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baby phat,

i asked smilemomma this same thing in a sort of long winded way under the thread, "smilemomma, breastfeeding and wisdom tooth" or something like that. she said she didn't think it would be a problem, but i'm paraphrasing. go check it out yourself for more details.

my LLL leader looked in her book and said that lidocaine, commonly used by dentists, doesn't pose a problem and it also has a relatively short half life of something like 10 hours, but i think it shouldn't be a problem if it even gets in your milk anyway.

hope that helps.

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Thanks for your pointer, beanma. I'll definitely check online for more specific information on lidocaine (as well as any other drugs I can come up with names for, too). Hats off to you! ~
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wow, corey, may i say that you are a smart and crafty woman! i never would've thought of that.

i agree with you, i think its important to find out the info.
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I agree; justsay you are a nursing mom. If the dentist gets nosy, tell the truth. If he or she offers unsolicited advice, blow it off or simply say, "It works for us, thanks!"
IKWYM, though; a while back I had to go in for a case of tonsilitis, needed antibiotics, and mentioned to the old codger of a DR that I was nursing, so whatever I was given had to be safe for that. He asked, "How old?" I told him(18 mths) and he proceded to lecture me on how I should wean right away, how "they won't ever quit unless you make them", give me "you're nuts" looks, etc.
If I had been better able to speak through the pain, I would have given him an earful. As it was, I just gritted my teeth and said, basically, "whatever. Write my prescription, please!" Wanted to say, "thanks for the unsolicited advise, but I have a 9 yr old who nursed for 3+ yrs and he quit quite nicely without being forced to! Besides, I'm paying you to treat my throat infection, not critique my parenting style!"
Get used to it, lol! Kimberly, mom to Forest, 9, and Lily, 2(and still nursing 3-4 times a day/night).
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Thanks so much for your comments, Smilemomma (as well as your thumbs-up on my stolen-from-rappers name! :cool: ). I'm not really sure what I'm in store for ... a filling or two at least, probably the extraction of a baby tooth (no adult tooth ever existed) that's hung in there about 35 years too many, likely a bridge or something after the extraction and perhaps some heaven only knows what for my gums, which have receded around that little baby tooth. I want to be forewarned and forearmed as much as possible about anything they might throw my way, since we nurse as frequently as every hour or hour-and-a-half some days. I appreciate the input so much!
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X-Rays, Drugs & Dentistry

I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't seen a dentist in 4 years. I'd like to continue putting it off, but I chipped a tooth today and I really need to get it fixed.

What is involved in routine dentistry? I think (correct me if I'm wrong!) that the local anesthetic is safe (regarding my breastmilk), but what about the x-rays?

My experience has been that health professionals are generally ignorant about breastfeeding, and I'm not expecting my dentist to be any different. Are there any general rules or anything I need to know to safeguard my baby's food supply?

Thanks in advance!
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How'dja do, beanma?

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thanks for asking...

it went pretty well. i got the oxygen through the nitrous mask. didn't do the rubber dam. we talked about it, but on that protocol linked to on the mercury fillings thread they say it's 6 one way and half a dozen the other one using 'em. apparently they might let the amalgam collect underneath 'em and i guess get up under the gum? anyway i don't know if i made the right call, but we skipped it and just relied on the suction. dr g and her asst were very conscientious, though, and knew i was concerned about minimizing any exposure and i feel pretty good about it.

unfortunately it looks like i'll be paying her lots more visits (and lots more $$, too). all my old amalgams have leaked and allowed decay underneath. she was a little dismayed at how bad the two teeth she worked on were. it's kind of disconcerting to hear your dentist say, "oh, this is bad. really bad," while you've got your mouth hanging open, but i think she did a good job. she was kinda surprised that the one she crowned wasn't 'causing me pain that would indicate a root canal, but it really hasn't bothered me. i think we probably got it just in the nick of time. the other was just a filling where an amalgam had been and leaked and i think the decay had just spread down more than was evident on the xrays.

it was 2.5 hours in the chair, but y'know it feels pretty good today. i did end up taking a little ibuprofen last night at dh's urging and also 'cause i thought it might help dd a little. she's teething and was having a rough night last night and she hates me trying to give her anything although i did try (in vain i think) to get a little homeopathic remedy in her. i don't know if enough ibuprofen got through mama's milk to help her or not, but it did pretty much make what minor discomfort i had go away. she eventually got to sleep, too.

i did change clothes and took a shower a little while after i got home. i felt kinda silly since i didn't feel particularly toxic, but i figured it couldn't hurt. i've been taking the C and echinachea, too. the lidocaine still numbed pretty well. they were generous, though. haven't tried the merc viv. do you think it would be a good idea with the other amalgams still in there?

thanks for all your advice.

p.s. they look lots better than those ugly old amalgams, too...
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Yay! Sounds great! Congrats!

