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Holy lotta posts! Morning Mamas!

Andy - Whoa, what a day! How life changes when school's out, huh? It sounds like you did some special things with Beca... nice I *loved* Mousetrap when I was a kid! I saw you asked about the Mac & Cheese recipe? I will re-post it. We've tried all kinds of vegan mac & cheese, and I think this is the one we like best too.

Pam - belated happy Canada Day! The fireworks sound like they were exciting. Tess sometimes is bothered by things that don't phase Brynn at all. Part of it I think is personality, and part is just the level of awareness.

Funny (related) story - last week I wanted to do a good, long strength training workout and so I decided for fun to pop one of Tessa's old "Baby Einstein" videos into the VCR. Brynn's first movie! Well, Brynn was transfixed. Really just watching and enjoying it.... Tessa was hiding BEHIND Brynn's bouncy chair whenever this one green puppet came on the screen. It was the same puppet that she used to dislike when she was much younger. She wasn't "freaked out", but definitely cautious! Taking comfort behind her little sister. It was cute.

Polls - I know I've missed a million of them. Names ? When we were pregnant with Tessa we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl. Boys names were (and are!) really tough for me, and so we didn't have a name that we were in love with at all. A few weeks before her birth, I remember the name Tessa just popping into my mind. I wasn't even focusing that hard on baby names; it just came to me and as soon as I thought the name it was *the* name. Know what I mean? When I told DH about it later on, he was amazed and told me that he had thought of the same name a short while earlier and had felt the same way about it. It both struck us both so strongly as the name for our baby. Her middle name, we decided on a day or two after her birth. She was conceived in early December 2001, and right after learning that we were pregnant we went on a trip to Quebec City. The name "Noelle" seemed like the perfect choice. "Noel" means Christmas in french, which was the time when I began to show and feel pregnant, and the french roots remind us of our magical trip to Quebec just after finding out and the romantic excitement that we experienced.
With Brynn, we didn't name her until two days after her birth. We'd had some girl's names in mind (Eloise, Ellie, Beatrice), but when we looked at her those names just didn't have that perfect fit. The hours after Brynn's birth were wonderful ~ while I nursed her in our bed, Tessa playing on the floor, Darren and I just sat and talked about all of the names that could be hers. I was flipping through our baby name book while she slept and he was in another room for a while, and "Brynn" jumped out at me. Suddenly, I was transported back in time to when, one day, I sat in the waiting room of my physiotherapist's office looking through the same book. I'd been hunting down boy's names (still a challenge for us!) and saw "Brynn". I didnt' like it as a boy's name, but thought it was beautiful as a girl's. I remember just staring at the name, feeling it more than anything. I yelled out to Darren, and he came back into the room. I told him that I thought I'd found *the* name.... Brynn. He gasped, and said that he'd seen that name a few months back and loved it also. We looked at our quiet, sleeping baby girl and knew instantly that she was Brynn. Brynn's middle name was one that I'd had in mind for the last two years, hoping that if I one day had a baby girl again that she would carry the middle name "Cavell". DH and I spent a great deal of time hiking and scrambling in the Rockies when we were just out of high school and until we moved to Ontario in 1998. A particularly significant Mountain Alberta is Mount Edith Cavell. The first Mountain that DH and I climbed was right beside the north face of Edith Cavell, and it has always been a special thing for us. The story of Edith Cavell ( a nuse in Belgium in WW1) is also quite inspiring. She was a woman of great heroism and character. I thought it would be a truly great name for Brynn.

Other polls? (now that I've written an epic novel... lol) Music for the birth? Well, I had a playlist of my folk folder going during her birth. Her labor was so quick that I didn't really have a chance to care about choosing what music, and we'd planned on bringing out the CD's of the music that we listened to at Tessa's birth but that just didn't happen. The song that was playing as she came into the World was "Miguel" by Gordon Lightfoot. It's actually one of my favorite songs, and I think that it was significant in that Gordon Lightfoot is a tremendous Canadian icon and I feel like him singing her into the World was like setting her Canadian roots. It was quite difficult, emotionally, to prepare myself for birthing our daughter in the States (let alone AL!) I guess, in a way, this brings it all into a circle for me.

