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I don't know if I'd call this insight, but I do know that my experience in both pregnancies was that my oral health was suffering- bleeding gums, like yours. And I also know that everytime something changed during our breastfeeding I'd get a major hormonal shift- especially when nursing ds#2. I'd conjecture that yes, hormones during pregnancy contribute to bleeding gums and that maybe hormonal wierdness during breastfeeding could contribute along the same lines. Sure seems to have an impact on every other system in my body, anyway.
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casina, thank you for coming back to let me know how it went. And especially, thank you for your kind words. It is an amazing feeling to think that I can help people, even over the internet. Thanks for making my day!

And hurray on it being all better. This will all be a distant memory for you soon, and you'll have a nice strong tooth to boot!

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Help- I had 4 cavities filled (with silver) two weeks after conception....

I didn't know I was pregnant and had four deep cavities filled with mercury/silver. I am now 3.5 wks past conception and am wondering if I have put my baby at risk and if so, is there anything I can do about it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks so much.
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Rachel, please click on the dental archives, above the dental topic page. You will find two threads there of interest, one titled "pregnancy/bf/safety issues" and the other "mercury amalgams".
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I checked out the archives...

I browsed through the archives and found some good info, but still have a few questions. I saw lots of posts telling how to remove merc from your system after have the fillings removed, but was wondering what of that applies to someone wanting to remove merc from her system with the fillings intact.

Also, does Merc pass through the placenta?

Thanks so much. What a great board. I wish I had found this earlier.

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Total off the top of the head...
If you are still pregnant, you're fine. There are so few cells in the early weeks that if you damage any of them, two things can happen. It would have been incompatible with life and you would have miscarried with the period you missed. Or, the cells are all the same at that point, so a few can be cast off with no harm done. Chances are mercury didn't even reach the cells for either to happen at all.
If I am to believe the information I've found, you got a dose with the filling, but aren't getting any more as a person with new fillings than a person with old fillings.
Congratulations on your pregnancy. If it makes you feel better, having a healthy mouth and teeth are important to a healthy baby. Decay in the mouth is linked to premature labor, as well as other things. You are protecting your baby by taking care of yourself.
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bf and dental work meds

I have to have some cavities filled.....is it safe to get the pain meds while I am at it, since I am bf? (novacaine, and/or nitrous oxide) My dentist couldn't answer this. Thanks
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I know for a fact that novocaine (actually they use lidocaine, a safer version of what essentially is the same drug) is 100% safe because it's topical: it stays right where it's injected, and doesn't travel through the body.

Nitrous I'm less sure about, but I think I've heard smilemomma say that it's also okay because it immediately leaves your system (that's why the dentist can adjust the dosage even while she's working on your teeth). So I imagine you're fine to use it, especially if you wait a half hour or so after the appointment before you bf, just to make extra sure there's none left in your body.
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novocaine is okay, X-rays no, can you find the Newman site for the nitrous info?
mom to ds14, ds9, ds5, dd 3yrs all breastfed
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1st trimester and wisdom teeth?

Hi Smilemomma,

I really searched the archives and tried to find this out, but maybe I just missed it.

I'm scheduled to have my wisdom teeth extracted next week - they're already partially erupted and my regular dentist is the one who'll be pulling them. I also just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant - so my question is, is it okay to get this done so early in pregnancy or should I wait until the 2nd trimester? I don't even know what they use (drug wise/pain killer, etc.) during wisdom teeth extraction.... is there anything I should definitely avoid even during 2nd trimester?

Thanks for your help!!!

xo - Kelly
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Don't know much - but when they took out my wisdom teeth, they totally knocked me out. I was only out for about 20 minutes total - but I was out. So, I don't know if that helps or not! Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!
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There's a thread in the dental archives dedicated to just this topic, with tons of info!

Check it out!

Sliiiiiight correction, my uber-cool cyber assistant, lidocaine is *local*, meaning it acts locally, not all over. Topical is like Solarcaine or that stuff you spray on your sore throat. And it actually does go through your body, it gets injected, and so gets out via the liver. Such a teeny tiny amount, mostly water, very safe.

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Thanks Smilemomma! They actually aren't bothering me at all right now, but they were just a couple months ago AND I've been getting headaches pretty frequently, so I really do think that I should get them out. I will wait until the 2nd trimester though - do you think that will be fairly safe then? And will it be okay to take Arnica then, too?

Thanks for the congratulations - it's my 4th! (Kind of hard to believe!!)

xox - Kelly
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I had my partially erupted wisdom teeth out, one at a time (only had two). The doctor did it under novocaine, and I was gone in twenty minutes, my choice. I never did take any tylenol because it never did hurt. They had been causing joint presure and pain. $70 each.
My husband had the usual, non-erupted wisdom teeth, impacted. He was out during the extraction, and down for the count for a week. He had stitches and the whole nine yards. Total cost for all 4: $2700.

If your experience is likely to be the former, I would say go for it. If it is at all like the latter, put it off. (I do think waiting to the 2nd trimester sounds good, though, anyway).
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Good point. I should call the dentist up and find out from them what sort of experience it's likely to be... simple/quick or more difficult. Thanks for that perspective!
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By the way, I only have 2 wisdom teeth as well - my bottom two. They ARE partially erupted, but still impacted.

- Kelly
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I hope that your dentist has a clear cut answer for you, good luck!

Do you ever feel guily that you only have two? I do
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