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POLL ~ I met Colin James (CDN singer) & I cleaned the hotel room that the Headstones (music group) were staying in.
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Oh, hearing how ori reacted to fireworks made me think I should have taken Iris to see them. She is so full of personality lately...we had a famil dinner then came home and crash. I forgot to say a while ago that I was honored we all showed up in your dream, Andy!

Hilarious on seeing Dirk Marky Diggler Mark, AKren. And give ol' John kerry a break, like all democrats he has alot to be cranky about lately!

I'd love some of your tincture when they are ready. And the 4 gen picture is awesome, you look beautiful!

Oh, joyce so cool your trying EC. Its so dang amazing isn't it?! I have no book or anything, which is weird cause I have every book on any baby anything becasue I can get it as a business expense and put in in the birthcenter library.... but what we do is use the potty at home cause its a nice stable place to sit and go, but when out at a home she goes on the regular potty, and in public I hold her over a sink in the handicapped restroom (too weireded out on public toilets for her), and then sometimes she goes held over a parking lot or lawn, and for long trips we take the potty with us. I guess I'd like to get another potty to keep in the car, now I think of it....Here's a pic of her EC'ing on the road trip I just took to the Keys- I consider myself the pooparazzi for taking pics of her on the potty...

I'll send your friends kids Florida postcars,Lisa. And for our thing, should I have addresses for the postcards or something? How many do i send? To who? I don't have the info...

I think I am tired, better go to sleep, DH won't be avaialble for back up if I get overtired and want baby help so I sleeping in....
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oh- famous people, must do that that sounds fun...I've never thought of tallying it up...

Sat near Ice Cube (rapper) on an Airplane once

Traded singer Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) fruit stripes gum for admission to one of his shows

Used to baby sit the baby of famous ballet dancers

See Jerry Springer in town all the time cause he lives here

And saw Paul Simon at the movies once

Was the midwife for a famous model

Did a prenatal visit for a woman who has a popular prenatal yoga video

And since this is birth world, I'll include the minor celebrities of birth-world....I hosted an Ina MAy Gaskins event at the midwfery school and got to hang out with her alot, and also in birth celebrities, did my doula training with and hosted Penny Simkin here, and hosted Aviva Romm here, too.

I guess I have very few interesting encouters, I swear i feel like there have been other things, like people in restraunts and stuff, but I guess its too late and I am too tired...Heidi

This reminds me that whe nI was a kid an we got to Atlanta on road trips I would always look for famous peopel in cars, the excitemnt of a big urban plac emad eme sure I'd see someone, and I thought every other driver in Georgia was Kenny Rogers...we'd drive around and I'd point at every bearded man and exclaim, look it's Kenny Rogers!!! Must have been real annoying, as annoying as getting all the semi's to honk all thetime from here to wherever....
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Oh, I also made Carrot juice for Steven Tyler, and some other guys from AeroSmith (and their kids)when I worked at a restraunt...
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I know I've met a few famous people, but the only one I'm really remembering is Woody Harrelson. He came to Arcata to give a talk, and was driving an electric car up and down our street - anyway, dh is like "wave at him!" So I did, and he totally stopped and talked to us and hung out with us for awhile. We showed him our garden. Our FLOWER garden, ladies!! :LOL Very nice guy.

So, fireworks were great! We went down to the beach for a while (craziness) and I n0oticied that the fireworks boat was like 100 yards from the shore. So, I was like no way- too loud for little Violet, plus its going to scare the holy bajeezus out of her! We ended up walking back across the street to the elementary school we had parked at, and the boys sat on top of the van to watch them. Viles still didn't like them - but the rest of us sure enjoyed em.

Michelle, I'd love some of that tincture! Sounds great!

Sounds like everyone had a pretty good day. Aloha all and good night
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Ok Heidi -- so you have to tell us what famous model! You can't tease us like that. Or at least give us a good hint, if its violating confidentiality or something.

Dh is always meeting famous people, working in Waikiki. Its not fair. The cast and crew from the TV show "Lost" are staying right across the street from his Starbucks, so he sees them all the time. Plus all the ProBowl Players...all kinds of famous people really. Its interesting to hear his stories about them - if they are nice, or rude, or normal...
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Morning, mamas!

The babes are happy and DH is running around getting ready for work. I need to get me some grub, I'm powerful hungry.

I had a quick question for fleece people: is any kind waterproof? Is one side more waterproof than the other?

Now that we have this changing table setup (with BBLP on it), I'd like to put a cover down. I have these heavy felt-type mattress pads for crib, but only one extra (the others are under the sheets on the beds). So I thought some fleece would be a good cheap solution . . . if it's good enough for diaper covers, oughtta be good enough as a mattress pad, right? But not quite sure how the water repellancy works (and all my sweatshirts are at my mom's house . . .).

