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What BC to use while BFing?

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Just wondering what BC is available for BFing mamas? I had wanted to use the Nuvaring but then learned that it isn't to be used while breastfeeding. ~pouts~ We absolutely HATE condoms so we'd prefer a different option... I'm a little nervous about BC in general (both DD's were BC babies), but we don't want to get pregnant again for another year at least and need some options. I won't stop BFing just to use a type of BC.
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Progesterone-only hormones are least likely to affect supply, so that leaves mini-pills and Depo-Provera shots. IUDs are another option if you aren't interested in TTC for a few years.
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I can't take birth control pills because I have a history of depression and they make it worse, plus my DD#1 was conceived while on BCP so I don't trust them anyway... and we're planning on TTC again next June, so an IUD probably wouldn't be the best option.
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Cervical barriers like a cervical cap or a diaphragm.
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We always used a diaphram and had very good luck with it. You can put it in place before hand so there is no interuption if you want to.
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It sounds like barrier methods, like pp said, diaphragms, cervical caps, etc. would be best for you. I do not like to use hormonal bc while bfing. I was on the minipill for a while but it caused a lot of spotting when I finally got AF back, so I stopped using that.

If AF is back for you, have you looked into the Fertility Awareness Method? It is 98 or 99 % effective. I can't remember which when used correctly. A good book for this is Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It basically teaches you to chart your cycle based on basal body temperature and checking your cervical fluid. You then know which days you are fertile and can either abstain or use a barrier method. It is also highly effective for planning pregnancy, as you know when you are most fertile. My friend tried for months to get pg. I lent her my copy of the book and she was pregnant the next month. So even if you choose not to use FAM for birth control, you may want to look into it when you plan to have your next baby.
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