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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Tara, and my son was due on June 12. I had been lurking from the end of May and never had the time to post, having to compete with my toddler for computer time. He can't get enough of webites on the planets.
Anyway, I know it is sort of late to join in, but I felt an affinity with y'all, since my baby was due in June as well. Grant River was born at home, in the water on June 7! It was a lovely birth, and we are doing well. He sleeps a lot, which is such a huge help in the recovery process!
I know this may come off as being shallow, but is anyone else still looking 5 months pregnant, at 3+ weeks postpartum? I have such horrible body image issues, and it is making me feel really bad...
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hi and welcome!
I cant speak for this time around, as im still a lady in waiting, but i know with DD,....the 6 week rule before the utuerus ius back to normal, then it takes a while i guess for the muscles to get toned again.
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I've been pretty lucky in the belly department, but have some hips too lose for sure. I was going to suggest yoga, but I have a feeling you might already be doing that. What style do you practice? I've been doing ashtanga for around 7 years now. Love it!
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To swede mom, I can relate about being overdue!! My firstborn was 15 days late!
To emmy, i've always had a hard time with what kind of yoga i practice. i guess it is considered hatha yoga, just your basic yoga. I don't know much about ashtanga, although i am under the impression it is very challenging. Is that right?
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Ashtanga is definitely a workout, yes. I got through my labor with my son by relying solely on breathing & relaxation techniques I learned in ashtanga. Good stuff!
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