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favorite cover

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my name is ashley, and this is my first post but ive been reading for a week or so
i found mdc by a link form an armywives site i belong to. i dont have kids yet, but we're trying, and i want to cloth diaper. ive been doing some reasearch, but there are so many options! um thinking prefolds are what i want to use, so can any of you guys tell me what your favorite covers to use with prefolds are, and why? any links are also good

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Hi Ashley! I don't use pfs, but I've been converted by the MDC mamas and love wool covers! : Keep reading, you'll learn a lot!
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I'm pregnant with my first so have not done this yet. However, I have done EXTENSIVE research (see link in my signature file) and have come to the conclusion that the Mother-Ease Air Flow is the best all-around diaper cover on the market, regardless of whether you're using prefolds or fitteds. No cover is perfect, but that one is good.

I think the most popular cover for prefolds is the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, but there are lots of other good ones. A lot of it depends on whether you want to use fasteners or just lay it in a wrap.
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I used to love Bummis super whisper pants and Stacinator so simple snap covers. They were both easy to care for and were very gentle on ds's thighs and waist (no red marks).

Then I became a full-fleged wool junkie! :LOL Now I use nothing but wool covers and soakers/shorts/pants that I've knitted.

Welcome to MDC!
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Well, I would say there are lots of great covers out there for prefolds. I think the fun of prefolds is trying out different kinds of covers. So I would recommend doing that.

My personal favorite covers for prefolds are Bummis (all kinds), wool wraps (like Bumpy wool and Cuddlebuns wool), and basic covers like Green Earth or Proraps.

Have fun building your stash!
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I love love love my bummis they fit so well.
that said I also adore my loveybums but those are more hyena.bummis rock for fitteds or prefolds.
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elcome to mdc! I'm another wool junkie, so anything wool would be my vote. Seriously. Anything wooly at all. Have fun with your stash building, and if you have any questions at all, we'd be happy to help.
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I've tried many covers with my pfs. You'll find that everyone has a different opinion, but here's mine.

BSWW-my favorite. Fantastic fit and nice fabric feel. Very trim

Proraps-just ok. Feels plasticky inside. Leg openings on smalls were too large for ds until he was 15.5 lbs! (He has skinny thighs)

MEAF-I like them better than Proraps. Med didn't fit until 15 lbs because of the large leg holes. Poofier fit but trim cover overall.

Loveybums jersey-very trim and soft. Runs slightly small.

Bumpy-LOVE IT! Trim, easy to change, and great fit. Very adjustable for different body shapes. It does retain more urine smell than my other wool though.

Crat-LOVE IT! Soft and stretchy but they seem to run small. Very bulky but great for nighttime.

Simon's Custom Cloth-extremely bulky but fantastic fit and great cover.

Hope this helps! I know there are a zillion choices. When I size up, I plan to buy more BSWW, Bumpy wool, and an Aristocrat again because those are my favorites.
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Well, my favorite has changed over time. Currently it's either a Stacinator Strech Wool or soaker shorts. I just wanted to add that I think it also depends on your baby's age. With a newborn and their explosive BF poo, I really preferred something cheap (since poo inevitably got on the cover so I needed lots of them) and something with deep gussets (to hold in the poo and keep it off clothes) so for the newborn stage, I think Proraps are a great choice though my personal fave was Bumpy Day covers (not cheap but Babies R Us makes a good knock-off for I think around $6 a piece.) Good luck!
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I've only been Cding full time for 5 weeks, and I have found taht I love wool. I'm about to sell off all of my PUL covers :
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Guess now they're called Firefly Easies? Whatever I really like mine!
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i like bummis super whisper wraps, patchwork pixie wool wraps, or esbaby covers.
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I've tried proraps, bummis, and Especially for baby pull-on nylon pants and stuck with the bummis until my one large one lost it's elastic and I needed to buy a new one. So, I thought I'd try the new Bumpy Soft cover and I just used it for the first time today and LOVE it! I wish I had then from the start! It feels so much nicer than the bummis, not as stiff, and it has a smooth lamination on the inner (not as plasticky as proraps). The bummis also left red marks on DD when she was chunkier. I think the Soft wrap won't hold odors like the bummis either because it doesn't have the poly fabric on the inside. Just a word of caution though-the bumpys run big! I just ordered some bummis and bumpys in the newborn size for a friend and the bumpy soft wraps are HUGE in comparison.
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Welcome mama! We our Bumpy day & night PUL covers, they are so soft and lots of adjustibility! We started using them when my baby was a month old, but we wish we could have discovered them earlier when he was a newborn!
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Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (fit sooooo beautifully)


my absolute favorite is a MizKnits soaker. Wool. So soft. So wonderful. I adore it. I need more wool. It's hard, since I can't afford it, lol! But a girl can dream...
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I started with Bummis SWW, tried many since then, and just bought some more Bummis SWW...the best, IMO (for us!)
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Originally Posted by blessed2bamommie
Guess now they're called Firefly Easies? Whatever I really like mine!

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I love my nikky 100% cotton covers. They are so soft and stretchy and ultra trim. They are my all time favorites.
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Another Nikky cover lover! Never a leak!
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It depends how much effort you want to put into washing.

Wool - less frequent washing, but hand wash with special soap and then line dry. They can take more than a day to line dry. They don't fit into the regular laundry.

PUL - machine wash, then line dry to last longer or machine dry if you're in a hurry.

Fleece - machine wash, machine dry. (line dry for less pilling, and they dry way faster than PUL.)

My favorite is fleece: Sugar Peas 2-layer fleece covers are delightfully soft. Simons Custom Cloth are really good, with your choice of colors, great embroidery options, and good prices.

The Imse Vimse Bumpy covers are great if your baby is okay with velcro.

Mother Ease airflow covers - the fit on these is not flexible. They worked great for my baby for about three weeks; otherwise the fit was terrible.
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