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Sissy Crabapple

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We just recv'd our first soaker from Sissy Crabapple! It is beautiful!! I had loved it, seeing the picture at Hyena Cart, but now even more so in person! Molly is amazing, and her customer service is the same. The soaker came all neatly packaged as well.

I would definitely recommend her work and chatting with her, she's really sweet.

Thanks Molly!!
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WOW! Our shorts arrived today! AmAzInG!!!!! They are so beautifully knit! They fit DD like they were custom knit just for her! They arrived super fast (this is July 4, they were purchased June 27, there was a public holiday in there AND we're in Canada!) They were beautifully packaged as well. I LOVE these!!! I want more!!!
Thank you Molly!!!!!!
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I have to agree!!! I got my soaker today and not only is it beautiful but it came so neatly package. Her knitting is flawless also! I just love my "Bailey" soaker!

Awesome WAHM!!!
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I got my "Chloe" soaker shorts in the mail today -- super fast!! I think she just mailed them on Saturday! The shorts are just beautiful! Its my first experience with peace fleece, and so far, its a very positive one! The knitting is perfect, and the shorts were packaged very nicely! Molly's customer service is great, too! Paypal accidently charged my credit card for double the shipping, which Molly correctly very quickly -- her emails were prompt and very friendly.

I was actually really thrilled to get these shorts -- I thought for sure they'd be gone before I had a chance... Sooo excited! Of course, they were "christened" today on their first wear (why does my daughter pick the gorgeous new stuff to have poosplosions in!!!). Can't wait for them to dry from their bath so we can use them again!!

I also have to say I LOVE how Molly "names" her products. Its such a lovely little special thing that she does -- these shorts will forever be "Chloe"...
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SUPER fast shipping! Excellent knitting! Beautiful work! Great communication!

The color was not as pictured but the quality and customer service were out of this world!
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got the most amazing caramel apple longies set from this wahm. Just so stunningly gorgeous!!! And worked and shipped VERY QUICKLY!!
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