Ok, gonna post this now so that I don't lose it somewhere in the mysterious beyond...
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Just popping to mention that my whole family is dancing around the kitchen singing the HumaHuma nukanuka apoa wao'a (sp?) song like amazingly insane people (that we are ha!). Tha baby is just LOVING it! Jerry is quite good at the hula, gotta admit
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Morning All -

Heidi - Welcome back. That is such a cute picture of iris. She is an adorable little girl! How did you get her to wear the sunglasses? Will won't keep his on at all. Come to think of it, neither will Em and here in AZ it is a good idea to wear them during the summer.

Sly - What a great naming story. We felt that way with Will too. I was sure that he was a William, we really wanted to honor DH's father that way. DH's father was that typical older man who wants to be considered grumpy but is really just a teddy bear. Will has an old soul, you can tell by looking at him.

Well, the not sleeping thing carried over to the night. He didn't sleep well last night either. He was down at 7:30 up at 11:30(put paci in, go back to sleep) up again at 1:30 and 2am (this time rock and put back down) back up at 5 to eat. I think when they sleep like that, they are easier to get cranky and upset. Makes the morning very long. We are going to the mall today to buy DH some pants and I am looking for a skirt that I saw. I want to try it on and see if it looks good.

Okay, better go and start cleaning and stuff. Hasta!
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Sandusky, yah that would be a little closer. Sandusky is ALSO just an hour or so from here, but Elida is south of there, Tiffin too,

Andy, we missed you in your busy day.

ROFL KAREN!! You have wireless in the bathroom at the il's too?? You ARE addicted!

Pam, the few times we've had poo in the dirt I just kick some dirt over it, and hope for the best. Besides, baby poo is like puke to most adults if they don't see where it came from, they'd likely just wipe it off and keep going. Not like stepping in solid doggie poo

Gah another rough night. I don't know if she's waking more for pee or to eat, either way it completely wakes me up every time. I think I might try NCSS or something. Got to make a change here SOMEWHERE or I'm gonna lose it!

Going to eat my oatmeal, and then attack the wallpaper again.
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Gah I missed a bunch of posts. Oh well, I'll get back to them later... wallpaper to peel!

Joyce, thanks for the email - I found the Joneja stuff on half.com But not at my library!
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Gah, 88 degrees here already! We went to the playground at around 8:30, so as to go before the slide gives you 3rd degree burns, and could barely make it a full hour. It's so muggy already. We had a scare last night when it seemed like the A/C was on the fritz! On the July4th long weekend... nice. Luckily, it seems that it was just struggling in the early evening heat & humidity, and started to cool things again by about 9. Those were some hot hours though!

Andy, the recipe

Dairy-Free Mac & Cheese

2 C water
2/3 C nutritional yeast flakes
2/3 C extra-firm SILKEN tofu or medium-firm tofu
1/3 C unbleached flour
1/4 C cornstarch
2 T. light miso
2 tsp. lemon juice
1 vegetarian "chicken" bouillon cube (or enough for 1 c. liquid), crumbled
1/2-3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. EACH garlic granules, Hungarian paprika, dry mustard, and Tabasco sauce (or 1 tsp. vegetarian worcestershire sauce)
1/4 tsp. white pepper
2 more C water
a few scrapings of freshly-ground nutmeg

Optional: For extra richness you can add 1-2 T. good-tasting dairy-free margarine

1 C fresh breadcrumbs

Cook pasta until just done, then drain and set aside. (rotini and penne are both nice)

Preheat oven to 350F.

Stir together all of the sauce ingredients except the last 2 C water, nutmeg and optional margarine until really smooth. Pour into a large pot and stir in the remaining 2 C water.

Place the pot over medium heat and stir until thickened. Reduce heat and cook for several minutes, stirring frequently.

