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So sorry Celeste. I have missed chatting with you too. I really enjoy the yoga...I need to do it more often. Good luck at your app't and et us know how it goes. Sending strength your way.

goosysmom: If you suspect you have PCOS, it might be helpful to try a low glycemic diet like South Beach to manage the symptoms. There is also a natural alternative to metformin called metaglycymex(sp?) that you could take. If you post to the thread in Health and Healing I am sure Jackie can give you some more advice...she is our resident expert IMO. Let me find the link to that thread and I will edit this to add it.

ETA: Thread Link
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Hi ladies! Heavenly, that's wonderful that you conceived on the soy! I tried it for a cycle, but had no results. I may try again in a few months when I'm ready to start officially TTC again.

Right now I'm doing low-carb diet. I saw a new OB a month ago, and that's the first thing she suggested. Thing is, last year I saw an RE for the first time and I got myself all hyped up to talk with him about low-carb and get going on it. It took a lot to get myself psyched up, since it is a really hard step I've known deep down for years that I need to do. So I go in there all ready to do it and he shoots it down -- says I need low-fat, not low carb.

So, when this new doc says I need low-carb I was instantly on it! I went home that day and started immediately! It's been a month now and I've lost about 18 lbs. I'm so excited! Nothing I've tried over the years, from exercise to diets, has ever worked! And this is working! So, my hope is that my cycles will regulate a bit on their own for the next 2 months as the weight comes off, and if not, then we'll add clomid (or I might try the soy again). For the first time in years, I have real hope that I might be able to get pregnant. :
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Wow, nemmer! Only a month and you've lost 18 lb?! That sounds great just be careful that you don't lose too much too fast because that's not healthy either. They only 1-2 lbs a week is healthy. Of course, I think most people lose a lot right at the beginning and then start to slow down a bit to a more healthy rate of loss.

Celsterra ~ I'm so sorry. I'm right there with you. I was 15dpo yesterday and still hadn't gotten af when she usually comes at 13dpo. I even took a hpt yesterday and it looked +. But, woke this morning to the witch so I'm right back at the beginning again.
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Jumble: Can you do that diet and still nurse?? I am still nursing my sweet girl (letting her self wean..she is 14 months) and was told that I couldn't do that diet.....Hmmm...thanks for the link...Gonna check it out when she naps..Hopefully soon...Had her first ever tantrum earlier bc she wanted to hold her pb&j herself and eat it but only after she gave it to me and pulled my hand towards her mouth....silly girl....

Nemmer: Congrats on the 18lbs but I agree with Marine, watch you don't lose too much too fast...not good for those kidney's among other things...Usually around 20lbs it has slowed down for me!!!! Much luck!!!

Celesterra: LIke I said in my PM, I am soo sorry.....Let us know how things go with the doc....

Marine: Doubly sorry about the witch.....

((hugs to all)....
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Thanks ladies! Marine is right -- my first week was 13 lbs, and after that was about 2-3 lbs per week, so it has definitely slowed. Which I'm totally fine with. As long as it stays slow and steady I'm happy. But that first week was the hardest to get through, so seeing such dramatic results sure helped with the motivation to stick with it!

Marine, sorry about the witch showing.
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the long report

warning! long post!!
OK, here I am! Just got to work. First, I say thanks for all the hugs yesterday... Today *is* cd1... officially.

The appointment with the RE this morning went well. The doc answered dh’s questions about PCOS, about treatment and cures, etc. And she told him that by no means is a 6-month intensive detox/diet/exercise campaign appropriate for me. She said “if your wife was “morbidly obese”, it would be a different story.” It was nice for me to hear that. It was a real boost for me to hear that this really *is* beyond my control, and that the 20 extra pounds I am carrying around is not the critical point. She said that good diet and regular exercise are, of course, important, but not to think that it was going to fix this. So, even though I tend to think there’s more to it that her traditional western medical perspective brings, at least dh can get firmly behind me.
So, she’s keeping me on the metformin, and I am starting on Sunday with GonalF, unless the cd3 ultrasound shows that I have cycts on my ovaries. If I develop more than 10 follicles on both ovaries, they will cancel the cycle, meaning they won’t trigger ovulation with ovidrel. The only other risks are hyperstimulation, which I guess they can control by lowering my dose, and multiple pregnancy, which couldn’t *that* bad of an outcome... right? I’ll take my chances, thank you very much.

So, dh is on board for this cycle, including the IUI (for the first time).

She also said that she wouldn’t do more than 2 cycles on the
injectables: if it hasn’t worked by then, the next course is to find out if there’s something wrong with the right tube, like adhesions on the outside, etc. That would be done by laproscopy, though she said that could be skipped altogether if we opt for IVF, which we will not, since it’ll be $12,000. gasp. We might still have him bring back injectables from China when he goes in August, if I am not pg by then.

Sorry for the super-long post. After all your support, I just wanted to let you all know what had happened.
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Celeste I am so glad that the doc stood up for you! Now you can go into this with the full support you deserve and need. I am carrying around about an extra 15 lbs now that just will not budge and sometimes I do think if I could just lose that last bit of weight, ya know? Not terribly logical, but it is so hard not to blame yourself for all this mess. I hope the injectables do it for you...we need another graduate!

Nemmer congrats on the weight loss...finding what works for you is such an important part. Keep up the good work!

Goosysmom: I have no idea about nursing...did you check out the other thread? Maybe someone there can be of more help.

Marine sorry the old heifer found you. I will be joining you very soon. Sure to be a doozy what with the super long cycle and provera induced menstruation.