Oh, man, David's complaining and DH just left.

Annie, LOVED the twin shirts, that was so funny! The other day David started "touching" Carmen. When I put them together they always thwack at each other, get fingers in eyes, etc., but yesterday David started playing with Carmen's ears. I could hear it already: "David's TOUCHING me! Stop TOUCHING me!"

And found out that the refrigerated mochi (so much better than the frozen stuff) is at Whole Foods next to the tofu, not the breads and starches. It's gooooooood.

EC is going GREAT. Can't exactly figure out yet when they need to pee, but they're pretty much peeing when we give them the potty, so figure that's a good first step.

He's still complaining. Better save his day . . .
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Good Morning!

Andy - Did you get to sleep all night?

Annie - I am so jealous of your husband! I love the show LOST. I can't wait until the second season! Sorry Violet didn't like the firewords.

Michelle - What does the tincture do? And is it safe while nursing?

Joyce - Most fleece has one side that wicks and one side that repells. The only way to tell, if both sides match and there is no difference between them, is to drop a couple drops of water on them and see which side wicks and which one repells. Once I figure it out, I use a sharpie and mark the fabric on the side that goes up. Problem is that even Sharpie washes out of fleece. :LOL

Poll - Can't think of any famous people yet. Unfortunately, I have met one of the girls that was in a college edition of playboy.

We went to the fireworks last night. Remarkably, Em was the one who was a bit freaked out. It was fun though. WIll and Em are so tired that they slept through the night. Not that Em has much problem with that anymore. However, we are busy getting ready for work, so I better go. More later tonight.

Hope all have a good day. Pam . I hope things are getting easier over there.
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On our way ou thte door - sounds like last night was fireworks a LOT! How cool. Heidi - don't worry. There's a LOT of years for fireworks for that little girl. And she may not have liked them...never know. Sorry about Violet, Annie - though that's maybe a good sign - the loud thing. They are pretty darned loud.

Oh, and a friend of mine in college was Ben Ford (the Chef in LA) and once we went to his Dad's house in Sun Valley and hung out with Harrison and his 'new' family. It was a lot newer then than now. This was, ooooooh, like 1990 or so. I think that's my most famous friend. Oh, and once his Dad came to visit our group house in Bezerkeley (Ben was in cooking school at the time) and it was like this amazing mad rush to get everything 'illegal' - which seemed like everything but the pillows LOL away before the Limo drove up. We made it. He took everyone to lunch at Chez Penis and we had a ball.

Gotta go! Andy
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Annie- I was thinking of that yesterday. Saw an old interview w/a cast member and said they were filiming in Hawaii and i was like "hmm wonder if Annie or Karen are near them"
I just started watching the series through reruns. I love it!

As for famous people, not many just lots of football players w/the Patriots. SInce the stadium is like 5 mins from my house. Bill Parcells used to come into the store I worked at every Sunday morning to buy the Boston Herald. My mom meet tons of people at the hotel she worked at.

Well I decided to try and give Megan some solids. Tried some avacado. She did ok with a few bites but then started gagging on it. Just what I thought would happen. So looks like the solid route is gonna be a long tough road. Gotta take it slow. Try again someday. Someways I really want to give her solids so I won't have to give her as much bm and hoping that my supply will go over what she needs and I won't have to worry about formula supplementation at all and she'll just get bm. It's becoming a drag to have to pump. Planning our outings around my pump schedule.
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Poll, I was on a cruise when the Life with Jim or something like that were taping on the boat. We took the elevator with them once. Same cruise there was another lady who's name I cannot remember who ate dinner a couple tables over from us.
I'm married a semi-local famous guy The cat we think is retarded likes to follow dh on the dog walks. He walks down main st where there are alot of restaurants. He's had people come out and tell him that they've heard about him and were hoping they'd see him when they were eating. He's even heard about himself from 3rd parties. Some of the guys at the supply house wanted to know if he'd seen the big guy walking the fluffy white dog (who sometimes wearing a baby) with cat cat following :LOL becuae xyzx saw it and they know he lives dowtown and wanted to know if dh had seen the guy :LOL The other day we were out somewhere in town (can't remeber where) and a lady came up and asked dh if he's that guy

All this ec talk is getting me excited about the potty coming

Miss E has figured out banging/hitting all the time now she banging her hand on everything, her legs, me, tables, toys, dogs......

We went to my sister's yesterday and lit off fireworks and Elizabeth thought they were great. She was all wide eyed and only started crying once we started heading back to the car after we were done.

Joyce I think the thick fleece, like polar fleece pull-over stuff is the stuff you need. Do they even sell stuff like that in Texas? You could also put one or two prefolds there. Thats what I do, we have two premium prefolds on top of the pad cover.

