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Aloha all!

I'm not sure if we'll go see the fireworks or not...they are legal here in HI, so people usually go nutso out in the street - no need to go anywhere, LOL. The whole island has a thick cloud of smoke hovering on it for days afterward. Seriously, after new year's we couldn't even see across the street!

Karen, glad to hear from you!!! Sorry about the rough travels - and what on earth do GB's parent's do for a living where they can be chartering planes all over the place, and owning houses in Manhattan, Nantucket, Florida and goawd knows where else?! Anyway, enjoy your trip and it sounds divine - although foggy. Are you taking the North American fog tour or something?? :LOL

Jessi - haha, witty titty, floundering assplant !!! Heehee, that is sooooooo funny. I wanna hash - ok, I'm checking to see if there is a group here tonight!

Az, yep. I'm almost 100% Irish. The other part would be English. Big difference from my tall, dark 1/2 Italian Portugese beauties of sisters, Lol. Oh, I keep meaning to ask you - I have some HPY that is green and blue. I think it would work for the water-y shorts., LMK, I can send you a picture if you want to see what it looks like.

Michelle- I need Kaia's measurements, chica

And Andy -- you sweetheart I got a wonderful package from you today! Omg, the boys were so excited about the light up vibrating (gah, yes, it voibrates too!) thingy. They have been playing in a box, with a tapesrty over it and that thing for about 3 hours! Gotta love the simple life! Violet started crying when I showed it to her, :LOL LOVE, the covers and the Sandy. I will send them back when we're done - and thanks for sending the other covers back. I wasn't expecting them, so it was a nice surprise . Oh....and the books!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much. You are a such a sweet mama!!!
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Fireworks, yep we're going. Zoe is terrified of them, so we'll leave her home.

Nicole, I wish when we refinanced we had done that. We owe my car, student loans, and some cc debt too. Actually we moved my car to a cc recently, it was a lower interest rate.

Going around the block, cya later!
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Annie I'm Irish nd welsh. My dh is 1/2 itallian but you'd think he was 100% the way he talks about itallian things plus he's dark

Blue and green hpy would be awesome I'm so in love with that yarn right now. I'm knitting up a cardigan for Miss E with the bulky browns and white I got. I call it my chocolate yarn (white, milk & dark) dh thinks its more like capacino. But I'm very excited becuase it;s coming out good

Jessi :LOL the names for your hasher group are funny

Lisa I constantly find myself humming songs that the baby toys play, well not so mucb anymore since Miss E no longer likes the songs ( )

Karen bummer on the travel drama. It looks like you went from fog in sf to fog in Nantucket, (well at least its foggy here) I hope the fog lifts for you soon

New poll, fireworks it all depends. DS likes the fireworks but I don't really care either way. So if I or Miss E is tired and cranky just ds and dh will go, if not we'll all go together
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
Heidi, hehehe, none of those places is near Cleveland (ok relatively speaking...) the nearest is uhh.. well about an hour or so? Bellevue is west of here, Tiffin is SW, so is Elida (I had a roommate in college from Elida, home of the one stoplight town), but I know where most of them are! I went to OSU twice, once for my undergrad, and again for my masters. Well I guess I went back to get an extra certificate too, geez, I like the place!

I grew up in Columbus, I really like it there.

: I think I actually meant Sandusky. I just remember going to my grandmother's all the time when I was little (we lived in MI)...
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Originally Posted by Killick
We are going to Nebraska in a couple of weeks and not looking forward to it at all. Flying with 2 is going to be a chore.
Nicole, where in Nebraska will you be visiting? I have loads of family there also...In fact I was born there

Okay, I will stop going on about geography...well, one more, my brother's wife (the eloping brother) is from Hawaii...

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Wow - I gotta say - days alone w/two kids is loooong. Today included: math (for stickers), reading, laundry, tennis, two walks, three meals, two snacks, baking, swimming, one long game of mouse trap, painting, knitting (w/the kids machine), some Harry Potter on tape (3 chaps or so), one caught poop, several caught pees, a new pair of shoes (for beca), bills paid, a movie, a little bear story and now I finally get back to you mamas. Who understand what this is all about. I am TIRED! Whew. Dh is watching world class bowling or something really stimulating...yah.

Lisa - you crack me up. I swear I'd be nuts-o if I had to live in that chaos. The fact that it will SOMEDAY look wonderful is not enough. I'd need constant bribes not to have contracters come in and fix it all pronto, pay on plastic and pay it off till you're retired. Too much chaos really does make me insane.

