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It's July 1st..

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and I'm feeling a little freaked out. I *know* that this baby is not coming before August 1st but that means that I only have 1 more month left of being PG which makes me sad - I really like being PG and this is our last one - and anxious because I have no idea of how I'm going to manage 3 kids. I know it will work somehow I'll just have to play it day by day. Anyone else feeing this way?
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Yup, it is a little freaky. Only eight more weeks for me but I have SO much planned to get done...plus I am wondering about the transition from one (sometimes very high maintenance) dd to two! And I will miss (much of) being pregnant.

On the other hand, I can't wait to hold the babe in my arms sometimes too, so...
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I also am torn... wishing to see this baby face to face but very sad that this pregnancy, and have so totally adored being pregnant, is almost over!! And a little being freaked out. DH and I discussed it this morning that this baby is due next month!!! Holy crap!

So I will cherish everyday from now on, I promise. No complaining. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't have put that in writing... well as long as dh doesn't see it.
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Uh, yeah. Freak out has officially set in here as well. There are about 10 gazillion things going on and have to do's that I'm in panic mode. Just trying to take deep breaths and go one day at a time. If I don't get everything done, oh well. I was soo stressed out yesterday I could literally feel it in the roots of my hair. I called in to work today which helped as my back was bothering me and I had won a $20 gift certificate to the local strawberry farm (). We picked strawberries this morning and made up a batch of jam. Nathan and I ate strawberries all afternoon...heavenly.... But I've still got about 2 ice cream buckets full and not much freezer space. Anyone comming over for shortcake??
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My c-section is the 28th... and the thought of major surgery and 3 kids has me more than a little freaked out.
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Did someone say Strawberry ice cream? I'll be right there!

I too am very nervous about 3 kids, but am excited to not be pregnant anymore. I cna't complain, though, as I still feel good. Too good, because my dh doesn't slow down for me...he has very long strides, and I just can't keep up! Fortunately, my 5 yo still walks slower than me, so i can keep pace with him!

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Wow I can't imagine picking strawberries AND making jam in the same WEEK much less the same day!!

I've been a bit consumed with the upcoming birth too. Like, hubby's head is in such a different place than mine. It's a typical mars n venus thing. I'm all about the baby, where to put things, what he'll be like..etc He's about redoing the backyard, working on our website...etc I was all worked up about all the tests I had yesterday and today (fetal eco cardiogram, ultrasound, nonstress test and biophysical profile..etc) I was like obsessed with baby how I worry about him and think about the impending labor and about how I want to meet him..what challenges will we face. Hubby cuts in to every conversation with things like "hey, could you research the web today for the best deal on a pool..." or "could you research on samurai weaponry so we could put a piece of history on our website?" I just sat down and cried!! Gotta love those pg hormones. We are all in different places!!!

It was cool to have the tests though, cuz we got to see him again! Miss the little buggah!!

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I'm pretty much on overwhelm with baby related things. Need to get my birth supplies, birth kit, diapers (yes, diapers) AND plan my dd's birthday party with my X, get her ready for school early, paint my living room and try, try, try to deal patiently with a dh who is a first time dad and doesn't like any of the names I've picked out! Oh, yeah, and continue working for another month.....

In the meantime, I am truly enjoying my last summer with my daughter alone. She is fantastic - a truly remarkable person.
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I'm excited, and nervous, but mostly excited. I can't wait to meet my sweet baby, and hold him outside my body.
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Originally Posted by chiro_kristin
I also am torn... wishing to see this baby face to face but very sad that this pregnancy, and have so totally adored being pregnant, is almost over!! And a little being freaked out. DH and I discussed it this morning that this baby is due next month!!! Holy crap!
That's exactly how I feel. We're only planning on having one, so I'm very sad that this pregnancy is almost over. But I am sooooooo excited to meet this little guy, too.

I'm due in just over four weeks!
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I told DH yesterday that I just want one more week of prep for the baby and then I'm ready for labor!! I want this little one out out out!!! I can't wait to meet her and look in her eyes and touch her little toes and kiss her belly and smell her hair. I'm just dying to meet her on the outside. Maybe I'm impatient, but I would rather skip these last few weeks and just get on with it!!! :LOL

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I am also feeling pretty torn. I still have 8 weeks until my due date (not that I think I'll go to my due date) and the past few days I have been feeling so much more...pregnant. I am having trouble carrying my 22 month old DD in any sling for a long period, get physically tired so much easier, have trouble just standing in one place- I guess I really had forgotten how physically challenging it all is toward the end...and this time I'm chasing a very active toddler all day! I haven't enjoyed this pregnancy nearly as much as my first and DH and I are mutually saying this will be the last, even though we orginally planned for 3. So while I want to not be pregnant anymore, I am trying to really enjoy it because I may not ever be pregnant again. I am also enjoying this time alone with my DD. I really hadn't allowed myself to get excited about the baby (too busy, fear, denial?) - how he will smell, what he will look like- but DH were talking last week and it really hit us- we are going to have another child that we will love as much as our DD and instead of it being overwhelming- it was exciting. I really am looking forward to meeting this new baby...but I am going to enjoy every moment until then...
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My classes ended this week, my older kids went to be with X for 2 weeks, and I got to totally focus on baby! I got my birthing supplies together, pulled out the changing table and dipes, got the baby clothes set up, and blew up the birthing pool. We also made 5 batches of strawberry jam last night - it only took 2 hours w/DH helping with the lids (I like to make 2 kinds/yr and alternate yrs). I still have a ton of 4H County Fair stuff to do, but I'm on my way and feeling good about crossing items off my "list" (does anyone else keep lists?).

Anyway, today is July 2, and I am due in Exactly one month! Yikes! I'm looking forward to my midwife visit this wk cuz we'll be starting EPO, and I really feel ready although I'm sure I'll be a couple of days late like I have been with everyone else. Baby has been sitting on my pelvic bone, causing great shooting pain when I stand/roll over in bed/etc. This is our last baby, so I'm trying not to complain about the pain and focus instead on those last baby kicks that I know I'll miss forever. It IS bittersweet!
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