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Summer shoes!

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Okay, this morning I figured out the first really good thing about pregnancy in the heart of summer! Summer shoes!!!

When I was this stage of preg last time with dd it was late fall, and I could only wear a new pair of huge keds I had bought and one other old pair of existing shoes. This time I can wear all of my flip-flop kind of shoes, and sandals that are stretchy with fabric. So I have *choices* that are comfortable and not ugly and have a chance of matching!!!

Of course, I did try to shove my feet into a pair of "regular" shoes this morning since I have an important lunch and after I walked from the bedroom to the living room was about to keel over in discomfort. So I am wearing a nice dress and flip-flops, but that's better than keds with everything like last time!!!
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Yes, flip-flops are my friends.

Each time I put on my tennies to go get some exercise, they're even more uncomfortable. I can't imagine if I am pregnant in the winter! Good thing I can take my shoes off at work.
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I haven't worn anything but birks in months. :LOL
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I have these great old sandles that have leather straps that lace up all down the center...so perfect because I can adjust them for whatever state of swell or non-swell I have at the time! And the tennies still fit, so it's all good!
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