I re-met a mama I really like, but she's kinda too 'social' or something for me... just hard to keep up with. Anyway, it was great to see her and chat again. Her folks live in this neighborhood, and her younger son is the same age as beca. funny, 'cause her older boy is the same 'type' as beca - doesn't really have a good grasp of 'reality' and has trouble setting up and using filters. Hrmmmm. She recommended a psrink, but I gotta say, it's not much of a rec. from someone who's kid is still driving them nuts, eh?


Mmmmmm I made really yummy oat/spelt bread today. Super yumm w/some healthy marge and last years black/raspberry jelly

Karen - sounds like family travel drama and GB's family go hand in hand! Well, they got you there! I hope you are settling in and have fun, after all that zooming around! I know the WP airport well. Dh also takes a number of flights out of there. It's a ways from us, but easier to get to than any other major airport (and closer).You probly drove right past my little growing up space - Larchmont. You went over the bridge and up 95, right? Yup - kids in cabs don't use carseats. It's truly lethal. I almost never take a cab w/ori (or beca before) because it's just not that safe. I suppose since you HAD to then you HAD to and that's the end of it. I'm glad everyone is just fine and you are all enjoying the fog (hee hee). We have big ole thunderstorms here tonight (shiver).

Nicole - ori has had a lot of days like that. Today was a good sleepy day - nice naps, tired at 8pm, and still sleeping at 10. I like that. If he's in finest mode he'll sleep until about 11:30, we'll nurse for 1/2 hr. and then he sleeps until 5ish. Oh, to dream...

Fireworks. We're going to a AA baseball game here, and they have fireworks after the game. I like it that way 'cause 1. you hava place to sit 2. they have real (and actually quite nice) bathrooms 3. they have a kiddie area w/a climbing structure and a bouncy bounce for FREE and 4. no bugs (I guess they all go for the lights?) but you're outside! Yay!! We did it last year too. Beca and her dad are both big fireworks fans. I guess they'd LOVE living in HI, eh?!

Lisa - glad the ants have partied on! Woo hoo - good bye ants! caio, adios, see ya! I really don't love sharing my house w/too many bugs - can ya tell? Maybe I wouldn't do so well in Hawaii??

Heather - glad the teeth are done, now at least. Who watched your kids?

Laura - that's AWESOME about getting back into a great weight zone! What's your method? Tandem nurse? I guess I'd have to adopt or get pregnant again or something... yikes!!

We're total cake smashers here, but I did use a home made cake the first couple of years. since Ori has shown WAY more sensitivity to food than Beca did (although I've wondered...) we'll probly keep the sugar to a minimum and use a tofu-cream cheese frosting or something, and for sure not a wheat cake, but something like it.

Jessi - your hasher name is great! Ha!! assplant is good, but I like the rhyme... and I think it's great that you're reading Evelyn so well and giving her the chance to be all that she wants to be in terms of jumping around, eating solids, etc. It's not anyone else's beeswax whether she 'should' or not - if you and e. say she should, then she SHOULD! I think that's what AP is all about!

Annie - GLAD you found your kitty! and that you like the stuff in the package. I like sending packages It's fun to put them together thinking about someone else and what they might be able to use/get through/enjoy...kwim? I'm sure glad the boys like the whizzing vibro toy. Beca likes her's, too. Ori likes it too, but not as much as beca. I think it's probly good that V. doesn't like it - less competition

I have a boob named mildred

Pam - I say GO FOR IT! Come to think of it - there's only one place in town that I know of here (the hf coop) that sells any kind of wrap/sling things at all. And it's a pretty limited stash, gotta say...

Az - sorry about the E.-pee-sode :LOL Sounds like she was storing it up for ya! Hope it wasn't too much to clean. I had ori on the pot, but he wouldn't pee. Then he stood up and peed in the classic rainbow formation, so I quickly sat him back in the pot. He finished there, but I was changing my shirt and doing some mop up. I figure even if I weren't ec'ing that'd be par for the diaper changing course, eh?

Lisa - sorry 'bout no flowers. If it stops raining I'm going tomorrow to get some. And I have some strawberry plants that are ready for x-plant into the ground for the front. But since the deer ate all my tulips (and I guess even if they hadn't, they'd be long dead now anyway) I have to get something into those two beds...

