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I have PCOS and we are mid cycle! Monday we had an u/s (CD13) and saw two big eggs! (one on each side) and a bunch of little ones. This is after 150mg/daily of clomid CD3-7. I triggered on Tuesday (CD14) and today is Thursday (CD16). I go back August 4th for a pregnancy test unless I start to bleed.

My dh is the one who said I was pregnant with Magdalena (and he was right), Sunday he said there were eggs cause last month there weren't (and he was right), and today he said that he thinks we've accomplished our goal. I guess we'll see if he is right, huh?
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Cd 10

m2sb, welcome to our little group! Hope this cycle is the one for you.

Celeste where are you at? How was the IUI? We need an update!

Nemmer congrats on the continued weight loss!

Adina how are things going for you?

I haven't been around much lately...we are getting ready to move in three weeks so things are a bit hectic. Charting temps this cycle so we will see if I can manage to ovulate. Wish me luck!
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Things going fine here. Waiting for retrieval.
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Adina - all the best in the next days!

Mommy2staufferbabe, Welcome! Looks like you and I are in the same waiting game... though I seriously doubt I'll make it to the 4th before I test... I'm 3dpo and dying to test *already*!

Jumble... hey, good luck with the move! Are you going to a new city, or moving to a different place in your current loca? I've got my fingers crossed for a beautiful o and temp rise for you!

As for me, I'm just pooped! Thursday the IUI went fine - no cramping at all, and dh's contribution was, in the words of our doc, the best she's ever seen. 120 million swimmers! I had at least 5 follicles, but they didn't do an ultrasound on Thurs, so I can't be sure how many of them actually popped.

Friday and Saturday were pretty uncomfortable, though: lots of painful bloating. But it's gone today, so I think I am out of danger for OHS. Today the low pelvic cramps are back. Plus, my breasts are so tender! I'm sure that's the trigger shot talking...

So, that's me! 3dpo and already dying to test!

Hope you're all having a good weekend and keeping cool...
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Well, if you pee on a stick now...you know it will be positive. Me, i thought about doing just that after this trigger, just so i could see what a positive test looked like!:LOL
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Good luck, celesterra. Just in case you don't know and no one told you, the main concern with ohss is dehydration that can cause the kidneys to shut down. It can also seem to get better right after ovulation and then get much, much worse if you get pg. I hope you are fine but you still could have problems show back up in a week or so. What you can do to help avoid any serious complications in case you do have it and/or it gets worse is to drink a lot of water and Gatorade or a similar sports drink.
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Originally Posted by AdinaL
Well, if you pee on a stick now...you know it will be positive. Me, i thought about doing just that after this trigger, just so i could see what a positive test looked like!:LOL
OMG, Adina... you can't believe how much I have to restrain myself!!!
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Hey, I figure that we might as well. Think of it as a little treat. And then you have somethingto compare it to when you get your BFP! :LOL I gave myself my trigger last night and retrieval is tomorrow. woowoo
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Jumblepuff~ good luck on the move~

Adina and Celesterra~ Wishing you both the best of luck!!
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Hi Ladies!!!
Just wanted to come and check on ya all!!!!
I am happy to report that I got caught up on all the post in this thread. Lots is happening for everyone...this is good....

Well we aren't ttc...however...after 5-6 weeks of the Metformin at 1500mg plus four tabs of the natural form of Metformin....I am just finishing my first normal cycle is ages...It was only 27 days, as compared to 21...but I have been bleeding nice and steady....
Feeling pretty positive...

I still have about 20 pounds to shed....of course this isn't a complete final goal weight...but it is the weight that my PCOS starts to slow down ALOT...

Here's to 20 more pounds.....
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Ooh, Good Luck Adina!