ANDY : (thats from Christopher)

Last night I was laughing becuase we're trying to settle in to sleep and the dogs are all jumping into "their" sleeping spot the crib :LOL Emma sleeps under a baby blanket and Louie get comfy where ever but usually starts jumping around becuase he's so excited he can finally jump on the bed, and ends up getting kicked off Of course when I wake up they're both usually under the covers with me
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Laura she'll get there one day
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oh Heidi- LOVE that pooparazzi pic of Iris! that is so precious!

We're going to LA tomorrow : it's nice here and oh, so mellow, but I need a little more diversity. Sil and bil went to play tennis this am at "the club" and weren't dressed properly (i.e. in "whites"). not my scene at ALL!

there are no cousins here for my kids. GB's bro and sis are lagging. the sis got married last year and wants to get pregnant in a year (just starteda new job) and bro is here with his serious gf. we are the only breeders on both sides- though MY cousins have tons of kids.

celebrities- I'm from LA, so I've met/seen tons. I went to school with Jodie Foster (though she's significantly older with me) and well there have been tons. my dad owned a dry cleaners in beverly hills back in the day and many of his customers were celebs. he had pics of them all over the walls and i met many. twas fun. most were actors/ actresses, but I remember when Don Henley was his customer and my dad was like "who the hell is he??" :LOL my dad was and remains an Elvis fan- all of those other rockers are unfamiliar to him (like he was sick when they did that Michael Jackson verdict and he said- who the hell is he? I've never heard one of his songs:LOL)- my dad is really funny. can't wait to see him either.

I better run. R just came to the door asking for a rescue from the babe.
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Andy- got the tickets! oh yay can you give me your pp address again, don't feel like digging for it through these gazillion posts. I'll pp right away when I see it so I dont' forget.

Got our first postcard Thanks Joyce!

Sherri- :LOL about your dh

Have fun in LA Karen- so is that your last stop in your whirlwind vacation?
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We're back! Had a pretty good trip. Will about it later.

Old food: Oh, yes. I'm not too bad about it. Dinner leftovers after a few hours, stuff like that I'll eat. Mike will eat darn near anything if it's interesting. Plain rice would be too boring to deal with, but a couple of Pennsics ago, the day we were going home, he cooked and ate a rack of spareribs that had gone warm in the cooler. He very rarely gets sick from stuff like that. The last time I remember him getting ill was pickled garlic gone awry that was probably botulism. It would have killed anyone else, I'm sure.

Famous people: Nah, not really. Mike almost met Sheryl Crow once. And he stayed at the same hotel as one of the Nascar drivers... might've been Rusty Wallace? I'll have to ask. He was working for a sign company called Sign Here, doing an Outback Steakhouse sign a couple hours away (Watkins Glen) so he was staying at the hotel all week. He went out in the morning and someone had spraypainted the Nascar driver's name on the van underneath where it said Sign Here. :LOL We figured it was probably one of his entourage in a fit of drunken silliness or something. The cops never did figure anything out about it.

Oh, and if anyone's heard about Don Sherwood, the PA congressman accused of beating the girlfriend... he's from the same little dinky town I'm from. We've both met him. I used to go to church with his mom. I believe he did it, just based on the fact that Nicholson guys are like that.

See you later. Gonna try to potty this baby again. Nothing yet. Didn't take the potty on the trip with us.
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Ack Joyce, I was so totally wrong on the ages, I thought they were that old. The baby is under a year (I can't remember when he was born, but it was when their dd was having her transplant because dad stayed with dd and mom left to have the baby) and the older one is maybe 4 now. I thought the ds was older... but I just saw his pics and he's sitting but doesn't have teeth yet. I'll have to go look and find out his bday.

IL's was fun as usual. Grumpy outlaws (the uncles who married into the family), lots of jackdaniels, and my ILs are the type that always have to compete to be heard - they all get louder and louder every sentence because nobody stops to listen. So every time I *just* had Lauren to sleep in one of the bedrooms someone would get loud and the next would get louder, and she'd wake right back up. ARGH!

Karen, ooooh you ARE in the rich and fameous land! Snobby for sure!

Andy - yah when I heard it wasn't working, I figured something was just stuck..

Knowing fameous people - I know the guy who flew the Enola Gay (the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima) and met Bob Feller and Mickey Mantle (old baseball) once, and in middle school I met a ton of nationally recognized authors (inc. Stephen King) when I went to a convention w/mom (she owned a bookstore then, talk about a nerdy kids dream!) and hmm.. who else? Can't really remember, guess it's not that big of an impression on me.

Heidi Lol THAT PIC looks like she's being arrested for potty! "Hands up little girl!" - I'll PM you addresses, I thought I had sent them to you via email?