Karen - you and dh both got funky last names...where's his from? Sounds middle eastern... speaking of middle eastern...

I had the BEST falafal tonight. Totally couldn't cope cooking dinner, so took beca out to play some tennis and picked up some food afterward. Yumm!

Karen - it will be SO nice to have you back among the fold have a good night mamas! Andy
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Fireworks.... if, and that is a big IF there is no fog, we will be able to see fireworks from the beach in front of this house. yes, it's on the beach. yes, the ils are rich. Fil is self made- living the american dream- grew up partially in an orphanage after his dad kidnapped him from his mom. he worked hard and made it to the top and works his butt off and has loads of $$. be believes that ANYone can make it. he's an investment banker and used to be the CEO of Shearson Lehman bros (I think that's the name- they were with American Express). He's a bigwig in that world. Now he's a CEO of a small company he started a few years ago.
they are very nice (ils)- though a lot more conservative than we are.
it's hard though because they are just sooooo diferent, and when we see them I feel like we look shabby (even at our best) and I always worry about the kid's behavior. I mean, they arevery well behaved, but they're kids, yk? they never brush their hair and stuff, and ils are VERY neat and clean. oh well. they love them thouggh.

i know you guys had al kinds of polls going while I was gone and there were lots of pics (0f which I saw a few).... missed you all tons!
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PS _ can whomever posted that AWESOME nut. yeast recipe for Cheezy Mac re-post it? Not the one w/mustard, which I think was Laura's - we tried them both and everyone liked the other one a bit better (but they were both really good!). I tried to find it but MAN is that a lot of crapola to sift through to find a recipe! I did print it...just can find it! Maybe it was Kathy's??

Thanks mamas! Andy
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Andy- we did drive up 95.... but I was in the back (thankfully) and missed the "sights"- plus it was nighttime.
i figured that NY mamas don't walk in the street carrying car seats for babies. I can honestly say it was a harrowing drive. I had luka in the sling and pulled in tight. ugh.

and our last names? mine is Hebrew and his.... well it is middle eastern but not the original true name. no one knows anymore what it was. his parents pronounce it differently than he does though. they call it Hay-jim.... and he does Hah-jeem. whaever.

ok. Luka is calling while I'm sitting here on the toilet having some "alone time"
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Karen - my dad is similar - but he doesn't spend very much. Only has the flat in NYC, the rest is just vacations. They go on maybe 3 a year (which my mother plans and does all the stuff for, but my dad usually does enjoy them somewhat, at least). Anyway, w/out the drama and kidnap, my dad made it on his own too - did the big corporate thing, sold off, made a fortune, and now runs his own little company and loves doing it. They sound like they'd get along really well! I don't think my Dad has NOT combed his hair like EVER in his life...kinda OCD, but that's just his style.
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Hehe...I remember one year when I was living in Arcata, they went ahead and shot off the 4th of July foreworks, except it was so foggy nobody could see them. Anyways, everyone was all pissed off that they didn't postpone them to another night (umm, when?) and it was like a huge scandal- top news story for weeks, :LOL
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Gotta love Arcata news stories :
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Karen, your last name is also Japanese. do you ever get confusion on that here in the isles?
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Karen - kinda a sad story on the fil... Family is so important...

95 is harrowing even w/seatbelts! I'm glad you were in the back...
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Originally Posted by mamabeca

Heather - glad the teeth are done, now at least. Who watched your kids?
DH works four ten hour days, so he is off Thursday through Saturday. I had the work done on his day off, so he had the kiddos. He drove around while I had the work done. He wasn't sure Aine would tolerate him for several hours at home. He wanted to be close to me in case she needed her mama...

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What an awesome daddy! I abandoned poor dh w/the babe for over an hour today (but fed him on my way out the door both sides, he wasn't hungry), but he cried a lot anyway. although it makes me so sad, and my boy-o is such a great kiddo, it's really good for him to find some comfort w/daddy. They did a bunch of walking around outside, which almost always calms him down. Oop - he's waking up. G'nite!
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I'm Back....

Ah, while I was gone Lisa missed me on the postcard sib list...we haven't fallen off the face of the earth, we just went to The Florida Keys!

