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Hey - my town got ranked #22

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New thread, Andy!
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yeah, gotcha
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Annie, that's good that the house is yours. I do remember when you were pregnant, and we were worried about you and H. Now that Violet is born and thriving and we've heard more of his antics, I'm done cheering for y'all to stay together. Whatever will make all involved happiest and bring peace. Thursday, wow, that's a long time to wait. I hope the immunologist is able to help.
Pretty scarf! I'm working on my first soaker, with the Little Turtle Knits yarn and pattern. So far I've knitted a guage swatch and a half. When I went down a needle size I also switched needle brands, and now my stitches are way smaller, so this guage may be wrong too.

Az, great job on going to the dentist! brave woman.

Mary, yep, Evelyn is having a ball eating! Last night she sucked on an asparagus.
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Thanks for all the welcomes ladies. Sorry I posted and disappeared. Dh & I took the girls and we went on vacation at Tybee Island, GA for a few days. It was soooo nice and i hated to come home. LOL.

We had such a great time. All 5 of us came home with tans.

It looks like there are many mommies here. It will take me forever to get to know everyone. LOL. Hopefully my little Kaitlyn will start sleeping better at night and mommy can get online and play more often.

Thanks again for all the kind welcomes.
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Hey Christine, we've moved on to a new thread, this one was too long.

Please come join us!

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