The clear potty is cooooooooooool! We have a yellow bblp and I think we need more. One for the living room, one for the car, blah blah... and I'm taking ours camping, I figure I can sit on it too! My favorite IL isn't going on this trip, but she's known for taking along a coffee can to pee in at night because she doesn't want to walk to the bathrooms or pee in the bushes, she's had a bad experience with bug bites while peeing in the bushes.

Joyce, yah that's how ec goes for us too. She makes a lot of noise to poo, but no real concrete signals to pee, sometimes she's fussy and I offer boob and of course she accepts, and then pees, I should learn to offer potty before boob. BUT she always manages to squeeze some pee out for me when I give her the chance, even if her dipe was soaking wet.

Sherri lol on dh is fameous for the retarded cat

Laura, quick, we'll invent a pump you can wear under your clothes and go out! *hugs*

Hmm. Oh yah, I've met John Glenn, he's a local, and Dennis Kucinich is too. Nice little guy.

Going to eat, I'm starving. Lauren napping. And I'm tired. We got home so late last night, bed at 12, and up for chiro this morning. Need to get my postcards.

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OOOOOOOOOOOH I'm all excited, one of the local birth groups (we have SO MANY!) is hosting this tonight:

The Cleveland Friends of Birth Centers will be discussing the advantages of birth centers for women looking for normal, healthy birth. The group is actively trying to establish a birth center in the Cleveland area. Come hear how you can help them with your advocacy and learn more about this great birth option.
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That shot of Iris is adorable! Pooparazzi - HA!! She's not going to love you for it in 12 years...love it now and lose it later.

Oh, I thought of more famous-ey people... I was in class with Dan Federman, the brother 'Vincent' on Judging Amy, and he was in that funny gay flick w/Robin Williams (I think) about the two kids wanting to marry and Gene Hackman was a Senator and he couldn't believe his daughter was going to marry this kid who had two dads and an absentee mother...he was the son in that one.

And Matt Dillon. All the dillons were little hoodlims, actually. His sister was in my grade, and Matt used to give me rides on his motorcycle when I was in 9th grade. He thought it was cool that I smoked Camel no filters...before that he used to terrorize us and steal our lunch money.

I think that's it for me... oh - I did meet Woody Harleson once. At a party in SF. Judd Nelson and Nick Cage were also at that party, but I didn't meet them. Woody was a jerk. And that's really it.

My brother knows allkind of sports guys 'cause he worked for a company that got autographed items and brought them to all kinds of 'events', so he had to do the signing thing w/these guys. Also he works for MSG in NY, so he knows a lot of the hockey and basketball guys and goes to ALL the good concerts and gets backstage etc.

Welcome back Jeni! I'm glad you had a good trip! We're digging the potty, though I can't say we're religious about it. I ALWAYS have to remind dh to potty him before putting on a new diape., and to be honest, I just can't be bothered to wake him up enough to potty him at night.

Laura - my pp addy is (no spaces) newandytree1 @ yahoo.com I'm glad the tix came. Az - yours should be there soon! It's a bigger package...

Karen - my dad's like that too - I once got a Sha na na album for Chanukah (oooooh, like 1978 or something ha ha!) and he says "So who's shanana?" Like it's some person down the road or something :LOL Dads! Though not knowing the hullabaloo about MJ is ... kinda ... insulated? I mean they had a helluva time getting a jury together because he's SOOO famous, kwim? Poor ole dad... it'll be nice to see them, I'm sure! And kinda nice to get into your own territory, too, out of stuffyville...

It's so nice and quiet here now...beca is at a neighbors (for a change!) and Ori is sleeping (as is the dog). No. I didn't get a full night's sleep. He woke at 3am to nurse for a while. Maybe the fireworks left an impression, 'cause he seemed really happy to snuggle for a long time, which is unusual for him.

Ok, I'm going to go finish the kitchen and read a bit before he wakes up. Caio mamas! Hope you're all having a great day!!! andy
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x-post Lisa! That's funny about all your locally famous people...cleveland is a funny town, eh! Very cool about the new possible birthing center! YAY! If you send addy's I'll send cards to your friends, too... Glad you survived the il's... at least it sounds like dh didn't abandon you this time

Az - I think that story about dh is SO funny! And cool that people recognize THE man who wears his baby

Ok, NOW I'm off... andy
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Andy, hehe no he didn't abandon me, all the men were in one place, while the women were in another. So after all the IL's had their share of passing Lauren around she'd come back to me and I'd take her to him, it was nicer this time.

I'm going to put the address for those kids on my website, and post a link, since I can't remember who wanted it.

OH and Heidi, one of our HB midwives just had her first babe and the same experience that you did... we're waiting to hear more.

Gah I forgot something else I wanted to say. Oh well. ANd I still can't remember what I needed to ask Annie, but the lingering "ask Annie" brain vibe is still there....
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