I am posting while I am feeling caught up to something, I read the whole July thread while it was still 2 pages to give myself a sense of completion cause last night I tried to tackle the June thread and it was quite aproject...so for the first time, I have not actually read all the posts : and don't think I will ge tot them either....Not bad for 5 months, I dropped my regular blogging amonth ago, but kept up here! I did look at all the pics though, wow, what a big bunch of babies we have! And cute,too...Ori, Megan, and Izzy are all growing so fast, and i didn't realize how much red hair Izzy has! So cute...

So, I went to the keys. I was great, Iris made huge progress wiht her swimming, we can go quite a distance under water and she can do it on my back. Pretty fun. We got to see her spiritual name sake, a midwife named MArina who also goes by Iris and it was so great. I did some good birth healing, as I intended too. Maybe more on that later, maybe not....
Heres my beach baby.

I doubt we will do fireworks, just cause we have a family thing to do that day but i would do it....

I'm amazed KAren is keeping up while on vacation!

Sound like you've got your hands full Andy. Could you PM me your address, I have something for Becca.

Lisa, good luck saving for table! I sing a version of darlin clementine to Iris that replaces the lyrics with "Thats my baby, thats my baby, thats My Baby waking up....." when she starts stirring in the morning. I just got this fancy book of songs to give the day rythmn called "Seven times the Sun"...far more advanced than we are yet!

Love the hasher names! And Jess, is it true that yer girl is eating food now? Wow!

Nicole, Iris went all day wiht out a nap too. Up at 9am, and faded a few times but never really crashe dout until 8:30- ?!!! Weird, hope it's not a pattern.

Well, Iris and I are actually sick after our big adventure, so I am gonna go. She's coughing, its so pitiful. And I am a snot factory. Taking echiachea/Vit c/zinc like its gong outta style.

Give me the needed iinfo on the postcard thing, I missed how thats all gonna go down.

Must go attack the mountain of lauundry....Heidi
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meant to say I like your new blog Annie! The poem is great!

And for birth songs, I am not sure but since I was gonna do birth healing on my trip I pulled out the CDs I use din labor and I realized the one that was one most of the time was "Bardo" (by Gabrille Roth). Now that is a place where you get stuck between Heaven and Hell ala Dantes inferno, and Buddhist thought, right? A state of conciousness that can be heaven or hell, or any oppurtunity for great transformtion if entered into conciously. Sounds fitting for Iris's birth tale to Me! Lately I am trying to take hold of the story and make it one of transformation and growth...Iris is the rainbow goddess....so I think of the story of her pregnancy and birth- riddled with unrest- as the great flood. Taking the Flood story and removing it from biblical context to remember Epic of Gilgamesh and that Flood stories are the oldest stories on earth. And the biblical one ends with a rainbow, a promise from God IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. So I am trying to move past the sense of vctimization I had in my birth story (victimized by a jerky doc that called C-section way before it was time, and many, many other things that didn't go well) to see my part- I was living a crazy life, and lots was outta balance in so many ways (remember every applicance and water source in my house broke before I had a baby? That was just the tip of the ice berg...). This way I see the birth as Iris's last chance to give me a wake up call before her arrival casue she is such a fun, loving spirit that she didn't want a stress ball mommy that couldn't have any fun, or be present wiht her, so she got to help me slow the heck down, so hopefully I 'll never live like I used to again. There was a great flood, to clear the earth because people were living outta balance....then when the rain stopped there was A BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW! In that sense I can actually get to the place of gratitude for the insanity of it all! (i still have some work to do to feel some of the pain and pissed off-ness so I don't stuff it all, but I am getting there!)

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Wow Heidi - that's a LOT of progress! Well done! It must feel really good to get through some of those choked on feelings and into a space of appreciation... births are so much more complicated than anyone thinks who hasn't actually lived through one...even the easier ones, kwim?Ori's was very straight forward but there's still processing to do about it.

aaak fussy babe on lap is knocking everything off the computer table! caio andy
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fireworks- we went but they were really late (10:30) and A had actually asked to go home but then I pottied G and fed her so that by the tme we were done all that they were about to start, but A really wanted to go home still.DH said later she was shaking. G on the other hand was giggling and moving her hands like she does when she's excited!

Anyway, I was gonna post more but she just pooped.

Oh, that was it, has anyone ever ec'd out your car? I've seen a pic of someoen doing it, and we'd done it a few times before, but last night we got a poop I wasn't expecting. I felt horrbile. Luckily we were geting rain. It was on dort/gravel so I wouldn't have been able to clean it up, and it was dark. Yuck! I hope no one stpes in it!
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