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jenf...just thought I'd come back to say the garlic WORKED LIKE MAGIC!
thanx for the advice
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question for smilemomma!

Hi, I went to the dentist a few months ago because sometimes I get very sensitive around one thooth-gum area, it hurts with cold/hot liquids and sometimes its swollen and hurts. She checked me and said I was fine, and only told me to take extra vit c for some weeks and that was it. She mentioned that the swollen areas could be due to ovulation-pms. So I was very happy to be told this but the last 2 months its happenning again, swollen gum, sensitivity and it hurts. Im going to make an appointment to see her again, but I wanted to ask you, the last time I was there I asked her what would happen in case I needed some anestethic since im bf my 2yo ds. She said then that I would just have to not bf him for the day she trated me. Of course I dont want to go through one day of not bf ds. So what should I tell her in case I needed some work done? I read in other post that lidocaine is ok and that x rays are ok as well. Just wanted to ask you again smilemomma in case theres something else I should know.
Thanks so much for your help
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Yo Luma,

Saw your thread by accident. I've had many dental treatments in the last months, and have never had a problem with lidocaine. DD doesn't seem to be affected at all, and I bf right after coming home (when I'm still biting my own cheeck)
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yey thanks lakkermama from the lands of the neder!
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Dental Problems common in nursing moms?

I have a friend who wants to quit breastfeeding her 5 months old because it's causing her dental problems. She went to the dentist prior to delivery and her teeth were fine. When she just went back, she had multiple cavities, was in need of a root canal, gum disease, etc. The cause was associated with breast feeding. I'd never heard of breastfeeding doing this to mom's mouth. Please enlighten--and is there anything she can do other than quit breastfeeding?
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Pregnancy is notorious for causing gum trouble. I'm surprised your friend's dentist didn't mention it immediately once they found the problems.
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smilemomma me again!

I did a search and couldnt find anything related,
I went to the dentist and Im going to have some work done, we are in Mexico and asked her for lidocaine and she showed me something called carbocaine, she said its like lidocaine but I wanted to ask you if you know this anestethic and if its safe!!!

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Possibly PG and lost filling!

What a lifesaver, a dental board!!!
Okay, here's my ?
I'm possibly pg (won't know until a week) and I JUST lost my filling (I have a tooth-colored one). I also have some problem teeth that need filling anyway, and if I am pg I need to take care of those teeth instead of waiting 9 months (they're painful)
What can I do?!?
Novicain (sp?) doesn't work that well on me and I'm *horrified* in the chair, they usually knock me out or give me some strong relaxers (I'm pretty bad!)
Is there any medicine or pain blockers and fillings safe to use in early pg?
Thanks SO much!!
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Any dangers in teeth cleaning/ while breastfeeding?

I am overdue for a cleaning and was not sure if it is safe whille breastfeeding? Is there anything I should ask them not to do because I am breastfeeding. I also have my first cavity (was breastfeed myself till 3!) it is small and I can not even see it. When I was told this when i was preg. I did not want to have dental work while preg. so put it off. Now I am learning about the mercury in silver fillings and am glad I waited. I am in desperate search of a good dentist in my area, but if I can't find one I would like to be armed with information on what is ok and what i should stay away from.

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Dental Cleaning While Breastfeeding

I know this isn't what you meant, but last week I literally got my teeth cleaned while bfing: dd laying on my stomach, entertaining herself with the hygenist's hoses and stuff...it was great!!! She really wanted me and dh brought her, crying, back to the office midway through te cleaning, and the wonderful dentist was just like, hey, go right ahead, happens all the time, what ever she needs we'll just work around! I'm pretty sure there's no problem with getting your teeth cleaned as long as you stay away from mercury fillings...also I'd ask about the safty of x-rays...I think I remember Smilemomma saying they wouldn't effect your milk, but I could be wrong...good luck!
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Have a question, about me!