Ds and I got back from Texas late on Saturday, and I'm just now feeling like I'm settling back into our routine. I contacted our clinic yesterday, and I'm to start my lupron shots on the 2nd to start our FET cycle rolling. We're anticipating the transfer to be around the 25th of August. This is just so different from the last time we were ttc. I had been going to an Re for a year and a half, and I was in mind/body support group. Outside of the formal setting, the other ladies and I (about 8 of us with different fertility issues, but all going through IUIs or IVF, etc.) would at a minimum get together for dinner once a week to support each other and vent. I just really wish that I had more of a support network here. The only people we've told is FIL (because he's helping us with the funding and very supportive) and my sister (she'd currently pg with twins from IVF from a different fertility issue). All the rest of our friends and family here have no clue! We tried explaining the infertility the first time around, and most of them didn't get it then. They're having an even harder time understanding now that we have ds. They all have this idea that I'm fixed. It drives me mad! And, I think the BCPs the RE put me on to keep my body in a neutral state in anticipation of the FET are seriously screwing with my head. I'm so emotional. I just feel like crying at the drop of a hat. AUGH! Ok, I guess that's enough about me. Thanks for letting me rant.

Good luck everyone!
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Hey Jackie! Good to hear from you again!!! It's really good news about your success w/the metformins!

So, I understand from posts elsewhere that Adina's retrival went really well! Yay Adina! Did you do your poas?

I'll tell you, I did not, but now that I am 7dpo, and 8 days post hcg shot, I am really DYING to test. My nurse yesterday told me NO, just like my best friend: they both have told me to go in for a quant on 14dpo, but HELL, that's a whole week away! HOW AM I GOING TO WAIT? Does anyone have experience here? My hcg trigger was only 250 of ovidrel, and from what i've read, it should be gone 7 days after the shot, so can I get away with poas on, say, Saturday? (10dpo)?

The cramping has seemingly resided now, chart looks ok... bbs still very tender, but that's been true since before o this month! low belly is feeling... firm (ok, so I'm a little fluffy down there, and firmness is a new sensation!)...

if it's not completely obvious already, i have NO idea how i am going to make it through the next week.

dh even brought home a book on parenting last night - this is a BIG deal! We're both so hopeful this month, I am getting scared!
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Hey ladies...sorry, I forget that I have fertility news strewn across the board! :LOL

I had retrieval yesterday. They got 18 eggs. I am sore today, but doing better than yesterday.

Embryologist called today...
of the 18 eggs, 16 were mature, 1 was immature and 1 was already degenerating.

Of the 16 mature, 14 fertilized, 2 were abnormal.

So there are 14 fertilized eggs dividing away. I will get a call tomorrow about 10 am that will tell me how they are doing and what day we transfer. We will transfer either Friday or Sunday. I am hoping for Sunday, because the day 5 blastocysts have a better chance of going the full distance.

I didn't POAS...i never got to stop at the drug store to get one. That's okay though.
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cd 1

Adina~ How exciting! That's a lot of eggs dividing away! Good luck to you!

Celesterra~ Ugh, waiting a whole week more! Good luck holding out!

Momma2emerson~ Feel free to rant, that's part of what we're here for. Good luck on your FET cycle!

Jackie~ Glad to hear the met is doing well for you. And yup here's to another 20 lbs! Best of luck!

AF started today, so it should be interesting to see how this cycle goes. One more month and we'll try clomid, but for now I want to see how my body does at 24lbs lighter, and keep losing the weight for another month before diving head-first into full TTC. Of course, I'll still poas for the OPKs though, since I just can't help myself. :LOL
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Oh WOW!!!!
Adina, I am so excited for you honey...Been thinking of you loads and sending lots of positive, sticky vibes your way...

I don't have a lot of time for personals... : sorry ladies....
I have a good friend form MDC and her daughter coming over to play today...they should be here anytime...

So, here is a question...after they transfer, then how long do you have to wait until you find out if they have stuck??? Sorry for my ignorance...I just don't know squat about IVF....

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16 days from retrieval to pregnancy test.

In my case August 11th. But don't expect me to share here until I have told DH.
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I created a new thread for August. I hope that's okay. Here's the link:

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