area of irritation where the metal snaps are on my dipes. I used the suggestions on askdrsears.com Specifically, I used a little hydrocortisone 2x/day & some aquaphore (sp?).

I'm not sure what/where your dd's rash is Theresa, so I cannot compare. In terms of what your doc will say, hopefully it'll be something like what mine said. She said that when she was an adolescent they used cloth on her nephew--pins & all. She thought that snappis were pretty cool.

Best wishes figuring out your dd's rash.
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