I think this is the right place to post, but we'll see! I am going to be having braces put on this summer .I am actually loking forward to it as its something that's needed to be done for a while and at my last dentist visit, I found out that some of my teeth are becoming loose due to my cross bite. Anyway, so I have these 2 retained baby teeth on the bottom and yesterday they informed me that they want to pull them prior to the braces. I am pretty much PETRIFIED about having a tooth pulled. I have never had it done and just thinking about it makes me shiver. They told me it probably won't be bad since they are baby teeth because they have short roots (they want to take them because they will most likely fall out eventually--they aren't made to last your whole life). My dentist (who I really LOVE) said I could be put out for the procedure. This is where my question comes in. I am currently nursing my little bug quite a bit. He's just about 13 months. If I was put under general anesthsia, wouldn't this affect him, too? Because I am seriously considering it, but I don't let my little guy do drugs, so.........if its a ocncern I guess I'll just get the novocaine, but......
So, anybody know?
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are they pretty much just like your normal teeth? if so, i wouldn't think twice about just going for the lidocaine (novocaine). i had my wisdom teeth out about 6 weeks ago and 3 of the 4 were all the way erupted like my other molars. it took like 2 minutes to do the actual yanking of those suckers. the 4th was a bit of a bear 'cause it was only partially out. the lidocaine was plenty of pain relief for me as far as the actual extraction. i have a nursling, too, so i know where you're coming from on that. the worst part of my experience was them leaning on my jaw and pulling on my lips and stuff to get waaaaay back there to the teeth. i t doesn't sound like you'll have that problem. i'd just ask your dentist or orthodontist how long he or she thinks it will take to get 'em out and go ahead and tell him or her that you're nursing -- you don't have to say how old your kiddo is if you think they'll look at you funny for nursing a 13mo old. i think in general extracting a tooth isn't nearly as much of a "procedure" as doing a crown or root canal or something like that. i'm sure smilemomma will correct me if i'm wrong. really, try not to stress over it too much. i've been having _lots_ of work done this year and getting those three out wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it might be and even with my bad one (which really was pretty hard to get out) i wouldn't have wanted to be knocked out.



edited to add:
p.s. i bet it will take lots longer to put on the braces than it will to extract the teeth. something to think about...
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Yay beanma! Welcome back! Glad to hear it went so well! Really, she's right. Lots of times we build things up much more than they turn out to be.

That's not to say that some extractions can't be difficult, because they sure can be, but it doesn't sound like your dentist thinks they will be a big deal, Shannon.

For your real question, there are a few threads in the dental archives that will answer what's safe during breastfeeding, and another one about natural ways to "sedate" yourself for the procedure. You may find that you are looking for something in between "just numbing" and "knocked out cold", and there are several options for you there, oils, herbs, even nitrous oxide helps a ton. Just go to the top of the dental topics page, and click on archives.

Good luck to you, and please post back if the archives doesn't quite do it!

And congratulations on your braces!! Hurray!
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dental xrays in 1st trimester

I have not been able to eat on my right side for about a couple of months now and I have a dental appointment tomarrow. But I just found out that I am in my fifth week gestationally or 7th by my last period, and I don't remember if it is alright to get dental x rays this early. Any ideas on this?

Also my 22 month old ds has two chipped front top teeth that do not appear to have carries but are very yellow on the underside. I took him to a dentist that barely looked at him told me he was fine but that I should stop nursing. (Ha! go figure) I have not read anywhere about yellow underside of teeth and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what this may be?
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TTC - Cavities

My dh and I have just started trying to conceive our second child!! My problem is that I have two cavities that need to be filled.

There is NO WAY that any dentist is going to drill holes in my teeth without a little Novocain. Is it safe to take Novocain when the fetus is just forming? Should I cancel my appointment?

Post moved from other board. Great idea to have dental thread!
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horrible cut on my mouth--what to do?

Hi. I hope someone can help me with this...

I got a small cut on my inner gum, way back under the tongue, about a week ago. And for 3-4 days it has been incredibly painful, meaning I can hardly swallow even liquid without being in severe pain. It has started to cause bad pain in my ear and throat as well.

Does this mean it's infected? Do I need to worry about it or will it heal itself? Any treatment other than Zilactin (what I've been applying)? Is the Zilactin okay if I'm still nursing?

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Dental work for momma while breastfeeding?

I am nursing our first baby, a 3 month old little girl. I plan on breastfeeding for at least a year and conceiving a second child near then. I have a several cavities that I have not taken care of for various reasons and feel that I just HAVE to deal with them. I have a few amalgam fillings that have cavities near them and they will have to be removed and the fillings replaced. Is this safe to do while breastfeeding? Since I plan a second baby shortly after this one, I feel this is the only window of time I have. I don't want to do it while pregnant. Any advice?
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I spoke to my dentist about my options. He said that he would use the type of Novocaine without epinephrine(sp?) if I needed it. I tried the drill with no drugs! You know what? It really didn't hurt and afterward I felt great!

Thanks for your advice
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Yes, there's a thread on the archives about doing dental work without, which was generally received in horror! But thank goodness a few moms posted to say exactly what you did, it doesn't always have to hurt!

So glad you had a good experience!
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Need help - couldn't find anything denta archivesl

I had some dental work today, and pumped enough for a few hours. But the dentist said not to BF all NIGHT!!

Does anyone know if this is good advice? How bad is novocaine? I'm not prepared to not feed her all night...

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