Add the cooked pasta and stir. Spread the mixture in an sprayed casserole dish and top with breadcrumbs and some paprika.

Bake for ~20 minutes, or until bubbly.

Variations ~ this is also good when you add things like sauteed onion, mushrooms, brocolli, veg. bacon bits, or chopped tomato .

*it will seem like there's a LOT of sauce, but the pasta will soak it up*

I've been trying out all sorts of new meals this week. Some (like the bowl o' croutons) we'll be passing on, but some have been great! Last night we had something called "Drunken Noodles", and they were devoured in no time. Alas, I found myself still quite sober when finished....

Fireworks poll - well, we were originally planning to head to the town's celebrations where there would certainly be fireworks. This is Alabama, folks! We have fireworks WAREHOUSE stores to put 'em all the shame! Seriously, you cross the State line from Georgia to Alabama and the *first* thing you see is this gigantic fireworks barn. It's hysterical! So yeah, we were planning to go listen to the music and watch the fireworks, but we've been invited to a BBQ at a friends' home. No doubt we'll still see & hear more than our share of fireworks, mind you.... again, Alabama. You think of half a reason to, we'll shoot off some rockets.

Cake poll - oh yeah, Brynn's going to have her cake! We don't do big fussy parties, but we like to have fun. I'm eager to see how Brynn reacts to her cake. Tessa was *very* ladylike and tentative, taking the most polite of little tastes. I love the pictures of her eating her cake ~ she's glowing, so excited. We'll see what Brynn does!

Why oh why does this girl of mine (the big one) wait until her sister is nursing on my lap to say "I'm hungry!!" Honestly, it drives me batty! I tell her that we're planning to go nurse.. ask her if there's anything she needs... Nope, she's fine ~ washing dishes and having a blast. Fine. Nursing 10 minutes, Brynn's just falling asleep? "I'm hungry!" I sent her to nose around in the kitchen and see what she can find. She used to be really grande at being able to go get her own snacks, but now she's more likely to just stand and cool the room off with the refrigerator door hanging open, then come back and pronounce "there's NOTHING to eaaaaaaat!" sigh.... how is it that she is only not-quite-3, and she seems like she's got the teen stuff down pat?
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Hey Kathy, we have fireworks barns like that too - not because we need places to store them, but because it's illegal to shoot off fireworks in Ohio... SO what you do is drive to the nearest state line and buy them in another state (where it is also likely illegal to shoot them off) and on your sales slip you have to give an address in another state where you will be taking them because you can't have them here.. SO either you show out of state ID in an Ohio fireworks store (hard to do when we all have Ohio drivers licenses) or you drive over to PA or IN or KY and buy them there, with your Ohio ID and bring them back. That way the store that sold them to you isn't liable when you blow your face off

Eating lunch. The wallpaper on the top 1/3 of our kitchen is STUCK. The bottom part was paper over paint, but the top part is paper on plaster which has been painted and papered over a few times. It's ugly going.
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hi... i've read everythibg this thread. am nursing baby to sleep here.
we're having fun. the rest of the family just arrived (despite mega fog here).

oh.... no sleep oh well.

Luka's first bday is gonna be overshadowed by R's bar mitzvah- his coming of age celebration. it's gonna be Jan 28th and he was born on the 25th. we will do something small but we'll be spending so much $$ on the other party that his will be insignificant. but he will have cake and I will let him get in it all the way!

I think it's lunch time.
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Lisa - NCSS wasn't that much different from what you already do...I don't think. W/ori he's just too wakey to sleep with. Beca would stay asleep even if someone in the bed moved around, sneezed, got up for a pee, etc. He's up every time. So now he's a lonely little sleeping fella. But he's SLEEPING! Well, better, anyway. Last night he slept 8 - 11, 11:30 - 1:15, 1:30 - 5am. That's not bad at all for us. That little hopper from 11 - 1am is tough for me, but if I can get to bed by 10 I'm usually getting around 6 hrs. of sleep...and I can sometimes get an hour during the day.

Fussy guy wants a nap now...caio mamas!