Where is my Jenn???? How goes the blood flow? Hope you are well. comin' your way!
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If you have more than 3 follicles, you shouldn't do the IUI. Each of those follicles *could* turn into a baby. The clinic we used wouldn't let people do and IUI with more that 3 follicles. And, just because you don't take the ovidrel doesn't mean you won't ovulate. I always had to take the ovidrel, but a lot of people will pop the eggs on their own, once the follicles get big enough. If you have 10 or more, that would be the situation where you might just want to rush into IVF. It ends up being a lot cheaper if you do it when you were just planning to do and IUI cycle. Less up front tests and stuff. Just some stuff to think about.

Glad your RE told your dh the truth and stood up for you. I hope that this cycle works for you. And, all of this is moot.
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Cat and Trish, thanks!

I guess things are a little different than I thought: just got off the phone with dh and asked him how he felt after the apt... I can't say that he was very enthusiatic. Tonight we are meeting with my therapist together, and if he's not firmly behind me by the end of the session, I might just call it off.

Cat, thanks for your input... I'm not sure about the whole thing: ikwym about each one could turn into a babe, but we're just going from what the doc says. If it's true about the IVF being cheaper this way, then maybe we'd be able to do it. I just don't know. I guess I'm just trying to get through it, for now. If something wierd happens, we'll address it then. I'm just afraid of having 10 ectopics, in there! horror!

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I was going to say the same thing as Cat about the multiples. My RE told me that the people that end up with higher multiples are almost always ones who were taking injectables and either IUI or just straight sex and had a dangerously high # of mature follicles. He said that was irresponsibility on the part of the doctor. I like the idea of going to IVF if you get that many, if you can swing it. It's better than wasting the whole thing. You're RE should untimately do whatever you want as long as you can pay for it since you are in charge (as long as you aren't trying to do something dangerous, of course). I would not recommend using injectables without being monitored. That could be very, very dangerous. There are risks and side effects associated with this stuff besides getting pg with higher multiples. They are drugs, after all.

As far as your dh goes, I can't speak for him, obviously, but I can tell you that my dh was the same way. He never really seemed into doing any of the ttc but just sort of went along because he knew it was what I really wanted. I think most of was because he didn't really understand everything and he was afraid for me. I did get OHSS with my 2nd IVF cycle and had to cancel my transfer. OHSS can be very dangerous if you get pg. You can get dehydrated and your kidneys can shut down and you have to go on dialysis. I have a friend who ended up in the hospital after getting ohss and getting pg. She said it was awful and scary. Anway, so remember that your dh is probably more concerned about you at this point than with having a baby. You are real and tangible to him and he loves you. A future baby isn't. KWIM? Good luck to you.
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thanks marinewife, for both of the perspectives. Just to be clear, I will be monitored - us on cd3 and 6, then every 1-2 days depending on how i react to the meds.

i promise not to do anything dangerous. maybe i misunderstood the doc...
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Originally Posted by celesterra
thanks marinewife, for both of the perspectives. Just to be clear, I will be monitored - us on cd3 and 6, then every 1-2 days depending on how i react to the meds.

i promise not to do anything dangerous. maybe i misunderstood the doc...
Ok. I thought you had mentioned something about your dh getting injectables while he was in China(?). That's why I said that about being monitored. I must've misunderstood.
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marinewife--- oops! it's amazing how may times it takes to get a msg across sometimes!

yes, we have cleared it with the doctor, who is going to write out the list (if i'm not pg by then!) and give dh a script. she's still going to do the monitoring, it just means less of an expense for him to get 'em in china!
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Celeste~ Sounds like a good plan -- I hope your DH is supportive of you. I agree sometimes it takes longer for them to really get into the whole thing, and sometimes they are supportive, but don't show it the way we need. Hopefully everything will work out perfectly for you.
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Originally Posted by Nemmer
Celeste~ Sounds like a good plan -- I hope your DH is supportive of you. I agree sometimes it takes longer for them to really get into the whole thing, and sometimes they are supportive, but don't show it the way we need. Hopefully everything will work out perfectly for you.

I really hope this cycle goes great!
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I gotcha celesterra. I just got worried because I have talked to several people who go to different countries to get meds without scripts and are not being monitored and don't have a doctor that even knows they are taking these drugs. I see now that you are just thinking of getting the drugs somewhere because it's cheaper. Have you heard of or tried the mail order pharmacies? I've heard they are much cheaper than getting the stims from a brick and mortar drugstore. I can't remember the names of any of them right now but I could probably find out if you want them.
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wow, guys, for all of the positive vibes, info and support!

you're all the first to know - last night dh and i went to see my therapist. we had him see her for an hour before i joined them: altogether, we were there for 3 hours! :yawning: Until 10pm!

ANyway, I can say that we really resolved some major issues, and I feel more certain that he's 100% in to this cycle!

So, off we go: tomorrow I get the cd3 us, so hopefully there are no cysts in there : First shot - tomorrow night! Adina, you're my godess! Way to go on shot #1!
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Hi everyone. Since a few of you were mentioning using soy to help with your infertility, I thought you might be interested in this article that I came across this morning.

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Yes but you have to remember that there is a big difference between eating large amounts of soy on a daily basis and consuming 50-150 mg of soy isolflavones 5 days per month. Regardless of what Mercola says the proof is in my uterus that it works. There are many other women on the Soul Cysters PCOS message board who have had the same results. If I hadn't tried the soy I wouldn't be pregnant right now, its as simple as that.
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Obviously, I can't say whether or not it worked for anyone. Anecdotal experience cannot be compared to scientific data. This is based on an experiment subjecting sperm to soy isoflavones in a petri dish, which is a different environment from a woman's uterus. I'm just passing the info on for others in case they are interested.
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