Yeah, no one ever says to me, hey doc, I want those big ol' black fillings ...

I think you did great! Awesome! And yes, it does get funky under there; in 22 years, I have NEVER seen an amalgam come out clean. Good to know they're all cleaned up, and a whole lot prettier!

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thanks muchly!

smilemomma, thanks muchly for all your help and advice and virtual hand holding through the ether. i guess i'm about 1/4 of the way, but we're getting there...

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Local anesthesia and pregnancy

How safe is local anesthesia used in common dental procdures?

I had a tooth pulled out today and I'm now a little worried. I think the dentist gave me a huge dose of novocaine or lidocaine (I don't know which he used) because I was numb from 7am to 1pm....6 hours!!

He knew I was pregnant so I'm hoping this is safe for the baby.
Any body know??
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I have a bad spot between two teeth that desperately needs to be filled. Unfortunately the dentist didn't find it until my 3rd trimester and wouldn't fill it b/c he wouldn't use any anesthetic,even novocaine, on pg women--I have to wait until after the baby is born. But, as far as I knnow, it's relatively safe during the rest of the pg.
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OUCH--this really hurts!

I have a cavity between two teeth I am waiting to get filled until after this baby is born (I am 38 1/2wks along). It was ok until about a week ago and now it's like there's an exposed nerve there, and it's getting pretty annoying/painful. Anything I can use to numb it or pack it or something until after the birth?
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Is cleaning Momma's teeth while BF TOXIC?

I don't mean the act of BF while getting them cleaned!
I heard that the bacteria relaeased into your blood from teeth cleaning is not safe if you are a BF momma, as it gets to your babe. From the gums bleeding I am guessing??
I have been putting off getting my teeth cleaned for this reason. I am extended nursing. It could be awhile. I would hate to have to wean for that reason but my teeth could use a good deep cleaning, as well as some attention to a cavity or two that I know are happening. What is the scoop on this issue. Truth, or fiction??
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Smilemomma~ THis is the type of anesthetic that was used on me.
Do you know of it or it's safety. I here it is reletively new.

Thanks so much for your time
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Along the same lines, what about having amalgam fillings removed?
I had begun the process some years ago, then I got sick. (probably from that) though they did use a dental dam. It is pretty heavy duty detox isn't it? Haven't entertained the idea at all since then because I later became preg, then was/am BF.
But it seems that would not be a great idea to do while still BF, no?
Something I should think about doing in the far off future methinks.
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You're not the first to tell me "You go girl"--I get that a lot just walking down the street with three in tow and one obviously ready to join them!

Thanks for the advice about the lidocaine
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Hi! Raw garlic has worked wonders for me in times of desperation. I know, I know.. but sometimes, you just gotta do it! I had the same problem you're having.. and also a broken wisdom tooth. After chewing the garlic (just put a clove in on the tooth that's bothering you and chew slowly to let all the good stuff get in), I would have a pain-free night and day.
It's worth try, you might be amazed... I know I was!

Wishes of peace and HEALTH to you!
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I had an emergency root canal at about 7.5 months, and the permanent filling about 6 weeks later. I was also assured that the novocaine and the x-rays were no big deal, although I did have them put, like, three of those lead apron things over my belly. I didn't notice any problems, and my dd is a bright and healthy 2 year old. My endodontist also had me on vicodin (sp?) after the root canal, but I didn't take it. I suggest go for the dental work. There's a saying, you lose a tooth for every child.......
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thought i'd give a brief update. ugh. my teeth are awful. i'm kind of embarrassed about how bad they are, but oh well, can't do anything about it now, but get them fixed.

anyway, the update -- went back on tuesday and got my permanent crown. it wasn't too bad. did it w/o any lidocaine. for the next appt they want to do two crowns on the other side (1 up and 1 down) and yank all my wisdom teeth. the assistant was saying she thought this would only take 2.5 or 3 hours max, but i'm not sure if i believe that. she says if they don't double book another room with a patient, though they should be able to do it. i haven't made the appointment yet 'cause i wanted to consult with dh about his babysitting availability, but i guess i will do it tomorrow. i also have a bunch of fillings that need to be done. pretty much all of my molars have old amalgams that need to go and then it seems i do actually have new active decay elsewhere, too. it's like 9 teeth, not counting the crowns. isn't that terrible? i'm still kinda nervous about the mercury in those old fillings and breastfeeding my bean, but i guess i really need to get it done, don't i? can i get a smidge more assurance i'm doing the right thing?

thanks again for all your sage counsel and virtual hand holding, smilemomma. you're a saint to devote your precious time to this. don't know how you can do it, but thanks from da bottom of my heart and i'm sure lotsa other folks who might not post have benefited from your wisdom, too.

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