Oh, but Iris is a sweet little chubalub!

Target has baby banz that have a strap around the back of the head (so does Land's End for more $$)
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Just subscribing for now. Too busy to really post. Flying back home tonight.
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P&A, we have EC'd on the go, holding iirs up between cars in the walmart parking lot. No one even dreams that you'd be peeing a baby, so you end up under the radar...We also take the baby bjorn potty with us on long road trips. She's not poo'd on the ground, shes a predictable once a morning girl...

And when it come sto sunglasses, she just tolerated them well. I looked for ones wiht straps, but couldn't find 'em and she did fine with out.

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humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Hawaii state fish. Haha, Andy, send dh on over - I'm sure he'd be a wonderful addition to someone's halau!

So, I'm totally lost on what is going on here this morning. I was feeling a bit stressed last night and took some sleeping meds, and I'm feeling great, very refreshed. I think last month might have been just a *wee* to stressful for me with Kobe's health stuff, Violet's health stuff, grandma's health stuff, lost cat, home alone all month, lying dh....sigh, whew! Glad its July!!! Here we go again. I was talking to my mom last night and I was like, "this Irish Catholic thing sucks, you know, the trials, the suffering...haha" Anyway, I hate taking meds, but I hate having anxiety even worse. I wonder if Kava is safe to take while nursing?
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thomas hale, pharmacologist that specializes in medications and mothers milk says kava is contraindicated whe nbreastfeeding becasu eit is a central nervous system depressent. it does work great, but not wiht the ophis on the boobie, I guess!

Sorry to hear things are rough. Since I missed some stuff, is Kobe OKay now? Glad you got your cat back. i totally missed the lyin DH thing too, I'll have to try to catch up....

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ooh, wow, that Dr. Hale site is awesome!! I just checked to see if my anxiety meds were safe (I already knew they were - its the same dose/meds they would give a baby) and got some really good info. Right now, I take intermittent doses of .5 Lorezapam as needed for anxiety due to ptsd and it helps a ton. I worry that it will drug Violet if I take it too often, but it seems from what he said its totally safe, even if I take it every day (which I don't need. I only take it like once a month). That's a relief.
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Annie - you do have wisdom... It was SUCH a stressful month for you, it's amazing you haven't survived on meds the entire month! (probly also contraindicated). I take a small am't of kava - maybe 12 -15 drops a day about 3x/week during pms and period weeks - so a total of not very much... I think if I took a lot I'd not bf. But at that leve, it's mostly a wash for the babe. Better to have a mama that can cope rather than yell and be sad (I'm talking about me here). kwim? It's pretty water soluable, I asked the homeopath at the hfs today. So it's not indicated as safe, but it's a matter of degree.

Wow - someone is seriously not happy about me typing away here... caio mamas!
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Thread Starter 
haven't read the posts since last night. we are in Kentucky for the weekend. Evelyn has met her Great Uncle Loren, Great Aunt Joyce, and Great Aunt Wanda. Tomorrow we'll take her to meet her great-grandfather.

She was a good baby on the trip, but we got lost on the back roads for a while. Tired. Sang "Jesus loves me" at least fifty times because it was the song that made her go to sleep today.
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Kathy - oh kathy - where art thou? I want the mac and cheese... mac and cheese... mac and cheese...

what a nice day. It's nice to have dh here to parent beca while I get to take naps w/ori...

bought bunches of plants today - all flowering but perinnials. cha-ching! not cheap to landscape, but it looks so much greener and kempt. ahhhhh. and dh did all the hard word

more complaints from the peanut gallery...
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Andy, what art thou drinking? :LOL

Look up.... waaaaaaaay up, to post #46
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I went to babies r us today and looked for a bblp no luck any ideas on where to get one?

Andy you sounded quite busy today.
Karen are you sure the fireworks are tingiht? that seems awfully early, every place I know of does them anywhere from day before-day after the 4th

Someone (and not the little one) is needing some attention..........
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Sheri, bummer! Try theecstore.com - they have all the cool colors.
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